LEC Super Week Recap – Who Will Make Playoffs as The Season Concludes

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LEC Super Week Recap – Who Will Make Playoffs as The Season Concludes

The final weekend of the LEC is here and there's so much to play for. Here's our LEC Super Week recap.

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Team BDS – Misfits Gaming – LEC Super Week

Two wins to their name, BDS were just out playing for pride. As for MSF, this was all about securing playoffs ASAP and getting as high up the LEC table as possible. MSF was ahead for the entire game, with BDS looking like a side at the bottom of the LEC with 2 wins. Which is what they are. MSF continue their push-up the table, as they look to claim the top spot. BDS is now guaranteed to end the Summer Split in last place.

SK Gaming – Team Vitality -LEC Super Week

VIT had gone on a great run leading up to this game. With a 9-6 record, they could end the weekend in joint-first place. As for SK, with just 3 games left to play, every win counted and this could be one of the most important yet. A close mid-game saw the game remain close right until the final knocking. SK claimed all four Drakes, which gave them a huge advantage in the team fights. Eventually, SK managed to claim a huge victory, as their playoff dream was well and truly on. And it piled the pressure onto Astralis, Fnatic, and Excel above them.


Fnatic Pulls Ahead With Flawless 5-0 in LEC 2024 Summer Season

Rogue – Excel – LEC Super Week

Things are getting tight for the sides looking to make the playoffs. XL is one of those sides, and RGE is not the side you want to be playing when you need a win. For RGE, they require a win to maintain pressure on the sides at the top. XL looked good early, but as the game wore on RGE kept finding ways to get back into it. RGE came into their own in the late game, and XL simply had nothing left to stop the force of RGE. The win keeps RGE's pressure on the top spot of the LEC, while it leaves XL sweating their playoff spot.

Astralis – Fnatic – LEC Super Week

It doesn't come much more must-win than this match. Both AST and FNC are in with a real chance of missing out on playoffs. With XL losing today, it's given the winner a chance to create some daylight. But with SK clipping at their heels, the loser will be feeling the heat. FNC maintained a lead for much of the game, as AST caught out on the back foot. FNC never let up as they secured a massive victory in their quest to secure playoffs for the Summer Splot.

G2 Esports – MAD Lions – LEC Super Week

With everything still to play for, both sides came into the game looking for a win. For MAD, it would help solidify their top spot. While for G2, it kept them pushing up the table and higher seeding for playoffs. A tight early game saw neither side able to gain any serious lead. Though it was MAD who started to show their teeth by the mid-game. G2 would come back eventually, however, holding MAD to the sword as G2 pushed for the win. G2 kept their cool and took the lead. It puts them in a strong position for playoffs as they look to make a late push for the top spots.


Fnatic Pulls Ahead With Flawless 5-0 in LEC 2024 Summer Season

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LEC Super Week Recap – Who Will Make Playoffs as The Season Concludes
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