Lifeweaver, the Latest Overwatch 2 Hero Is Here

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Lifeweaver, the Latest Overwatch 2 Hero Is Here

We check out the newest support on the Overwatch 2 roster, Lifeweaver.

Leaks about the launch of Season 4 as well as the upcoming Overwatch member arrived days early, and it looks like they were legit.

Months ago, it was confirmed that Season 4 would introduce us to another Overwatch 2 support hero. Since the announcement, speculations have abound. So far, hero 36 was teased as being “cute” and compared to mercy's kit. And after a recently leaked announcement, it looks like we're finally getting confirmation.

The news came after Overwatch 2 celebrated April Fools in the whackiest way possible. The in-game event (presented as the final version of an “unreleased patch”) gave new twists to hero abilities and added hilariously silly voice lines that won the hearts of a lot of fans. Some of the parodies were so gopod however, that fans couldn't help but wonder what they'd look like in Competitive.

In line with their promise of making each season distinct, Blizzard has given us our first look at Overwatch's next support hero; a healer with an interesting focus on positioning and game sense. With that, here's everything we know about Lifeweaver.

The First Thai Hero

Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Hailing from southeast Asia, Niran Pruksamanee will be Overwatch 2's first operative from the kingdom of Thailand. This fact, coupled with Lifeweaver's first look suggests that players will be able to visit the “land of smiles” soon.

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Like Symmetra, Lifeweaver was a graduate of the Vishkar Architect Academy. Equally known for his brilliance, he found other applications for the megacorporation's hardlight technology, finding a way to heal. The ecological ravages of technological advancement and his invention of the “Biolight” inspired Life weaver to leave his old life of luxury to embark on a noble quest to repair a broken world.

A number of other details were also shared about the 36th hero, including the support character's sexuality, as well as the inspirations that helped craft his design as well as his kit. Pulling elements from World of Warcraft's “Druid” class as well as Thailand's rich culture, his costume just fits him. Moreover, Lifeweaver was revealed to be pansexual, emphasizing the game's dedication to inclusivity and diversity.

A Plant-Based Controller


Overwatch 2's latest hero comes with an extremely versatile kit that lets players control the battlefield. Placing a unique emphasis on player positioning and movement, hero designer Aaron Keller worked towards creating a new hero that added something new to the game. What resulted was a hero with a whopping 7 hero abilities. If you're looking for a challenging support that impacts the battlefield itself, Lifeweaver's your best bet. Here are all of Lifeweaver's hero abilities.

  • Parting Gift (Passive)
    • Upon death, Lifeweaver leaves a healing gift that heroes from either side can pick up
    • Allies heal 250 HP
    • Enemies heal 75 HP
  • Healing Blossom
    • Lifeweaver slows down to charge a targeted healing burst
  • Life Grip
    • Lifeweaver shields a targeted hero before pulling them towards him
    • 30 meter range
  • Thorn Volley
    • Swap weapons to launch a continuous volley of sharp projectiles
  • Rejuvenating Dash
    • Lifeweaver repositions, gaining a small burst of healing
  • Petal Platform
    • Manifests pressure-sensitive platforms that rise when heroes step on them
  • Tree of Life (Ultimate)
    • Lifeweaver summons a large biolight structure anywhere on the map which heals allies within its proximity
    • The tree is physical and can heal through barriers; can be placed on Petal Platform
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Right off the bat, Lifeweaver is an impressively-designed hero that adds challenging new mechanics to the game. Whether or not these new innovations will improve the gameplay quality of Overwatch 2 however is another matter.

For one, his healing is incredibly inconsistent. Having to suffer a movement penalty while trying to keep teammates alive in a fast-paced shooter doesn't seem all that appealing, but we get how Blizzard wanted to put more importance into game sense. That said, don't play Lifeweaver if you don't know where to position yourself!

Furthermore, worries surrounding Life Grip's uses in-game are almost palpable within the community. People who play Overwatch 2 can already see the troll potential the skill brings, and who can blame them? Not to mention Tree of Life's feature of being able to be placed absolutely anywhere, which can be a double-edged sword.

With all that said, Lifeweaver's powers truly belongs to those wise enough to wield them.

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Lifeweaver, the Latest Overwatch 2 Hero Is Here
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