LEC Week 5 Day 2 Summer Split 2022 Recap

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LEC Week 5 Day 2 Summer Split 2022 Recap

LEC Week 5 already offered up an exciting day one, what can day 2 offers up. The Summer Split table is already starting to take shape as we move ever closer to playoffs.

Check out our Power Rankings for the LEC (or LCS) if you want to get a look at our thoughts.


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Team BDS v Astralis


Both sides sit at the bottom of the LEC, though with BDS at 1-9 Astralis has the most to play with the possibility of a playoff spot still alive. First blood over to BDS, it might to a little early to call a shock win here, but you never know. Despite the first blood, it wouldn't be until a minute later and another kill secured that BDS would move into a lead. AST got the first kill at the 13-minute mark, though they'd maintained a lead despite losing out on the early kills. Two early Drake claims for BDS gave them a win condition in the late game, assuming they can make it that far. While BDS had a kill lead, AST looked the stronger when it came to fights. With a third Drake spawning, it felt key that BDS tried to claim it. Sadly for BDS, having lost a member prior, the Drake was handed over to AST. Disaster for BDS, as AST was able to secure an Ace right as Baron spawned.

AST moved to claim the Baron as BDS' hopes of a second win in the Summer Split looked all but over. With Baron, AST squeezed the life out of BDS, as BDS looked to do something they'd yet to do. Coming back from behind. A second Baron spawned, but even without claiming it, AST were able to claim two inhibitors. As they moved to claim Baron, they turned to fight BDS, taking down four members as they pushed for the Nexus.


  • Teams: BDS – AST
  • Time:32:25 
  • Kills: 12-4
  • Turrets: 10-3
  • Gold: 63k – 51.2k 
  • Dragons: 1-3
  • Barons: 1-0

 MAD Lions v SK Gaming


SK is another side stuck at the bottom of the LEC table, while MAD is on the surge towards the top of the LEC. A huge early start for SK, claiming three early kills as they moved to 2k ahead with just 7-minutes on the clock. MAD quickly found a way back, however, finding two kills in the mid-lane, closing the gap down to just 500g. Despite the early push, SK wasn't out of the game just yet, taking down two members of MAD as they moved back to 1.5k ahead at 15-minutes. With the third Drake and Baron spawning, a crucial team fight looked set to happen at the Drake. With MAD desperate to claim Soul Point, SK was quick to try to shut down their hopes. While the fight looked good for SK at first, MAD turned it around, acing SK and claiming their third Drake. With Baron the next objective, SK pulled the trigger on the fight, as they tried to shut down MAD's pressure. SK pulled away, not wanting to risk a 50/50. While they failed to get the Baron, MAD actually ended up winning as they moved to claim the Soul Drake.

MAD would get the Baron shortly after, winning a fight and opening up the game. With MAD tearing into the SK base, they were forced to engage but it was MAD that came out on top. With that win, SK lacked the numbers to defend as their winning streak came to an end at the hands of MAD.

  • Teams: SK – MAD 
  • Time: 31:35
  • Kills: 17-10
  • Turrets: 8-3
  • Gold: 59.6k – 51.6k 
  • Dragons: 4-0
  • Barons: 1-0

Vitality v Misfits Gaming


Both sides sit at 5-5 in the standing, with VIT the ones most in need of a win. First blood for MSF as they looked to get the upper hand early. By the 8-minute mark, however, VIT had found a way back, securing two kills for themselves and tieing the gold lead. The sides would continue to go blow-for-blow into the mid-game, however, it was VIT once again that made the most of it—moving to a 3k lead with 14-minutes on the clock. With Baron spawning, VIT looked to flex their muscles across the Rift. Pushing all three lanes into the MSF base, forcing them onto the back foot. With the third Drake spawning, MSF looked to secure it. However, with a third Drake on the table, VIT pushed back MSF as they stopped their quest to claim Soul Point. Next up for VIT was Baron, with MSF not able to stop it. With Baron, VIT knocked down two inhibitors on the side of MSF as VIT looked to end. MSF tried their best but VIT was too far ahead as the Nexus fell. The win means VIT looked strong for a playoff spot with just a few weeks of action left to play out.

  • Teams: VIT – MSF
  • Time: 28:48
  • Kills: 13-4
  • Turrets: 11-6
  • Gold: 56.1k – 45.3k
  • Dragons: 1-2
  • Barons: 1-0

Rogue v G2 Esports


One of the most hyped games of the week, RGE has been on a surge of late, while G2 continues to be inconsistent. A surprisingly quiet early game, with no kills on the board within the opening 8-minutes. It took until the 13th minute but it was G2 that got the first kill of the game. RGE slowly came back into the game, with their methodical style paying off as they punished an over-aggressive play by G2. With 20-minutes on the clock, the gold was still even, though RGE did stop G2 from claiming their third Drake. Baron was next, with both sides going blow-for-blow. It was RGE was the team that came out on top, picking up five kills and securing the Baron. G2 looked like they'd found a fight near Baron but Larssen and Comp went beast mode as RGE once again walked away with the win.

RGE quickly reset and headed for Baron, with G2 unable to stop them, RGE now had a major win condition. The best news for G2 is that they've secured the Soul Drake, and their comp is much easier to execute. G2 looked to have executed a masterstroke of a play, splitting attention between the Baron and the RGE base. With RGE unable to react to both plays, G2 win both fights as they secure the Baron and an Elder Drake. RGE made one last attempt to defend their base but G2 were too strong as they shut down RGE. A massive win for G2, as fans continue to wonder where this version of G2 has been.

  • Teams: RGE – G2
  • Time: 38:16
  • Kills: 5-17
  • Turrets: 3-6
  • Gold: 63.4k – 71.3k 
  • Dragons: 1-5
  • Barons: 1-0

Fnatic v Excel


While often billed as the “Battle of Britain”, XL v FNC is now one of the most exciting matchups in the LEC. With XL finally beating FNC last split, FNC now finds themselves behind XL in the standings, with a possible Worlds spot on the cards for XL. XL picked up first blood at the 3-minute mark, as they looked to bring home the win. A dominant start for XL, securing four kills in the opening 10-minutes for a 2k lead. XL's lead continued to increase, as the next 10-minutes saw XL claim two more Drakes and move to a 5k lead over FNC. XL proved in another fight that they were too far ahead for FNC to deal with. FNC forced a fight with the fourth Drake spawning but it was XL who claimed it as their 11k lead looks insurmountable for FNC. With Baron the next objective for XL that was game over for FNC, who had nothing left to defend, handing the win over to XL.

  • Teams: FNC – XL
  • Time: 26:35
  • Kills: 18-3
  • Turrets: 10-1
  • Gold: 54.2k – 40.2k
  • Dragons: 4-0
  • Barons: 1-0
LEC Week 5 Day 2 Summer Split 2022 Recap
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