LoL: FlyQuest Signs Licorice, Palafox And Diamond From C9

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LoL: FlyQuest Signs Licorice, Palafox And Diamond From C9

Three former C9 players are making the move to FlyQuest.

Tonight, at the start of the free agency period for LoL Esports players around the world, FlyQuest confirmed a large chunk of their roster for 2021. Cristian “Palafox” Palafox, Eric “Licorice” Ritchie and David “Diamond” Bérubé will all be joining the team together from C9.

Many fans will recognize Licorice as C9's former starting LCS top laner. He made a name for himself since his debut, consistently performing as one of the best top laners in North America. He has multiple Worlds appearances and was apart of the LCS Spring Finals squad. On the other hand, Palafox and Diamond are two players moving up from Academy. During the 2020 season, they destroyed the Academy scene with C9A. They won both the Spring and Summer Splits fairly dominantly.

FlyQuest is coming off a breakout 2020 season. They made both split Finals and had a very respectable showing at Worlds. Despite that, they decided to move forward with a very different team. Thankfully, they have more brand power to back up the move and score some points from many for investing in NA talent. Without a doubt, FlyQuest will be on top of the list of LCS teams to watch for in 2021.

Stay tuned to ESTNN to keep up with all of the LCS and LEC roster moves as we officially get into the free agency period!

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