LEC Super Week Day 3 Recap – Playoffs Decider

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LEC Super Week Day 3 Recap – Playoffs Decider

The final day of the LEC Summer Split regular action is here and there's so much to play for. Here's our LEC Super Week recap for Day 2 of action.

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Excel Esports v Astralis –  LEC Super Week

Every game on the final day of a season is an important game. For XL, they had to win to secure playoffs, while AST were already out. XL certainly started the game like a team that needed a win, picking up a lead in the early game and carrying it forward. They maintained that lead into the mid game with AST almost going through the motions. XL never really looked in any trouble as they secured an easy victory in the end. For XL, they now need to wait for other results to find out if they'll make it to the playoffs.

MAD Lions v Team BDS – LEC Super Week

With MAD looking to secure their spot at the top of the LEC, BDS were out to once again play spoiler. MAD never really looked like dropping the game, taking their time to slowly squeeze BDS out. It took just over 35-minutes for them to secure the win but win they did. It puts MAD in the first spot, with only G2 now able to challenge them.

SK Gaming v G2 Esports – LEC Super Week

With SK out of the playoffs contention already, it was about if G2 could claim the win to challenge MAD. G2 made the first 15-minutes look a little awkward, but they managed to pull it back during the mid game. By the 30-minute mark, G2 were on their way to securing the win as SK held on. G2 held on to secure the win and claim the top spot due to their head-to-head record.

Team Vitality v Rogue – LEC Super Week

RGE came into the game needing a win to challenge MAD for the second spot. VIT on the other hand required the win to secure a spot in the playoffs. RGE always looked the stronger heading into the game, and while VIT stayed close throughout, by the late game RGE had a lead. They had better map control, in typical RGE fashion, and that was giving them the edge. RGE kept at it and secured the win in the end. VIT loss means they need to keep an eye on what FNC does in the next game before their fate is decided.

Misfits Gaming v Fnatic – LEC Super Week

The playoff decider for a number of teams. FNC required a win to secure playoffs, while MSF required a win to cement their seeding higher up the LEC table. An unsurprisingly tight contest as both teams looked to be fighting for their LEC lives. By the 22-minute mark, the gold was even as the pressure started to show. MSF tried to keep FNC away in the late game but FNC had too much for them to deal with. The win locked in the playoffs for FNC, while it throws VIT and XL's future into one final decider.

Team Vitality v Excel Esports – LEC Super Week Playoff decider

It's all on the final game of the regular split for these two sides. Only one can make the playoffs as we locked in for a tense affair. The game was as tight as expected, with XL barely holding onto a 2k lead by the 23-minute mark. With the game so closely poised, it was anyone's to play for. While VIT might have been the Super Team, it was not to be when it mattered for them. Victory for XL pushed them into the Playoffs and with a shot at Worlds. As for VIT, it's not a great end to the year as their Worlds dream is over. Maybe it's finally time to admit Super Teams just don't work?

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LEC Super Week Day 3 Recap – Playoffs Decider
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