LoL: All LEC And LCS Roster Moves For 2020-2021 Free Agency

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LoL: All LEC And LCS Roster Moves For 2020-2021 Free Agency

With so many roster moves taking place, we've compiled a list of them here.

The free agency period opened up for League of Legends pro players all over the world on November 16. Now, teams are officially allowed to make deals and create new rosters for the 2021 season. As always, players are transferring all over, even over oceans, so we've put together a list of all the roster swaps, moves and changes to have it all in one place!

As a note, there may be some deals announced that end up falling through, so check back every so often to make sure everything is in order!

Pre-free agency moves and rumors

10/14- Deficio joins Misfits: Former caster Deficio joins Misfits Gaming as their new Director.

10/19- Cloud9 Promotes Fudge to Starting Roster and Reignover to Head Coach role: C9, ahead of releasing Licorice, promoted Academy top laner Fudge to the starting role. In addition, former Academy coach Reignover takes the Head Coach role left vacant by Reapered.

10/22- Dignitas resigns Dardoch as starting jungler for 2021: Dignitas confirms that Dardoch will stay with the team for at least another year. He joined the org after a difficult 2020 Spring Split with TSM.

10/24- Bjergsen retires as player, becomes TSM's Head Coach: After a long, successful career playing, Bjergsen starts a new journey as TSM's new coach.

10/25- (Confirmed 11/20): Alphari rumored to be moving to Team Liquid: As Impact departs TL, the team is rumored to be adding star-LEC top laner Alphari to its ranks.

11/4- Evil Geniuses acquire Peter Dun as new Head Coach, Bang leaves EG: Peter Dun, after building up the 2020 MAD Lions team, joins EG. Meanwhile, former World Champion Bang departs the organization.

11/7- Jensen re-signs with Team Liquid: Legendary mid laner Jensen resigns with Team Liquid after a crazy 2020 season.

11/10- (Confirmed 11/20) Perkz in for big-money move to the LCS: It was reported that Perkz, formerly of G2, is moving to NA. Cloud9 is expected to pay a huge amount of money for the wildly successful player.

11/11- (Confirmed 11/21) PowerOfEvil to Replace Bjergsen at TSM: Former FlyQuest mid laner takes the place of iconic TSM mid laner Bjergsen as he moves on to Head Coach of the organization.

11/11- (Unconfirmed officially) Misfits rumored to sign Vander as starting support: Vander had a great 2020 with Rogue but is rumored to be moving on. His destination seems to be Misfits Gaming.

Free agency moves: Nov. 16

11/16- Rogue signs Odoamne, promotes Trymbi from Academy: After almost making the S04 miracle run happen in the LEC Summer Split, Odoamne moves to Rogue to test his luck there while the org promotes Trymbi to the starting support position.

11/16- TSM signs Huni for 2021: Beloved personality and legendary player Huni officially joins the ranks of TSM.

11/16- FlyQuest signs Licorice, Palafox and Diamond: Three former C9 players make their way to FlyQuest together. They'll look to continue to improve the org after a breakout 2020 season.

11/16- Counter Logic Gaming signs Broxah: After a tumultuous 2020, Broxah swaps from Team Liquid to CLG.

11/16- Schalke 04 picks up Broken Blade: Broken Blade leaves TSM as they replace him with Huni. He fills the vacancy on S04 from Odoamne's departure.

11/16- Immortals secure Revenge as starting top laner: Former Academy player Revenge is getting his chance on the LCS stage with Immortals.

11/16- MAD Lions finalize 2021 roster: After an incredible 2021, MAD Lions finalizes its roster very early on. They keep three of their own, Carzzy, Humanoid and Kaiser. At the same time, they sign Armut from the TCL and Elyoya from Spain.

11/16- Evil Geniuses sign Impact and Lost: Former World Champion Impact joins EG for 2021 to replace Huni. In addition, EG signs former TSM Academy ADC Lost.

11/16- Evil Geniuses sign IgNar from FlyQuest: Storied support IgNar will unite with EG in 2021. Here, his aggressive playstyle will help the team hopefully find more success.

11/16- FlyQuest signs Deftly as Josedeodo: Josedeodo, formerly of the Latin American team Rainbow7, will debut in the LCS with FlyQuest. At the same time, Deftly gets signed to the team as the likely Academy ADC.

11/16- Evil Geniuses maintain Jiizuke as starting mid laner: Following a few other announcements, EG confirmed Jiizuke will stay with them for 2021.

11/16- 100 Thieves sign Closer, FBI and Huhi: Three Golden Guardians members move to 100 Thieves after GG disbands their entire roster to start fresh.

11/16- SK Gaming signs Tynx, Blue and Jezu: Three of the most promising European prospects sign with SK Gaming. They join the single remaining member Jenax.

11/16- SK Gaming finalizes roster with Treatz: Treatz returns to EU with SK. With this, the organization completes its starting roster.

11/16- (Confirmed 11/26) TSM in the process of signing SwordArt: It seems like TSM is trying to pick up World Finalist support SwordArt. However, the deal has the potential to fall through.

11/16- Schalke 04 signs former SK Gaming support Limit: S04 gets closer to complete its roster by securing Limit from SK.

Free agency moves: Nov. 17-20

11/17- Astralis adds Zanzara, Jeskla and Promisq to starting roster: Astralis, formerly Origen, adds three players to possibly pursue a “development” roster for 2021.

11/17- Johnsun joins FlyQuest for 2021: After debuting on the LCS stage with Dignitas, up-and-coming ADC Johnsun is likely the starting bot laner for FlyQuest in 2021.

11/17- Immortals sign Destiny and Raes: Immortals takes full advantage of the new OCE residency rules as they sign Destiny and Raes for their starting LCS roster.

11/17- Finn joins CLG: After making it to Worlds this year with Rogue, Finn transfers to the LCS to join CLG.

11/18- Misfits promote Agresivoo to starting roster: As Febiven leaves Misfits, the team brings up Agresivoo from Misfits Premier.

11/18- End of an era as Rekkles leaves Fnatic: Superstar ADC player Rekkles, after a successful few years with Fnatic, departs the organization. He will probably end up with G2 Esports but there is no confirmation on that yet.

11/18- (Unconfirmed officially) Golden Guardians rumored to pick up Stixxay and Newbie: It appears that Golden Guardians is looking to rebuild their team starting in the bot lane with Stixxay and Newbie.

11/19- Fnatic extends Hylissang's contract for 2021: Though Rekkles left Fnatic, their support Hylissang commits to the squad for another year.

11/19- 100 Thieves sign Damonte: The Thieves finalize their entire 2021 roster as they sign mid laner Damonte.

11/20- G2 Esports signs Rekkles: Fnatic's former superstar ADC links up with G2 for 2021.

11/20- Perkz joins C9 as starting mid for 2021: After rumors circulated for weeks, the confirmation finally comes that Perkz is going to be with C9 for 2021.

11/20- WildTurtle signs onto CLG: Counter Logic Gaming finds a new ADC for 2021 in WildTurtle.

11/20- Nisqy rejoins Fnatic: Departing Cloud9: Nisqy hops back over to the LEC to play for Fnatic, whom he played for in 2016-2017.

11/20- Team Liquid confirms Alphari signing: The rumors are true that Alphari is the starting top laner for the TL squad.

Free agency moves: post-Nov. 21

11/21- Team Liquid recruits Santorin: Former FlyQuest jungler Santorin is taking Broxah's old spot as starting jungler for TL.

11/21- PowerOfEvil joins TSM as starting mid laner: TSM finally confirms that POE will fill the shoes of Bjergsen as the org's third-ever mid laner.

11/23- Golden Guardians announces LCS roster: GG is going full development-mode as they sign Niles, Iconic, AblazeOlive, Stixxay and Newbie

11/25- Fnatic signs YamatoCannon as Head Coach: YamatoCannon is returning to the LEC from the LCK with Fnatic.

11/25- FakeGod and Soligo sign with Dignitas: Dignitas announces that top laner FakeGod and mid laner Soligo will be their two LCS starting solo laners.

11/26- Fnatic signs Upset: After losing Rekkles to G2, Fnatic acquired Upset to fill his shoes.

11/26- SwordArt joins TSM– The rumors were finally confirmed and 2020 World Finalist SwordArt is moving from the LPL to the LCS.

12/1- 100 Thieves adds Goldenglue and Lustboy to coaching staff: Former pro players Goldenglue and Lustboy join the Thieves as coaches

12/1- EG promotes Deftly: Though originally on the Academy roster, Evil Geniuses announced that Deftly will take the starting spot on the LCS roster over Johnsun.

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