LCS Week 4 Day 1 Summer Split 2022 Recap

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LCS Week 4 Day 1 Summer Split 2022 Recap

LCS concluded its first day of Summer Split Week 4.

We are finally back from a Riot-wide break to start our last week of the first round-robin, and here is a recap of what happened on the day.

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100 Thieves vs FlyQuest


The broadcast skipped the pick/bans for the first game of the day and jumped straight into the game.

100T started the game trying to be active at the bot lane, but a good counter gank from Jose gave FLY the first blood. Using their bot side pressure FLY also got the early Mountain Drake and the first Herald. But despite FLY dominating early objectives, 100T had a 500 gold lead in the tenth minute. The game slowed as the plates fell, with not many trades and gold staying the same, but FLY managed to get their second drake. The first objective for 100T came when they got the second Herald, they had to trade the third drake and give FLY an early soul point for it, they still had a 1k lead. 100T then tried to be aggressive by taking the first turret, and they did, but Philip had a great TP and they took two more kills.

100T were pretty well farmed but FLY almost tied the gold by the fourth drake and after a pick on Huhi, they got their Ocean Soul. In the 23rd minute, we saw a fight in the FLY's jungle. Unfortunately for 100T, they couldn't find their first kill of the game and after a Johnsun triple, FLY got an early Baron. 100T then engaged in the mid-lane and got their kill, but FLY had a 3k lead at this point so they got four kills back and pushed for the end. Even though the Thieves tried to defend themselves, they could not hold on.

  • Teams: 100T – FLY
  • Time: 26:53
  • Kills: 1 – 13
  • Turrets: 3 – 7
  • Gold: 42.8k – 49.8k
  • Dragons: 0 – 4
  • Barons: 0 – 1

Dignitas vs Evil Geniuses


Evil Geniuses started the game out with a level-1 invade, but they couldn’t get too much of an advantage after River’s good counter-invade. Despite this early invading, there wasn’t much trading in the lanes so we did not see an early first blood, but EG got a sixth-minute drake. But they had to give first Herald due to Dig’s bot lane roaming top side. The first blood came at the eleventh minute after an unexpected solo kill from Gamsu on Impact. Dig were mostly focused on the top side as they dove Impact, EG answered with their second drake but Dig still had a 900 gold lead. Dig got their first turret and extended their lead to 2k after diving Impact a second time, this time at the bot lane. Around 25 minutes, EG still hadn’t found their first kill and they did not contest the drake either, giving Dig the chance to tie drake count. Gold became nearly tied at 30, but there was almost no fighting since Dig dove Impact.

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EG went to the Baron after they couldn’t contest the Dig’s soul point and managed to secure the objective. But after they took it they lost a 3-for-2 fight so they couldn’t push their advantage too much. Dig then tried to TP aggressively, but this time they lost the fight 3-for-2 and EG got a 2.5k lead just before the soul fight. EG did not care for the soul, however, as they look for the fight and ace Dig, behind a triple kill from Impact who was looking to get revenge. After the ace, they just ended the game.

  • Teams: DIG – EG
  • Time: 36:57
  • Kills: 9 – 12
  • Turrets: 3 – 7
  • Gold: 61.5k – 69.7k
  • Dragons: 3 – 2
  • Barons: 0 – 1

TSM vs Cloud9


C9 started out the game, losing the Flash on their support at the first minute. Despite it, Zven forced two summs from Chime with a level-1 all in. Still, the first blood came in at minute three, from a mid gank from Spica. C9 then tried a dive at the top lane, and even though S0ul wasted a lot of time, C9 still got the first drake. While C9 also got the first Herald, they gave away two kills at the bot lane and they were behind nearly 1k gold. But turned it around to a 1k lead for themselves after getting the first turret top and a Jensen solo kill. At 15 minutes, when C9 got the second Herald, C9 was ahead 3k gold despite kills being tied at 5-5. TSM tried to contest drake at the 22nd minute, but they were behind 6.5k so they lost the fight and conceded the Mountain Soul.

C9 continued their active gameplay as they pick TSM’s mid and support and took an uncontested Baron, pushing their lead to over 9k. TSM engaged on C9 after killing Jensen, but even in a 5v4, they were too behind as Fudge got a triple-kill. The same happened a minute later, another C9 3-for-0 trade, this one leading to an Elder and 15k gold lead. The lead was too far for TSM to hold on and they lost the game after an extended fight in their base.

  • Teams: TSM – C9
  • Time: 30:58
  • Kills: 9 – 20
  • Turrets: 1 – 9
  • Gold: 49.6k – 67k
  • Dragons: 0 – 5
  • Barons: 0 – 1

Immortals vs Counter Logic Gaming


CLG came out with an aggressive draft and managed to execute it early as a level-2 gank gave Luger the first blood. He then got another kill in a 2v2 while Contractz got another kill with a top gank, giving CLG an early 1.5 gold lead. Still, Immortals answers CLG’s Herald take by diving bot lane and getting two kills themselves. Even though CLG also got the first drake, Poome’s roams left Luger vulnerable as IMT got another kill on him to tie the gold nearly. After a couple more back-and-forth kills going each way at the bot lane, IMT found a TP from Revenge to get another double kill and their first drake. Even with CLG getting another Herald, IMT looked much more coordinated as they were this split, picking two more CLG members and extending their own gold lead to 2k.

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CLG’s wombo-combo did not look very coordinated during the third drake fight as they engage but failed to kill anyone. IMT kept pushing their lead by diving CLG at their top tier-2 turret. After getting two kills, they secured a 26-minute Baron, gave up a second drake, and pushed their lead to over 3k. But they overstep and lost 4 members in a mid-lane engage, wasting most of their Baron buff. Around 33 minutes, IMT thought they caught Poome, but CLG turned around the fight after they found their first well-executed engagement, end they managed to end the game because of it. 

  • Teams: IMT – CLG
  • Time: 33:00
  • Kills: 14 – 12
  • Turrets: 5 – 8
  • Gold: 60.5k – 61.3k
  • Dragons: 3 – 2
  • Barons: 1 – 0

Team Liquid vs Golden Guardians


The last game of the day started out fast with a level two gank from Santorin, getting the first blood for TL. He then found a counter-gank at the top lane but GG outplayed it to get their first kill on Pridestalkr. TL jungler was so active early, getting two more kills on two more consecutive ganks at mid and bot lanes, pushing their lead to 1.2k. Then a disaster occurred at the first Herald fight where TL got the objective and four extra kills for none. Even though GG got the first drake just after, a 4.5k lead at 9 minutes made it seem like an early end for the game. At 15 minutes, there was a 7k gold lead, but GG tried to fight off TL by picking off Santorin and getting the second Herald.

GG looked for a pick but Pridestalkr ended up dying, which led to TL getting a Baron at 20 minutes with a 12k gold lead. GG then found an engage at the mid lane but with the gold difference, they lost the fight 3-for-1, losing two inhibitors. Even without Baron TL sieged the GG base, getting all inhibitors and nexus turrets, but they overstepped and gave away three shutdowns delaying the end. While the gold lead dropped just under 10k, it was still enough for TL to get another uncontested Baron. But their brute force attempt was unsuccessful as GG got another 3-for-0 defense. But three open inhibs were too much, as one more push from TL ended the game.

  • Teams: TL – GG
  • Time: 31:08
  • Kills: 21 – 12
  • Turrets: 11 – 2
  • Gold: 66.1k – 55.5k
  • Dragons: 1 – 3
  • Barons: 2 – 0

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LCS Week 4 Day 1 Summer Split 2022 Recap
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