Overwatch 2 Torbjörn Guide – How to Play and What Combos to Use

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Overwatch 2 Torbjörn Guide – How to Play and What Combos to Use

Everything you need to know to play Torbjörn, and win, in Overwatch 2!

Overwatch 2 is out, and it allows people to use tons of new things. In addition to the new game mode and heroes, the game also changes some of the players’ favorite heroes. Although Torbjörn is not one of the options that have that many changes, he is slightly different than before, which is why it is time to learn more about him.

One of the things that makes Torbjörn such a popular option is his ability to carry games. Although he may not seem like the most interesting hero to play, people who know how to use him can carry their team easily. He deals a lot of damage and is one of the best counters to some of the most annoying DPS heroes.

Another thing that makes Torbjörn a good Overwatch 2 hero is the fact that tanks do not have that many shields. This was a massive problem for the hero, but now, he can deal even more damage and rip through his enemies. 

Although Torbjörn is not a top-tier DPS right now, the hero has a lot of potentials and can be used by people who want to escape the “Elo hell”. With that said, see how to play Torbjörn in Overwatch 2 and what to expect.


As mentioned in the beginning, Torbjörn remains relatively the same in Overwatch 2. The hero does not have any new abilities, and his playstyle is roughly the same. However, there are a couple of important changes that people must consider.

The first thing is related to his primary fire recovery because it is down from 0.6 to 0.55s. That said, the hero’s secondary fire recovery is now 0.7s instead of 0.8s. In other words, he is slightly more efficient than before. Aside from those two things, the hero also benefits from the new Overwatch 2 DPS passive that gives him extra movement and reload speed.

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Using your Turret

We’d like to start by addressing the elephant in the room and mentioning that you have to know how to use your Turret. This ability makes Torbjörn extremely powerful and able to carry his team when needed. However, the only way to take advantage of it is if you know how to place it properly. 

Choosing your Turret’s position can make all the difference in the world, especially on some maps. Many people place it directly in front of their enemies because they think it will deal a lot of damage. Sadly, this is not the case because your opponents will make sure to destroy it right away. Hence, it is usually better to place it in a location that won’t allow your opponents to kill it immediately. It all depends on the map, but you always have to be innovative and come up with new ideas.

One of the worst things in the world is to play against a Torb who knows how to use his Turrent. This gun can deal absurd amounts of damage, so keep that in mind.

You can do a crazy amount of damage, and some opponents won’t expect it

Aside from doing damage with your Turrent, Torbjörn is also a hero that can annihilate almost everyone in seconds. However, many people underestimate him, so they often come too close. This is when you have to punish them.

Although the hero can work in long-range fights, landing headshots with your primary fire is not always easy. In fact, you have to practice a lot and get lucky to land your shots, especially if enemies know how to move properly. Fortunately, this is not something you need to worry about if you are close to your opponents.

Torbjörn’s secondary fire mode is as deadly as Hog’s, meaning that the hero can kill almost anyone in seconds. Sure, certain heroes are hard to hit, but most enemies will die pretty fast. Always keep this in mind while playing and try to force a close-range fight where you can use your damage to your advantage.

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Torbjörn is a hero that can work with a wide range of heroes. Sadly, some of the combos the hero was good at are no longer available because most tanks do not have shields. As a result, you won’t see the infamous Torbjörn and Orisa combo anymore. 

That said, the hero can be used with other tanks, such as Rein. Despite the fact that his barrier is not as good as before, he can still tank a lot of damage and allow Turret to deal damage. The same applies to Sigma, a hero that has one of the best barriers in the game right now.

Torbjörn and Symmetra

This was one of the top-tier combos in Overwatch, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it is also really popular in Overwatch 2. Symmetra received a lot of buffs in the new game, making her even stronger than before. That said, her core gameplay remains the same, which is why she can do wonders with Torbjörn, especially on some maps.

Even though the two heroes can do wonders, it is important to know that is not that good in long-range fights. As a result, they can only work versus certain lineups. So, always be careful and think about whether this combo can work.

Torbjörn and Bastion

Despite the fact that Bastion is entirely new, the hero continues to be one of the best options to have with Torbjörn. One of the reasons why he is good is because he fills in the gap left by Torbjörn when it comes down to doing damage from a distance. The Overwatch 2 changes made Bastion way more potent than before and very dangerous, so definitely put this combo to the test.

Torb might work with a couple of other heroes, but it all depends on the combo. So, always try to think carefully when you start playing. Torb is an amazing hero that can deal a lot of damage, but he is not ideal in every situation.

Overwatch 2 Torbjörn Guide – How to Play and What Combos to Use
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