LEC Super Week Day 1 Summer Split 2022 Recap

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LEC Super Week Day 1 Summer Split 2022 Recap

Week one of the LEC is here, and it's starting with a Super Week. Here's our LEC Super Week Day 1 recap.

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Vitality v MAD Lions

LEC Super Week Day 1 recap

An error in champ select caused the above draft error (all champs were in expected roles)

The first game of the LEC Summer Split, and it's a good one. The “Super Team” v one of the favorites to once again claim a LEC title. VIT picked up a key first blood, as they secured an early 1k lead. A slow early game overall, but saw VIT increase their lead to 3k. By the mid-game, VIT had maintained their lead of 2k. MAD had closed the gap slightly but remained on the back foot. By 20-minutes in, MAD had evened out the gold as they looked to move into a lead. It took another 15-minutes, but MAD finally managed to push forward and claim a match-winning moment. Claiming a Baron and claiming the ace. It's a great start to the split for MAD, and exactly what VIT needed to avoid.

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: VIT v MAD 
  • Time: 34:52
  • Kills: 3-12
  • Turrets: 4-7
  • Gold: 53.5k – 59k
  • Dragons: 1-3
  • Barons: 0-1

SK Gaming v Team BDS

LEC Super Week Day 1

Miss Fortune and Xin Zhao swapped after a draft error

Game two of the day, and it was a big one for two of the sides that featured lower down the table in Spring Split. A huge double-kill in the bot lane for BDS, after xMatty pulled off a great outplay to secure an early lead for his team. SK looked to force a play top side but BDS came out on top, as they extended their lead to 3k. A quieter period leading up to Baron's spawn, with BDS staying 2k ahead, though SK had a 2-0 Drake lead. A third Drake was picked up for SK, after BDS looked to shut down their Soul Point charge. While SK stole away the Drake, BDS won the fight 3-for-1, extending their lead to 4k. 28-minutes into the game and Baron was still alive, though BDS had stopped the SK Soul Drake for now. SK forced a fight for Soul Drake and it's claimed, with just one member lost in return. BDS quickly looked to move to Baron but a smart TP from Sertuss stopped the play.

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A big Baron claim for SK, who picked it up with BDS able to react. With 37-minutes on the clock, the gold lead was even, with neither team prepared to risk losing the game. With Elder secured for SK, they finally moved into the BDS base, knocking down two inhibitors. Another fight win for SK, as they looked to end the game with over 44-minutes on the game clock.

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: SK v BDS
  • Time: 44:11
  • Kills: 12-16
  • Turrets: 11-4
  • Gold: 78.1k – 74.4k 
  • Dragons: 5-1
  • Barons: 1-0

Excel v Misfits

LEC Super Week Day 1

Would their Korean BootCamp aid them, or were MSF the stronger team on the day. A first blood double kill to XL showed maybe we're seeing an improved side. After an initial fast start, XL backed off to play the map. Securing two Drakes, and a 2k lead by 12-minutes. Just like that, XL broke open the game, diving onto the MSG tier 1 tower and the lead grew to 4k. It went from bad to worse for MSF, as they failed to make any progress across the Rift. By the 20-minute mark, XL had a 6k lead and was looking for Baron. XL favored the Soul Drake at 22-minutes, as they looked to claim a perfect game. Baron was next up for XL, as the game looked all but over for MSF. XL pushed into the base of MSF and the game was over. With just one tower claimed, it was a disaster for MSF.

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: XL – MSF
  • Time: 26:00
  • Kills: 15-0
  • Turrets: 7-2
  • Gold: 50k – 38.4k
  • Dragons: 4-0
  • Barons: 1-0

G2 Esports v Astralis

LEC Super Week Day 1

The Kings of Europe are back from MSI, could AST cause an upset? Well, AST certainly got off to the right start, picking up a first blood onto Jankos. G2 managed to get back into the game shortly after, moving into a 1.5k lead. Despite having a 4k lead for most of the mid-game, by the 20-minute mark, G2 looked scared to commit too much to win a fight. Instead, looking to claim map pressure as the game moved forward. Just like that, G2 found picks, wiping four members of AST. However, with the fight on the wrong side of the Rift, G2 opted against claiming Baron. G2's lead was maintained, as they help onto their ever-growing 7k lead. G2 finally claimed Baron at the 30-minute mark, though they gave G2 fans a heart attack by risking a 50/50.  With Baron on their back, G2 claimed an ace as it looked like the game was over. It took another reset, but the win was secured by G2 at the 34-minute mark.

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Quick Stats:

  • Teams: G2 v AST
  • Time: 34:05
  • Kills: 18-6
  • Turrets: 11-2
  • Gold: 67.7k – 50.5k 
  • Dragons: 3-2
  • Barons: 1-0

Rogue v Fnatic

LEC Super Week Day 1

The final game of the day was a big one for both sides. RGE had a near-perfect first half of Spring Split, and FNC will need to shake off their Spring Split drop-off. First blood went over to RGE, after FNC was too late to the mid-lane gank.FNC quickly got back into the game, picking up two kills and neutralizing the gold lead. With Baron spawning on the Rift, RGE looked to make a proactive move to shut down FNC. Taking advantage of the Hex Gates, RGE took down two members of FNC. Despite that play, FNC were the ones to secure the Baron, accelerating their win condition going into the late game. FNC continued to increase its lead, moving to 5k ahead by the 26-minute mark. Another Baron for FNC as they moved to 10k ahead and looked to end. FNC found an opening and closed out the game before the 34-minute mark.

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: RGE – FNC
  • Time: 33:59
  • Kills: 8-21
  • Turrets: 4-10
  • Gold: 57.4k – 70.6k
  • Dragons: 1-4
  • Barons: 0-2


LEC Super Week Day 1 Summer Split 2022 Recap
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