Dota 2 Heroes We Have Not Seen Yet at TI12

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Dota 2 Heroes We Have Not Seen Yet at TI12

Let’s see which are the Dota 2 heroes that we haven’t seen yet at TI 12. It will be interesting to see if they will appear in the upcoming matches.

The International 12 is slowly coming to an end because we have a few matches left in the Upper and Lower Bracket. Some regions no longer have representatives, but the good news is that the best Dota 2 teams in the world are still in the tournament.

Speaking of TI12, an interesting topic we have to discuss is related to the heroes.  After covering TI12 heroes that stand out, it is time to take a look at the names of the heroes that we haven’t seen yet. Several matches are left, so we may see the names below in action. However, they haven’t appeared a single time so far, so let’s walk you through them.


Dota 2 Abaddon Guide

Even though some people expected Abaddon to be one of the preferred supports at The International 12, this is among the Dota 2 heroes that haven’t appeared in a single game yet. Abaddon received a lot of buffs and is definitely stronger than before, but it seems like professional teams do not want to use him. One of the reasons why he is not popular is that he is a melee hero who can be countered pretty easily.


The second TI12 hero who is yet to shine at the tournament is Anti-Mage. This is another big surprise that we did not expect to see, especially when there are so many world-class carry players at TI12. 

Like Abaddon, AM received substantial buffs that increased his win rating. In fact, he became one of the most successful carries in PUBs, which is why a lot of people expected him to dominate TI12. Sadly, this is not the case.

We may not see Abaddon in action, but there is no arguing that AM will appear sooner or later. A lot of the top-tier Dota 2 teams at TI12 probably have a tactic around the hero and are just waiting to put it to use.

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight

It has been a while since Dragon Knight has been a factor in Dota 2, and it seems like TI12 won’t be his tournament. The hero is not that bad on paper, but professional players prefer other options, such as Kunkka. Nevertheless, there is more than one top-tier DK player at TI12, so we may see him in at least one match until the event is over.

Drow Ranger

Another TI12 hero that we expect to see in action in the upcoming days is Drow Ranger. To be fair, she is not the best hero in the current meta. People prefer to get heroes who can fight early on and do tons of damage, which explains why Muerta is the go-to option. That said, we expect to see Drow Ranger at least once or twice before TI12 is over.


Huskar is the type of Dota 2 hero you pick when you have no other options and the hero can work in the game. He has never been a mete hero and we almost never see him at TI. Considering the popular heroes right now, we don’t see how Huskar can work at TI12.


15 Dota2 Lion

Lion is one of TI12 heroes that usually works well, but it seems like professional players do not want to rely on him. This is an excellent hero for the mid and late game because of his control and damage output. However, he is a weak laner, so he can’t do much against the current core heroes. As a result, it’s just not worth picking him right now.


When discussing popular Dota 2 heroes that we haven’t seen at TI12 so far, we must include Mars. Once one of the best offlaners, the hero is nowhere to be found as of yet. The several nerfs, and the fact that people choose other options means that we will probably not see him again.


The Dota 2 Hero Meepo, wearing the Crystal Scavenger set, charges into battle with his clones

Some Dota 2 heroes only appear when you really need them, and we believe that Meepo falls into this category. He is one of TI12 heroes that is yet to shine, but we think he will get the play in at least one game. There aren’t that many good Meepo players left at TI12, but we expect one of the teams to pull a rabbit out of its hat and surprise us with a Meepo pick.

Shadow Shaman

Despite the buffs, Shadow Shaman is in the same boat as Lion when it comes down to competitive play. The hero can do a lot of pushing and has excellent CC, but he is too slow and fragile. Consequently, most professional teams and players prefer to use other options.


Slardar has never been a hot pick in the pro meta, at least in the last couple of years. Therefore, we are not surprised he is not one of TI12 heroes that has been picked so far. Unless a specific team decides to use a tactic around him, we do not expect to see the hero in action.


As expected, the various nerfs to Timbersaw in the last few updates have had an impact on the hero. Consequently, he remains one of TI12 heroes who hasn’t appeared yet. 


Tinker as he appears in the Fortified Fabricator Loading Screen with his jetpack flying above a fire


Even though some teams used Tinker before, he is currently one of the Dota 2 heroes that hasn’t appeared in a single The International 12 game. The hero is too risky to pick, and he requires a lot of farms, so it is just not worth picking right now.


Ursa slams the ground with Earthshock

Arteezy is one of the most well-known Ursa players in the professional Dota 2 scene, but since SR are no longer at T12, we do not expect to see Ursa in action.

Winter Wyvern

Considering this hero’s ultimate, we will be shocked if Winter Wyvern does not appear in a single game at TI12. The hero is definitely not the go-to option right now, but it has proven to work in difficult situations, so we expect to see her at least once.

Dota 2 Heroes We Have Not Seen Yet at TI12
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