LoL: Alphari Rumored To Be Moving To Team Liquid

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LoL: Alphari Rumored To Be Moving To Team Liquid

One of the largest deals of the offseason could already be concluded as Barney ”Alphari” Morris looks set to sign for Team Liquid.

At least that’s what Travis Gafford seems to be suggesting. It looks like Team Liquid is set to let go of Impact and bring in Alphari to replace him. It’s also assumed that Broxah will not have his deal renewed and he’ll look for a new team.

The deal for Alphari is reportedly $1 million per year in total compensation, which is reason enough for the Welsh top laner to trade the LEC for the LCS. With Origen, now Astralis, having told the entire LEC roster they can seek new teams, Alphari looks to be the first to do so. But the deal cannot be made official until November 16 at 7 PM ET. This is when the global free agency window opens for 2021.

Team Liquid wasn’t Alphari’s only option. Rogue and Fnatic both courted the top laner, though it was apparently between Team Liquid and Rogue in the end.

Looking ahead for TL

Next up for Team Liquid is finding a new jungler. They also need to secure the services of mid laner Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen, who is set to become a free agent in November. Team Liquid is, of course, keen to extend his stay. Rumors have it that Alphari joining along with a strong jungler would be a deciding factor in Jensen sticking with the team. FlyQuest jungler Lucas “Santorin” Tai Kilmer Larssen, is rumored to be the player Team Liquid is courting. ESPN has reported, however, that he has not been given permission to speak to Team Liquid prior to the free agency window opening.

As for the rest of Team Liquid, ADC Edward “Tactical” Ra, who had a huge impact on the 2020 season for Team Liquid is set to stay. Support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in is also expected to remain with Liquid.