LoL: MAD Lions Sign Armut And Elyoya, Secure Carzzy, Kaiser, and Humanoid

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LoL: MAD Lions Sign Armut And Elyoya, Secure Carzzy, Kaiser, and Humanoid

MAD Lions looks set to have locked in their roster for 2021 by bringing in two new additions while keeping hold of three key players.

MAD Lions are set to sign Turkish top lane prospect Irfran “Armut” Berk Túkek from SupperMassive and Spanish jungler Javier “Elyoya” Prades from Movistar Riders.

Meanwhile, they’ve locked down mid laner Marek “Humanoid” Brázda, and bot lane duo Mayyás “Crazzy” Orság and Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser. This is despite G2 Esports allegedly looking at signing Carzzy while Humanoid was approached by a number of teams in the LCS.

Armut was one of the most hyped-up players in the Worlds play-in stage, with rumors aplenty that he would be moving to the LEC or LCS come 2021. With MAD Lions proving in 2020 that they can nurture young talent, Armut will be a perfect match for the roster.

Elyoya was one of the key players in the Movistar Rider title win in the LVP, on a roster that is also likely to see players move to LEC sides in 2021. The side did not take a title at the European Masters Summer Main Event or the Spanish Liberian Cup, however, Elyoya is a promising jungler, and like Armut will be perfect for MAD Lions.

MAD Lions had a fantastic 2020, with the near-full rookie roster making their way to Worlds 2020 and showed a huge improvement in performance from Spring to Summer Split. They did fail to show their LEC form at Worlds, however, as it looked like some of the steam had run out when it came from online matches to the LAN environment of Worlds.

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