10 Things You Can Buy With $500 Instead of Faker’s Skin Bundle

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10 Things You Can Buy With $500 Instead of Faker’s Skin Bundle

Faker's “Hall of Legends” skin bundle has a huge price point, so here's everything you can get with $500.

Riot has released special skin sets to celebrate Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok's induction into the League of Legends Hall of Fame. One of these “Hall of Legends” bundles costs nearly $500, a gargantuan price tag for any microtransaction. And the fans agree.

Knowing the prestige attached to Faker's name (and his massive fanbase), we'll probably be seeing these skins on the Rift soon. So while waiting, let's explore what else you can get for $500 (besides basic goods and services).

10 Things You Can Buy With $500 Instead of Faker's Skin Bundle

Genshin Impact – 200 Banner Pulls

$500 gets you 32,400 Genesis Crystals in Genshin Impact, translating to more than 200 pulls on the Event Wish Banners (or a typical Genshin Impact stream).

That is a huge number of pulls. For context, Genshin Impact's Pity system guarantees a 5-star character in 90 pulls (the Pity alternates between standard 5-star characters and the Banner's main character). This means that you're guaranteed the hottest character in a banner — twice if your luck is good —  and an additional 5*.

Valorant – 10 Skin Bundles

You can get 55,000 Valorant Points for $500 in the US store.

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The shiniest cosmetics on Valorant's catalogue usually go for 1,500 VP, with the best bundles priced at 6000 VP. This means $500 gets you nearly 10 of the best skin bundles in Valorant.

55,000 VP also translates to 55 straight seasons worth of Battle Passes.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 – 60 Battle Passes

Spending $500 on Warzone gets you 65,000 COD Points (CP).

You could buy the premium Battle Pass for 60 seasons straight with that kind of money. That's nearly half the people that enter a Warzone lobby.

On top of that, the best skin bundles in the COD Shop cost around 2400 CP.  This means you could buy the hottest cosmetic sets of the season for you and your high school friend group!

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CS2 – 50 Huntsman Weapon Cases

A Huntsman Weapon Case is one of the best CS2 lootboxes to get for high-tier weapon skins. At the time of writing, one crate costs around $10.

With that in mind, $500 gets you 50 Huntsman Weapon Cases, increasing your chances of getting an “Exceedingly Rare Huntsman Knife”. The drop rates are low, but never zero.

FFXIV – 20 Complete Edition Bundles

Beyond its critically-acclaimed free trial, The Final Fantasy MMORPG includes all its DLCs in a bundle deal on its site. And the good news is that it's constantly on sale.

Theoretically, you can get the complete bundle for around $24 at a discount. That includes the base game “A Realm Reborn” and all four of its current expansions. Meaning you could get the full FFXIV experience for yourself and 19 other friends for the price of Faker's skin bundle. 

WoW – 10 “The War Within” Expansions

World of Warcraft's latest expansion “The War Within” takes flight in December 2024. And for $500, you can pre-purchase The Base Edition 10 times. Alternatively, you can also grab the Epic Edition five times AND still have enough dough for a normal expansion.

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Here's everything you get in a single pre-order of World of Warcraft: The War Within:

  • World of Warcraft: The War Within
  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight
  • Enhanced Level 70 Character Boost
  • Trader’s Tender
  • Algarian Stormrider mount with dynamic flying, dozens of customization options, and access to special racecourses
  • Upgradable Stormrider’s Attire Transmog set
  • Beta Access to The War Within
  • 3 Days Early Access to The War Within
  • 30 Days of Game Time
  • Squally, the Storm Hatchling pet
  • Sandbox Storm Gryphon toy
  • Deepdweller's Earthen Hearthstone effect

Elden Ring – The Complete Console Experience

With $500, you have enough to get a PS5 (Digital Version), a copy of Elden Ring at retail price and its upcoming DLC “Shadow of The Erdtree”. Read that again.

Apex Legends – 500 Apex Packs

You can get 53,500 Apex Coins (AC) for $500. The flashiest skin bundles in the Apex Item Store cost around 4000 AC. Additionally, you can also get approximately the same amount of Apex Packs. Which translates to like, three heirlooms (maybe).

DOTA 2 – 1/3 of the Golden Ornithomancer Mantle

DOTA 2 skins are very expensive.

League of Legends – All Akali, Lux and Miss Fortune Skins

Akali, Lux and Miss Fortune have the most skins out of the other playable Legends in the game (19 skins each). And with $500, you can buy every single one of their skins, with change!

  • Akali – 16,295 RP
  • Lux – 20455 RP
  • Miss Fortune – 16745 RP

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