LEC Spring Split 2022 Week Eight Day Two, Super Week Recap

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LEC Spring Split 2022 Week Eight Day Two, Super Week Recap

With just one weekend of matches left. We dive into the LEC Super Week Recap.

With so much still up for grabs and each team set to play three times each anything could happen. With the top four all to play for, and two spots in playoffs being fought over by four sides. It was set up to be a fascinating weekend of LoL action. Day one alone could see playoffs locked in, with Vitality and Excel having their fates in their own hands. You can see how we got to this LEC Super Week Recap below and check out our Power Rankings.

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Excel Esports v SK Gaming

xl sk w8 lec

First blood went the way of Excel who claimed two in quick succession. Excel continued to dominate forging a 3k lead by the 14th-minute. By the 21st-minute Excel had moved to 7k ahead, with SK still yet to find a kill. Another fight went Excels way, picking four more kills, a third drake and a Baron for their trouble. By the 27-minute mark, Excel had secured Soul Drake and won yet another team fight as they moved to 13k ahead. That play was enough to secure the win for Excel and lock in their playoff spot in the process.

Teams: Excel v SK Gaming
Time: 28:16
Kills: 14-2
Turrets: 9-1
Gold: 58.6k – 44.6k
Dragons: 4-1
Barons: 1-0

Astralis v MAD Lions

ast mad w8 lec

First blood to Astralis as they send three members top-side to punish MAD. It was a quiet early game, with MAD not getting a kill until the 14-minute mark. However, they'd also picked up two Drakes giving them a late-game win condition. The first team fight started with advantage MAD, before Astralis turned it. They knocked down two members of MAD before picking up a Drake. Crucially this delayed MAD's ability to claim Soul Point. MAD's playoff hopes in the balance, every fight was tense. With kills traded back-and-forth, the gold lead was even at the 27-minute mark. With the Soul Drake on the map, MAD took their moment to pick a fight. MAD won the fight and claimed the Drake as they gave themselves an important win condition.

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With Baron secured, MAD was too strong for Astralis to handle. With inhibitors broken the base was next as MAD claimed the victory. The win kept MAD in the playoffs, though Vitality could decide MAD's fate for them later in the day.

Teams: Astralis – MAD
Time: 32:37
Turrets: 3-10
Gold: 53.5k – 62.1k
Dragons: 1-4
Barons: 0-1

Rogue v Team BDS

rge bds w8 lec

Rogue picked up first blood, which was instantly traded back to BDS. While not much else happened in the opening 12-minutes, Rogue took a 4k lead as they starved BDS of gold. By the 20-minute mark, Rogue had extended their lead to 7k with BDS needing something special to get back in the game. BDS tried to find one such engage but Rogue was too strong as they claimed four kills. While Baron was on the map, Rogue decided to get some early kills beforehand. Knocking down four members of BDS before turning their attention to the Baron. Baron is too much for BDS to handle as Rogue walked through the base. Rogue kept their grip on the top spot, with just one more game to play.

Teams: Excel v SK Gaming
Time: 32:53
Kills: 14-7
Turrets: 11-1
Gold: 65.8k – 51.9k
Dragons: 1-3
Barons: 2-0

Misfits v Fnatic

mis fnc w8 lec

First blood secured by Fnatic, as a Misfits dive on the bot-side goes completely wrong. Misfits would drop two in the bot-lane and one in the mid-lane as Fnatic took a 1.3k lead. Another big play went the way of Fnatic, with a bot-side delayed 4-v-4. They picked up two kills, with none going over to Misfits in return. Another fight, another victory for Fnatic. This time it's three more kills and a 4k lead with Baron not even in play. With Baron on the Rift, Fnatic won yet another team fight as they secured the Baron buff.

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At 31-minutes the game was resumed after a pause by Misfits for technical difficulties. 

Right after the pause Misfits won a massive team fight as they looked to get back into the match. Fnatic managed to secure the next Baron, though in the ensuing fight Misfits knocked down four members of Fnatic. Misfits had enough to push down the Fnatic mid-lane and secure the victory. That victory blew the top spot wide open, as the final day of Super Week looked to be a special one.

Teams: Misfits – Fnatic
Time: 36:37
Kills: 12-23
Turrets: 5-7
Gold: 63.7k – 66.9k
Dragons: 3-1
Barons: 1-2

Vitality v G2 Esports

vit g2 w8 lec

G2 picked up first blood with Vitality caught out on the bottom side of the map. A mid-lane fight saw more kills traded, with gold, towers and Drakes all even. It was G2 who finally took a lead after Rift Herald and positive fights paid dividends. G2 found themselves at 5k ahead at the 21-minute mark. G2 continued to squeeze Vitality off the map, setting themselves up for a SOul Drake shortly after the 30-minute mark. Vitality finally managed to get a fight to go their way, taking down two members of G2 for one in return. G2 claimed the Soul Drake for free with Vitality unable to stop them. The 5v5 fight kicked off at the Baron and while it was tight, G2 came away ahead. Taking down four members of Vitality with just one given over in return. G2 claimed the Baron and found a potential win condition.
The Baron buff saw G2 wipe out all of the Vitality inhibitors as their base was in ruin. Despite Baron having worn off, G2 continued to pressure with Super Minions moving into the Vitality base. Elder Drake had spawned but G2 opted to end the game as they piled the pressure on Vitality. With just one more opportunity to secure playoffs, Vitality left it till the final day of the season to make the cut.
Teams: Vitality – G2
Time: 37:45
Kills: 4-15
Turrets: 2-11
Gold: 63k – 72.5k
Dragons: 1-4
Barons: 0-1
You can watch all the LEC Super Action VODs here.
LEC Spring Split 2022 Week Eight Day Two, Super Week Recap
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