Overwatch 2: Lifeweaver Hero Guide

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Overwatch 2: Lifeweaver Hero Guide

This Lifeweaver hero guide will give you more information about this Overwatch 2 hero.

Season 4 of Overwatch 2 is just around the corner, and with it, we will get a new hero. After waiting for a while, we’ve learned his name – Lifeweaver. The latter will be the latest Overwatch 2 Support, and by the looks of it, it will be a fascinating hero to play with.

Even though Lifeweaver isn’t available to everyone yet, some people had the chance to put him to the test. With that, this Lifeweaver hero guide for Overwatch 2 will share everything you need to know about him.

General Information

Lifewaver will be the newest support in Overwatch 2 and will become available in Season 4, which starts on April 11, 2023. What’s interesting about the hero is that he has loads of abilities, making him a lot more interesting to play. 

Lifeweaver has 200 HP, meaning he’s as squishy as the other healers in the game. As for his base movement speed, we’ve measured it at 5.5. However, it can be lower, depending on which abilities you’re using.


One of the first things we’d like to include in his Lifeweaver Hero guide for Overwatch 2 is his abilities. We will go through each one and share more information about it.

Healing Blossom

Lifeweaver’s primary fire has 12 ammo and a charge mechanic. If you get a full charge, you can heal a target for up to 65 HP, whereas the minimum is 10. However, you can spam it, allowing you to heal faster.

This ability’s reload time is around 1.75s, which is pretty standard when compared to other Overwatch 2 supports. An important thing to keep in mind is that the hero’s movement speed goes down while chagrin Healing Blossom.

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Even though you can use this ability through the enemy’s barriers, it will be blocked by them. In other words, Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver players have to be smart about their positioning in a fight. 

Thorn Volley


When Lifeweaver is not healing his allies, he can use his second variation of the primary ability called Thorn Volley. The latter has a 1.5s reload and 60 ammo and allows the hero to do damage by “spraying” his opponents. Following the tests, it became clear that Lifeweaver does not have falloff damage, which makes the hero efficient at longer distances.

Petal Platform

Petal Form is the next ability we’d like to look at in this Lifeweaver Hero Guide. What’s interesting about it is that it has a 12s cooldown, and it allows you or your allies to go on top of it and receive a “boost”. As you can imagine, this ability will allow Lifeweaver and other heroes to do insane combos.

What’s interesting about Petal Form is that the ability lasts until Lifeweaver cancels it or it gets destroyed. Speaking of destroying it, this ability has 400 HP, meaning it won’t be easy for the enemy team to bring it down.

Rejuvenating Dash

Up next, Lifeweaver also has an Overwatch 2 ability called Rejuvenating Dash. When used, it allows the hero to dash toward a specific direction and heal himself. Lifeweaver’s Rejuvenating Dash has a 5s cooldown, meaning the hero can use it fairly often. However, unlike some of Kiriko’s abilities, this one does not remove debuffs.

Life Grip

Lifeweaver’s next ability is called Life Grip, and it allows him to pull an ally to his location and protect them while they travel. Those who’ve played World of Warcraft might notice that this ability’s animation looks similar to that of Priests.

Life Grip’s maximum range is 30m, it has a 20s cooldown, and you can pull your teammates to the position in front of you. In other words, the hero won’t be next to you even if you use your Dash after that.

What makes the ability broken is Lifeweaver makes his allies invulnerable to damage and CC while gripping them. In other words, the hero can save teammates from all sorts of situations.

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Parting Gift

Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2 also has a passive ability called  Parting Gift. It becomes active when he dies and allows his allies or opponents to heal themselves. If the gift (it’s in the form of a flower) gets picked up by allies, it will heal for 250 HP, but if the enemy gets their hands on it, it will heal for 75 HP. 

Interestingly, the healing pack dropped from Lfieweaver’s passive ability will last for 12 seconds.

Tree of Life

Lastly, we have Lifeweaver’s Overwatch 2 ultimate called Tree of Life. When used, the hero can place a tree that will instantly heal allies upon sprouting. Furthermore, this ultimate will continue to heal them as long as it stays alive.

The Tree of Life lasts for 15s, has a 12m radius, and will heal for 150 HP instantly. After that, the ability will heal for 50 HP per pulse for a total of 8 times. However, you can only heal your allies if the tree has a line of sight on them. In other words, you won’t be able to spawn it behind the pillar and heal your opponents.

Keep in mind the Tree of Life from Lifeweaver has 1000 hp, and enemies can bring it down. With that said, you can use it in a variety of ways and even block some of the enemy’s abilities. 



Following our Lifeweaver review, there is no arguing that this is one of the unique characters in Overwatch 2. His skills offer tons of potential to make sick plays with your teammates and achieve things that weren’t possible before.


We can’t wait to see some of the best Overwatch 2 players in action with Lifeweaver and learn more about how to use the hero. If you want to know more information about him or anything else related to the game, make sure to follow us. Keep in mind we can also give you access to some of the world’s best OW 2 betting websites that give good odds and loads of different markets.

Overwatch 2: Lifeweaver Hero Guide
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