LoL: TSM In The Process Of Signing World Finalist SwordArt

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LoL: TSM In The Process Of Signing World Finalist SwordArt

TSM has claimed one of the best off-season roster moves yet.

It was announced today that TSM is in the process of signing Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Chieh to its 2021 LCS roster. This would be perhaps the biggest move of the off-season so far, as SwordArt is a huge player on the market.

He was a part of the Suning roster that had a stellar run in this year's World Championship, taking out all of the other LPL teams to secure their spot in the Worlds Finals. They put up a great fight against the Korean giants despite losing the series 1-3. SwordArt was, in particular, a point of strength for the team on a variety of engage champions. He has a legacy behind him as well, being a player to consistently make it to Worlds every year with the Flash Wolves before he was on Suning.

This signing is reported to have the potential to fall through but if it does go through it's a huge boon for TSM. Vincent “Biofrost” Wang, the player he would replace, is a long-time player in the LCS but had a rough 2020. He isn't at as high a level as other supports in the region and had particularly difficult Worlds performances. If the deal does go through, SwordArt will link up with Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, a mainstay of the LCS. This would be a truly frightening bot lane for any duo in NA to play against.

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With this potential signing, TSM is set on making a splash in 2021. Worlds will definitely be in their eyes and is certainly a feasible goal, even with some other rosters in the region getting significant upgrades.

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