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Rohat Dicle Kılınç
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LCS Power Rankings Summer Split 2022 After Week 1

LCS Power Rankings
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The MSI break is over and the LCS Summer Split 2022 is back, let's take a look at the LCS Power Rankings.

We are nearing the start of LCS Summer Split 2022 and rosters are pretty set at this point. During the break, there were multiple roster changes with rookies coming into the league, some new imports and veterans like Jensen coming back.

It was also announced that the studio will be open to fans, which was expected after last Spring’s stadium finals in Houston, and Evil Geniuses were crowned as the Spring Champions. So let’s take a look at how our teams stack up for the summer and on the road toward the Finals at Chicago’s United Center.

We will be updating our power rankings each week according to the recent LCS games to give you an idea of where each team is during the split.

LCS Week One Recaps – Day One, Two, Three

10. Dignitas (Previous Week: 5, [-5])

  • Noh ‘Gamsu' Yeong-jin
  • Kim ‘River' Dong-woo
  • Ersin ‘Blue' Gören
  • Toàn ‘Neo' Trần
  • Vincent ‘Biofrost' Wang

Week 1 Update

Let’s start these rankings by talking about disappointments. I had great hopes from Dignitas, I think River is one of the best junglers in the LCS and Neo/Bio is a good bot lane. But Dig has some problems they really need to fix, or this Split will not go well at all. First of all, Neo has to step up. Sure, Dig had a tough schedule but this doesn’t excuse the poor performance we saw from the young AD, he was especially careless and too passive. Then there is the top lane situation. We talked about how FakeGod wasn’t up to par in the LCS, but I really couldn’t tell the difference between him and Gamsu this weekend. He played two Sejuani games, which I can’t tell why even in the meta, and I can’t recall a single positive impact he had on the game. Sure maybe they can turn it around, but unlike some other low-tier teams, Dig seemed so lost on the Rift.

Pre-Season (Prediction: 5th Place)

For the last couple of splits, Dignitas has been the team to watch, first with their all-native roster and last Spring with their entertaining gameplay. But despite being a fan favorite team and having good starts, they’ve never been able to keep it up throughout a normal season.

Without being cruel, it was apparent to anyone who watch them last split that the top lane was a big problem. I enjoyed watching Fakegod never met the expectations this roster is putting up. With the change during the break, I’m expecting a more consistent performance from Dig throughout the Split, which should be enough to carry them to the top of the mid-table.

9. Immortals (Previous Week: 9)

  • Mohamed ‘Revenge' Kaddoura
  • Shane ‘Kenvi' Espinoza
  • Tristan ‘PowerOfEvil' Schrage
  • Lawrence ‘Lost' Hui
  • Lee ‘IgNar' Dong-geun

Week 1 Update

There isn’t much to say about Immortals except they still look like the same team from the last split. Even with IgNar’s return, they have a bot lane that doesn’t perform which will be tough as most top teams in LCS have strong duos down there. Their only win this week came from Revenge making plays on a carry, plus Aphromoo miss-clicking his ult, but he is still inconsistent in what he can give to his team. Also, Kenvi had a tough first week, which is expected from a rookie and I don’t think playing with a lane-focused player in PowerOfEvil is too helpful either. Even if this roster finds a way to get better, I don’t think their ceiling is too high.

Pre-Season (Prediction: 9th Place)

Immortals came into the Spring Split with the hopes of making the playoffs. But they did not only finish last, but they also did not impress anyone with their gameplay. The team was heavily invested in the growth of Revenge, which couldn’t exactly show what he is capable of. For the Summer Split, they made some changes, probably in the right direction, but I don’t think it is enough for them to catch up with the rest of the league.

8. Golden Guardians (Previous Week: 8)

  • Eric ‘Licorice' Ritchie
  • Milo ‘Pridestalkr' Wehnes
  • Nicholas ‘Ablazeolive' Antonio Abbott
  • Trevor ‘Stixxay' Hayes
  • Kim ‘Olleh' Joo-sung

Week 1 Update

Not much to say about Golden Guardians except that they are a fine team, but I don’t think they are better than any team above them in this list. While they had a good game against C9, it wasn’t the whole team. I still think Pridestalkr is a great player and Stixxay looked better than Lost so far. But I keep coming back to Licorice and his unstable performances and Ablazeolive hasn’t taken that one step to the next level. So once again, GG is a fine team, but I just don’t think there is big untapped potential in them.

Pre-Season (Prediction: 8th Place)

There is no denying Golden Guardians had a good Spring record, going 9-9 and finishing fifth. Still, when watching their games during the season, it was never reassuring. This team has some good players like Pridestalkr and Olleh, who had some good performances. But their players are also very prone to mistakes. It feels like the rest of the league wasn’t up to punishing them last split, but Summer’s tend to be different.

While I think they will be the last team to get a playoff spot, the fifth to eighth-place teams are pretty close in the rankings, and any movement in this range from any team shouldn’t surprise anyone.

7. Cloud9 (Previous Week: 4, [-3])

  • Ibrahim ‘Fudge' Allami
  • Robert ‘Blaber' Huang
  • Nicolaj ‘Jensen' Jensen
  • Kim ‘Berserker' Min-cheol/Calvin ‘k1ng' Truong 
  • Jesper ‘Zven' Svenningsen/Mitchell ‘Destiny' Shaw
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Week 1 Update

Summer is shaping up to be rough for Cloud9. They played the opening week with their Academy bot lane as their starters aren’t in NA due to issues with their visas, and there is no definite answer to when they will be back. Of course, their duo lane struggled against their competition this week, but their problems don’t end there. Jensen and Blaber had a poor showing so far and while it can be expected from Jensen due to his inactivity last split, it is worrying for the latter. And while Fudge looks better back in the top lane he had his moments where he struggled to impact the game. So it looks like they will have to work extra to get back in form but luckily for them the Split is long and there are eight spots for the Playoffs.

Pre-Season (Prediction: 4th Place)

In the last two years, C9 summers have been near disasters. But this time around, the team went through most of the drama in the Spring, which hopefully means they can finally have a steady Summer Split. Of course, there are many changes in the roster but I think most of them are for the better.

The only question mark is what happens with Zven? Is he comfortable enough to support another ADC? Is he fitting the role well? If yes, then the ceiling of this roster is one of the highest in the entire league. But these things take time, so I don’t expect them to be at the top to end the regular season.

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6. FlyQuest (Previous Week: 6)

  • Philip ‘Philip' Zeng
  • Brandon ‘Josedeodo' Villegas
  • Loïc ‘toucouille' Dubois
  • Johnson ‘Johnsun' Nguyen
  • Zaqueri ‘aphromoo' Black

Week 1 Update

This should have been a 2-1 week for FLY as I think they could’ve won against the Immortals, but they made some big mistakes which are surprising when it comes from a veteran like Aphromoo. Other than that the team performed mostly okay but I would love to see more from Johnsun than this. Their rookie Philip had a good debut even if he was overaggressive at some points he shouldn’t have. They look like a playoff team, but not one that can contend for the upper half of the standings.

Pre-Season (Prediction: 6th Place)

After a 5-1 start in the first three weeks which they resorted to different drafts like the smite top, FlyQuest had a bit of a fall in the Spring. As a whole, the team has been playing great so far. There were a lot of question marks about the performance of Josedeodo, who answered them pretty well with a good Spring Split. They are at the top of these middle-class teams of LCS, but they have still some way to go before skipping a tier. Still, both their team play and individual talent should be enough to carry them to a comfortable playoff position.

5. TSM (Previous Week: 7, [+2])

  • Heo ‘Huni' Seung-hoon
  • Mingyi ‘Spica' Lu
  • Huang ‘Maple' Yi-Tang
  • Edward ‘Tactical' Ra
  • Choi ‘Mia' Sang-in

Week 1 Update

TSM is looking much better than Spring even if they aren’t back at the top. There are still some problems like Huni’s inconsistency and Tactical’s habit of getting caught in important moments, but at least Spica looks to be in good shape. With the addition of Maple, who had an overall good debut, the MVP jungler looks more aggressive and decisive. If the rest of his team can step up a little more, TSM can do some damage to top teams going into or in the Playoffs.

Pre-Season (Prediction: 7th Place)

What a disaster the Spring Split was for TSM, and their problems weren’t just in the Rift. Multiple organizational issues with the CEO Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh and the former coach Peter Zhang continue to surround the players, and we don’t know how they will get affected.

On top of that, the team's quality of play wasn’t up to par for most of the Spring. They replaced their mid-laner by bringing in Maple, who is a known international talent, and the mid-lane was a big issue for them. But Shenyi is still with the team and we don’t know if the concern there is resolved or not. Still, the Maple transfer is a good step in the right direction, and it is reasonable to expect some improvement from players of this caliber.

4. Counter Logic Gaming (Previous Week: 10, [+6])

  • Niship ‘Dhokla' Doshi
  • Juan ‘Contractz' Garcia
  • Cristian ‘Palafox' Palafox
  • Fatih ‘Luger' Güven
  • Philippe ‘poome' Lavoie-Giguere

Week 1 Update

Okay, I guess we underrated this squad heavily. Coming into the Summer, I thought CLG didn’t have too much to do for this Split and it would mostly be an improvement time for Luger and Poome. Man, I was wrong. CLG did not only play three great games on the Rift, but they were by far the most creative team when it came to drafting. They played two Seraphine games, one Luger and one Poome, and even though most teams favored enchanter supports I don’t think anyone else used them to build a comp like this.

Plus it was good to see Palafox and Contractz, especially the latter, playing much better after a poor Spring. It is good to see Contractz had the confidence to bust out Nidalee, a pick no one else plays at the moment. And then the Big Dhokes. Dhokla came in like a wrecking ball, trash-talking anyone and predicting CLG to be a top-three team at the end of the Split, and he is backing it up with his own performance. But the question is, can they keep it up, or this was a fluke week because of their creative drafts?

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Pre-Season (Prediction: 10th Place)

CLG as an org has been having a rough time in the last couple of years. The eight-place finish last year was the only non-bottom two finish the team had in the last five splits. Although important to keep in mind, they had a change in leadership and came into the Spring with a younger team built for the future.

Still, the team didn’t exactly meet the expectations. The only player who got the shine was ADC Luger and unless they improved considerably between splits, I don’t think they can keep up with the other teams who bettered their rosters.

3. 100 Thieves (Previous Week: 3)

  • Kim ‘Ssumday' Chan-ho
  • Can ‘Closer' Çelik
  • Felix ‘Abbedagge' Braun
  • Victor ‘FBI' Huang
  • Choi ‘huhi' Jae-hyun

Week 1 Update

100 Thieves had a relatively good start to the Summer, with only dropping a game against EG. Still, I think this roster can show much more than they did, even in their wins. Abbedagge played three Ahri games this week and while he hit a lot of critical charms, he struggled greatly in most early games. Their bot lane also had a good week but they aren’t as dominant as they were in their championship split. I enjoyed seeing Ssumday carry on Fiora and not on Gnar. The Thieves are heavily favored to go to Worlds and they can be the title favorites if they can once again hit their peaks.

Pre-Season (Prediction: 3rd Place)

100 Thieves had a weird Spring, to say the least. They were the reigning champions and many expected a return to form. But other than Closer and Ssumday, who performed well above expectations, the rest of the team was in a slump. Even though they pulled themselves together for the playoffs unless Abbedagge, FBI and huhi can go back to their Summer 2021 form, I don’t see too many opportunities in which they can challenge EG or TL.


2. Evil Geniuses (Previous Week: 2)

  • Jung ‘Impact' Eon-yeong
  • Kacper ‘Inspired' Słoma
  • Joseph ‘Jojopyun' Pyun
  • Kyle ‘Danny' Sakamaki
  • Philippe ‘Vulcan' Laflamme

Week 1 Update

EG is back from MSI and they are definitely not in a slump or hangover. There is so much to talk about EG’s opening week but the most important part for me is the performance of Danny. Even though he played three straight Ezreal games, the young ADC had much better laning phases in those and his team fighting was on point. I also enjoyed seeing Vulcan on enchanters as I was worried he would be on Tahm Kench duty a lot in this meta. We already knew this squad can turn up when they need to but coming into the Split with this high level, especially from Inspired who keeps delivering, gives me hope about their future.

Pre-Season (Prediction: 2nd Place)

It is always tough to say, the champions aren’t the favorites the next split, but I don’t think they are. Remember, even though EG had an amazing lower bracket run to win Spring, their regular season performance was downright abysmal. Neither their teamplay nor individual performances were the same. Of course, I don’t think it will be the same but it isn’t unreasonable to assume they once again will have a slow start to the Split, especially after a grueling MSI run.

1. Team Liquid (Previous Week: 1)

  • Gabriël ‘Bwipo' Rau
  • Lucas ‘Santorin' Larsen
  • Søren ‘Bjergsen' Bjerg
  • Steven ‘Hans sama' Liv
  • Jo ‘CoreJJ' Yong-in

Week 1 Update

It is no surprise Liquid had a strong start to the Split, but I am particularly impressed by the gameplay I watched this weekend. While they were still good in Spring, TL was more of a control the game slowly and skill check people during team fights kind of team. But in these three games, we saw a more aggressive TL who wasn’t afraid to go for more risky plays early to get leads and then push those leads to suffocate their opponents, which Bjergsen himself also said in a post-game interview. I’m also happy to see Bwipo bust out three semi-off-meta picks and perform this early into the Split. Although they didn’t have the hardest schedule, I am still confident in TL to top the table this Summer.

Pre-Season (Prediction: 1st Place)

Of course, the super team is the first in power rankings. Team Liquid was dominant during Spring and they had a good playoff. They lost to EG 3-0, but the unfortunate baron healing during Danny’s penta was a big part of it. This team is veteran enough to shake it off and start a new season fresh. Not to mention the talent they have.

Liquid’s top side was all top two or three in their roles last split. Although one can say Bjerg didn’t perform well and there was no competition, I have trust in his experience and work that he will be back stronger this summer. Bot lane of Core and Hans is hands down the best in the league, even when they didn’t play for the first month of the season. With the time in splits spent well, I’m expecting this team to be scarier than before.

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