erenaGG’s $25K Fortnite Fighter’s Cup: Everything You Need to Know

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erenaGG’s $25K Fortnite Fighter’s Cup: Everything You Need to Know

erenaGG has an upcoming Fortnite Fighter's Cup presented by the US Marines, and you can join in for a share of the pie. Here's how.

How to enter the erenaGG Combat Cup

It's time for another great erenaGG Fortnite tournament! Open to all US residents aged 17-24, young Fortnite hopefuls can earn a spot in the erenaGG Fighter's Cup open qualifiers. But to do so, you'll need to do more than show off your Battle Royale skills; much more. 

Before you can get started, sign up online for entry here. Once you have signed up, join the event Discord, boot up Fortnite, and enter the Fortnite creative map code: 3139-8715-5529. Welcome to the Point Race Challenge. 

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All hopefuls will have to complete the 12 levels as quickly as possible if they want a chance to get to the main stage.

erenaGG Combat Cup Qualifiers & Main Stage Formats

Open Qualifiers

 The 12 levels of the Point Race Challenge will test various skills, requiring you to complete tasks like shooting targets while rail grinding or combining the usage of impulse grenades and the kinetic boomerang to take out hidden targets. 

All contestants have unlimited entries in the Open Qualifiers and have until April 4 to save and record their fastest times. The top 10 fastest scores will earn their share of $15,000 of the overall prize pool, and the 64 fastest times advance to the next round.

Knockout Round

After the Open Qualifiers, the 64 qualifying contestants will compete in 32 head-to-head matches. The players with the top 8 best times among the winners immediately advance to the Finals, while the remaining 24 winners advance to the Semi-Finals. 

Last-Chance Qualifiers

The 16 losers with the best times from the Knockout Round will have one final chance to make it to the Main Stage through the Last-Chance Qualifiers and compete in 8 head-to-head matches. The eight winners of these matches will join the 24 waiting players in the Semi-Finals. 


The bottom 24 winners from the Knockout Round and the eight winners from the Last-Chance Qualifiers will compete in Bracket Play for one of eight spots to advance to the Finals. 

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Main Stage Championship

The eight winners from the Semi-Finals will join the top eight winners from the Knockout Round and compete in a double-elimination bracket for their slice of the $10,000 prize pool and the chance to become the first erenaGG Fighter's Cup Champion. 

Prize Pool

Here are the prize pools for the erenaGG Fortnite Fighter Cup Open Qualifiers and Championship.
Image Source: @erenaGG Twitter/X

Several streamers in the Fortnite space, like former Cloud9 Fortnite champion turned analyst Vivid and Kelly Link, will be casting the event across multiple days. Don't forget to tune in, and good luck to all the competitors!

erenaGG’s $25K Fortnite Fighter’s Cup: Everything You Need to Know
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