HCS Major Arlington: Everything You Need to Know

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HCS Major Arlington: Everything You Need to Know

The stage has been set for the first HCS Major of Year 3, and Halo Esports is heading back to Arlington. Here's everything you need to know about HCS Major Arlington, hosted by OpTic Gaming.

When, Where, & On-Site Events

HCS Major Arlington will go down at the Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, Texas, on March 15-17. 

Fans who attend the HCS Major Arlington in person will have the chance to compete in a $5,000 free-for-all tournament and other tournaments in Halo Infinite and past Halo titles. These side events will also have a $5,000 prize pool. 

Fan Ticket & Team Pass Options

Ticket sales are now live on Tixr. Fans can purchase a 3-day pass for $50. This GA pass will also grant you a Halo Waypoint token that unlocks all Twitch Drops active during the event. 

Fans can save 10% on their ticket purchases by inputting any of the organization-specific codes below:

  • CLOUD9
  • FAZE

Organizations receive 10% when you use their codes. Seniors and service members can also save 10% by using discount codes SENIOR and MILITARY, respectively. 

Teams interested in competing in the open qualifiers can purchase a Team Pass for $250. Team passes cover four players and a coach. 

Tournament Format

Open Qualifiers

HCS Major Arlington will kick off with the Open Qualifiers. Twelve teams will already have their spots through Major Qualifier finishes and HCS points. The four remaining spots will go to the top-ranked teams in Day 1's Open Qualifiers. Up to 64 teams will compete for a chance to advance. The top two teams from the Winners and Lower Brackets will advance to Pool Play. 

Pool Play


– NA Major #1 Qualifier (1st)

– NA Major #1 Qualifier (7th)

– EU HCS Points (#1)

– Open Bracket (LB #2)


– NA Major #1 Qualifier (2nd)

– EU Major #1 Qualifier (1st)

– NA Major #1 Qualifier (8th)

– Open Bracket (LB #1)


– NA Major #1 Qualifier (3rd)

– NA Major #1 Qualifier (6th)

– NA HCS Points (#1)

– Open Bracket (WB #2)


– NA Major #1 Qualifier (4th)

– NA Major #1 Qualifier (5th)

– NA HCS Points (#2)

– Open Bracket (WB #1)

Pool Play will consist of best-of-five Round Robin play. The top two teams of each pool advance to the Championship Upper Bracket. The third-place team in every pool advances to the Championship Lower Bracket. Fourth-place teams are going home. 

Championship Bracket

The remaining twelve teams will compete in best-of-five Double Elimination matches until the Grand Finals, which will be best-of-7 with a potential Bracket Reset. 

Prize Pool & HCS 

– 1st place: $100,000

– 2nd place: $60,000

– 3rd place: $30,000

– 4th place: $17,500

– 5th-6th places: $8,000

– 7th-8th places $5,000

– 9th-12th places: $2,500

– 13th-16th places: $1,625

The top six teams of HCS Major Arlington will secure those seeds for HCS Major London. 

How to Watch

– A Stream: Twitch.tv/Halo – YouTube.com/Halo

– B Stream: Twitch.tv/HCS – YouTube/HaloEsportsHCS

– Co-Streamers: Halo Infinite Live Streams

HCS Major Arlington: Everything You Need to Know
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