Overwatch 2 Hero Guide: Doomfist

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Overwatch 2 Hero Guide: Doomfist

Crash through enemy lines as the new Scourge of Numbani with this helpful guide.

Doomfist received a pretty impressive buff in the latest season, making him a far cry from his unremarkable state in Overwatch 2's release. With everyone eager to dive into what makes Talon's disruptor tank great now, our comprehensive guide's got you covered. Read on to learn everything about his new and improved abilities and strategies that have seen Doomfist mains reach the top ranks.

What makes Doomfist interesting isn't how much damage he can mitigate but how his aggressive playstyle stands in contrast to the conventional behaviors of a Tank. Additionally, his agility makes him more of a challenge to master for some. But for those who are willing to find the beauty in the pain, here's everything you need to know to terrorize the battlefield as everyone's favorite warlord.

“The Best Defense..”

Survivability is vital if you want to use Doomfist effectively. As a cyber-enhanced martial artist going up against sentient turret omnics and mecha fighters, purely relying on melee abilities can be… well, challenging to say the least. That's why the developers installed a defense mechanic in Akande's kit, which rewards an aggressive playstyle by letting you stay in the warzone you create.

“The Best Defense” is a passive ability that gives Doomfist temporary overhealth every time he hits someone with his Rocket Punch, Seismic Slam, and Meteor Strike abilities. The first two abilities reward you with +35 overhealth per hero hit, and his ultimate gives +75 overhealth per hero hit, with a total maximum of 200 HP.

Doomfist's overhealth decays at a rate of 3 health/second, giving you more than enough time to go in quickly and out of combat engagements. With a 600 HP ceiling, players should constantly be concerned about how often they enter the fray to bolster their tanking capabilities. Situational awareness of where your healers are is an essential skill you'll need to play Doomfist well. Because the sooner you can dive into the enemy's defenses, the sooner they can get pushed, knocked off and scattered, giving your allies an easier time isolating key opponents.

Overwatch Doomfist Guide

Doomfist’s Mobility Is His Greatest Asset

To the surprise of absolutely no one, making yourself an easy target is a bad idea. You'll get sent on a one-way trip back to spawn if you do. So as a Doomfist player, you have to keep moving constantly. Outrun and outlast.

Every one of his abilities easily makes Talon's leader one of the most agile heroes in Overwatch 2. You can use his signature Rocket Punch ability to quickly dart out of hot 3v1's and even save yourself from falling off the map. On top of that, Doomfist's new Seismic Slam now has more distance and altitude to work with, as well as a larger area of effect. 

Whenever you escape a firefight with him right-click ability, opt for shorter cast times to avoid getting punished for the charge-up movement reduction. Take advantage of its short 3-second cooldown to use it as often as you need to. Further, Seismic Slam also offers 15 meters of max range distance between you and your pursuers. Get in quick and out fast.

Knowing where to position is also key. Give yourself a good vantage point and leap to platforms with Seismic Slam before you make your move. Knowing where the most vulnerable enemies give you an edge and helps your team strategize. And since Doomfist works best when no one expects him, consider getting the flanking advantage to pound multiple enemies in your skills. Prioritizing low-health support characters can cripple party comps and stop the enemy's advance. You'll be able to disorganize them and make them waste precious seconds chasing you around at the very least. Just remember to keep an exit strategy in mind.

Save Power Block to Get Out of Sticky Situations

His new skill, “Power Block” is the cornerstone of his Tank build and lets you absorb 80% of all frontal damage. Partly identical to Orisa's “Javelin Swing”, Doomfist's new E skill also buffs his signature move. When your gauntlet soaks up and reaches 100 damage, “Rocket Punch”  becomes an empowered punch that deals 50% additional damage, distance, knockback, and speed. An empowered punch also stuns an enemy for a brief second when they get slammed against a wall.

Whenever possible, always use “Power Block” before “Rocket Punch”. The great thing about “Empowered Punch” is that it's both an offensive and evasive buff. But when you're half-health and face-to-face against an angry monkey and a “DPS Moira”, maybe it's best to fight another day.

As a general tip, getting a feel for where the healthpacks are on the map can increase your survivability considerably! A self-sufficient tank is a good tank.

OW Doomfist 014PUNCH

Push groups of enemies away with Rocket Punch

The best characteristic of Doomfist's forward attack is that you can push multiple enemies away with a single punch.

Push them off checkpoints, push them off the robot. Heck, push them off the map! Catching multiple enemies on the squishy side can set you up for big highlight. But after The Successor's big nerf, you also need to ensure you're maximizing the amount of damage you deal.

The most-used combo in the meta has you surprise enemies with “Seismic Slam” and 4 burst shots (which reload way faster now). Quickly using “Power Block” to absorb enemy fire lets you follow up with an “Empowered Punch”. At this point, you can either use it to push forward on low-health enemies with more “Hand Cannon” blasts, or retreat away. His ultimate ability is best used during team fights for the additional healing and enemy scatter.

Meteor Strike’s Hidden Benefit

Even though Doomfist's ultimate ability damage remains a shadow of its former self, it now comes with a few small consolations that makes up for it by buffing his role as tank.

Although “Meteor Strike” no longer doles out the hurt it used to, you only need to catch 2 opponents in your blast radius to get the most out of “The Best Defense”. You also briefly disrupt the enemy's momentum with a 3 second -50% movement speed debuff in team fights. This gives your team a small window of opportunity to synergize and counter-attack.

The Season 2 patch has also given him an Empowered Rocket Punch upon landing.

Additionally, a perk that's typically unseen is his ability cooldowns tick much faster once he's up in the air. Use this to reset before diving back in.

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Overwatch 2 Hero Guide: Doomfist
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