LEC Week 4 Day 1 Summer Split 2022 Recap

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LEC Week 4 Day 1 Summer Split 2022 Recap

LEC Week 4 is upon us after a week-long break. The Summer Split table is already starting to take shape as we move ever closer to playoffs.

Check out our Power Rankings for the LEC (or LCS) if you want to get a look at our thoughts.


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Astralis v Excel Esports

LEC Week 3

XL came into the game sitting pretty atop the LEC, while AST needed to hit the ground running in week 4. A quiet early game, with no first blood claimed in the opening 10-minutes. XL had secured a 1k lead during this time, however, with XL finding leads in the solo lane. XL did finally secure it 3-minutes later, shortly after they picked up the first tower alongside a 2k lead. The first fight of the game was a back and forth, with a 2-for-2 in kills. XL remained 1.5k ahead as the game was blown open. Moving into the late game, XL was able to finally win a fight, leaving just two members of AST left. They moved to secure Baron as they gave themselves a way to break to AST base. AST's base remained in tack until the second Baron, with both sides sat on 3-3 on Drakes. XL forced a 50/50 at the Baron, with AST looking to shut them down. With XL keeping one member off the baron, they took down two members of AST before claiming the Baron. XL were only able to grab one inhibitor for Baron as the game continued.

Soul Drake was claimed by XL next, as they looked to wrap up a win condition. XL failed to knock down the third inhibitor, and with it, AST managed to push them back. A third Baron spawned as XL looked out of sorts. Baron was secured by AST as they found two members of XL right after. With Baron, AST charged into the XL base and despite losing the entire game they came away with a huge win in the end.

  • Teams: AST – XL
  • Time: 45:40
  • Kills: 17-11
  • Turrets: 7-10
  • Gold: 85.4k – 83.4k
  • Dragons: 3-4
  • Barons: 1-2


Team BDS v MAD Lions


After a poor 1-6 run in the first 3 weeks, BDS needed a win against MAD. A side that is pushing for the playoffs spots. First blood was secured for MAD, in a nightmare start for BDS. A fight at the 18-minute mark could well have decided the game. With BDS forcing the fight, they get aced, while picking up no kills in return. MAD moved to 6k ahead as they looked to have the game all but wrapped up. BDS threw themselves at MAD once again, with Baron started off by MAD. While they stopped the Baron, they lost another four members as MAD secured a 7k lead. MAD ignored Baron, claiming Soul Drake as they charged into other BDS base. Unlike XL in the game prior, MAD did not throw a lead, and instead closed out a dominant win.

Fnatic Pulls Ahead With Flawless 5-0 in LEC 2024 Summer Season


  • Teams: BDS – MAD 
  • Time: 26:34
  • Kills: 1-17
  • Turrets: 1-8
  • Gold: 37.9k – 49.8k
  • Dragons: 0-4
  • Barons: 0-0

Fnatic v Misfits Gaming


FNC continue their push for the top spot after XL blew their lead earlier against AST. As for MSF, they need to pick up wins as they start to push towards the playoff spots. A huge first blood secured for MSF, as they look to claim an early lead. MSF continued to pick up leads, winning fights in the top lane, though FNC's good control of the bot side of the map meant the gold lead remained small. Despite an early lead, by the 15-minute mark, MSF had called 3k behind FNC who'd had much more pressure across the map. With their mid and bot lane over 1k ahead of the MSF counterpart. Despite still being behind, a forced fight at the 23-minute mark saw MSF win a 4-for-0 fight as they moved to Baron. Despite the low respawn timers, FNC opted against contesting as MAD moved back into a lead. FNC were able to sneak away a huge Baron while MSF were resetting across the map. While FNC secured the Drake to stop the MSF Soul Drake, they lost the follow-up fight. With 3 members of MSF left, they were forced into the FNC base. MSF made it to the Nexus before calling off the attack, as Wunder was able to keep them back.

At Baron, MSF once again won the fight, as it looked to be all but over. The win would see MSF go to 4-4, as they recover from their awful start to the Summer Split.

  • Teams: FNC – MSF
  • Time: 37:41
  • Kills: 9-21
  • Turrets: 7-8
  • Gold: 67.5k – 69.4k
  • Dragons: 2-3
  • Barons: 1-1
Fnatic Pulls Ahead With Flawless 5-0 in LEC 2024 Summer Season

G2 Esports v SK Gaming


When a 4-3 side faces a 1-6 side, it should be a forgone conclusion. However, when the 4-3 side is G2, you just never know what might happen. It was SK that picked up first blood in the mid-lane as caps is beaten in a 1v1. Moments later, SK won yet another fight, moving to a 2k lead as they shock G2 early. Another fight, another win for SK, who extended their lead to 3k with G2 caught chasing their tails. With the Cloud Soul about to spawn for SK, G2 lost Jankos and gave it over to SK. With a 4k lead, and a Soul, SK remained well in the lead. SK secured a Baron next, as they had a 10 lead over G2 with 28-minutes on the map. At the Elder Drake, G2 almost flipped the game on its head, taking down two members of SK before losing one of their own as SK retreated. With members respawning, G2 tried to claim Elder once again, but this time SK secured it along with the fight. With Elder still on SK, they surged into the G2 base and claimed a massive victory.

  • Teams: G2 – SK
  • Time: 34:33
  • Kills: 8-17
  • Turrets: 2-6
  • Gold: 53.2k – 64.2k
  • Dragons: 0-5
  • Barons: 0-2

Rogue v Vitality


A big game in the fight for the top spot, as RGE looked to capitalize on FNC and XL's losses. While VIT look to close in on the top sides. It was first blood for RGE, however, as they took a lead just shy of the 10-minute mark. Despite a number of wins for VIT, RGE remained ahead by a slim margin into the mid-game. A big Baron for RGE, though VIT desperately tried to chase them down, it was RGE that came out on top in the fight. With Baron, RGE threw themselves at the VIT base and secured what ultimately looked like an easy win. VIT never really looked like they had a dog in the fight, while RGE seemed to quietly get on with the game before being clinical in the end.

  • Teams: RGE – VIT
  • Time: 29:43
  • Kills: 15-5
  • Turrets: 10-1
  • Gold: 59k – 48.1k
  • Dragons: 4-0
  • Barons: 1-0


LEC Week 4 Day 1 Summer Split 2022 Recap
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