LEC Week 7 Day 2 Summer Split 2022 Recap

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LEC Week 7 Day 2 Summer Split 2022 Recap

The penultimate weekend of the LEC is here and there's so much to play for. Here's our LEC Week 7 recap.

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It was announced ahead of Week 7 that Hexflash would be disabled. Due to a server issue, there was no date on when it would return.




Astralis v Team Vitality – LEC Week 7 Recap

In the build-up, you'd expect an easy win for VIT as they look to climb the LEC table in week7. As for AST, they're still pushing and a win here would go a long way to keeping their hopes alive. The mid-game remained pretty even, though VIT always remains a whisker ahead. Despite all of this, AST managed to stay in the game and after 44-minutes they brought home a huge win.

Team BDS v Excel – LEC Week 7 Recap

Coming into the game, XL are on a poor run, with their playoffs and Worlds dream at risk. BDS has only one win, so there was no way they'd cause XL any issues… XL looked completely caught out for most of the mid-game, with BDS taking hold of the game. XL never found a way back, either. With BDS causing another shock as XL faltered heading into the final weekend.


Misfits Gaming v MAD Lions – LEC Week 7 Recap

With MAD charging up the LEC table and the first spot looking almost secured. MSF would have their work cut out if they wanted to pick up a win. Despite a dominant start by MAD, MSF came back into the game towards the late game. After MSF claimed the Baron, they never looked like giving up the lead from that point. A defeat for MAD will come as a surprise but the playoff hype is building in the LEC.

SK Gaming v Rogue – LEC Week 7 Recap

After defeat yesterday to MAD, RGE needed to pick up a win against SK. As for SK, they needed a win as their playoff hopes faded with every defeat. While a long game at 32-minutes, it was fairly uneventful overall. RGE managed just 2 kills in the game with SK claiming the win with only 9 themselves. While not the prettiest of games, it was a huge win for SK and their playoff hopes.

Fnatic v G2 – LEC Week 7 Recap

The battle of the Kings. The match of the week. It goes by many names, regardless, FNC v G2 is always a game worth checking in on. With neither team guaranteed playoffs just yet, a win here would go a long way to secure that. This was especially so for FNC who were still one win behind G2. G2 always looked likely to win the game, as they maintained a massive advantage throughout. FNC tried their best but G2 came away with the win. The loss puts pressure on FNC ahead of the Super Week as G2 all but secured their place.


LEC Week 7

LEC Week 7 Day 2 Summer Split 2022 Recap
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