The International 12 Group Stage Hero Statistics – Which Heroes Stand Out?

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The International 12 Group Stage Hero Statistics – Which Heroes Stand Out?

Let’s take a look at some of The International 12 hero statistics and see which heroes stand out. Click to learn more details about them.

The International 12 began a few days ago, but the Group Stage and Phase Two of the tournaments are finally over. This means we know the names of the teams that got eliminated, as well as those that secured an UP and LB slot. There are a lot of surprising results, so make sure to check the TI13 phase two overview to learn more about them.

With that said, besides the interesting results in some matches, The International 12 hero statistics are also something that deserves more attention. As you remember, Valve surprised its fans with the 7.34d update that changed some things about the most popular heroes. This definitely had an impact on the game, so let’s learn more about the heroes that we’ve seen the most so far.

The International 12 Group Stage Hero Statistics – The Most Picked Hero So Far – Vengeful Spirit

Even though we expected TI 12 meta to change following the 7.34d patch, it seems like professional teams like Vengeful Spirit a lot. Judging by The International 12 Group Stage Hero Statistics, she appeared in 33 games in total, making her the most popular hero so far. 

There are a lot of reasons why professional teams keep betting on Venge, even though she received nerfs 3 patches in a row.  The reliable stun, amazing escape mechanism, and the ability to reduce armor and damage to all enemy units make Venge too good to pass on. Nevertheless, the hero is definitely not perfect because her current win rate is around 39%.

Considering that we are yet to see The International playoffs, this win rate could increase, but it seems like most teams have a way to deal with the hero.

The Most Successful Hero with More than 10 Games – Spectre

Despite the fact that Muerta is the most popular carry so far at The International 12, when it comes down to the win rate, Spectre is the queen. The latter only appeared in 10 matches so far, whereas Muerta had the chance to shine way more, but Spectre’s 80% win rate shows that she is one of the best heroes so far.

Most Dota 2 players are probably not surprised by Spectre’s dominance because she got several buffs in the last patch. In fact, we expected to see the hero more times, but it seems like most teams haven’t had the chance to test it yet. Considering that we only saw the International 12 Group Stage, we expect the teams to pick her more often in the next couple of days.

The most banned hero – Treant Protector

Despite the fact that Treant Protector was one of the heroes at TI 12 meta that received nerfs in 7.34d, it seems like the hero is still incredibly popular. Besides appearing in a total of 24 matches, Treant is the most banned hero at The International 12 right now. This is impressive, considering the fact there are a lot of popular carries and miders right now.

According to the data, Treant Protector was banned in 89% of the games, which is really impressive for support. By the looks of it, this will continue to be a hero that players will want to avoid, so we expect him to have even more bans by the time The International 12 is over.

Heroes We Haven’t Seen in The Meta Before – Earth Spirit

When it comes down to The International 12 hero statistics, we expected to see at least a couple of names that weren’t popular before because teams always try to surprise their opponents at TI12. One such hero is Earth Spirit, a support that has received interesting buffs lately. We were expecting to see him at this tournament, but it seems like teams were eager to play with him because he is one of the most popular heroes right now.

Judging from the stats, Earth Spirit has played in 29 matches so far, which makes him the 4th most popular option. The problem is that ES’s win rate is only 41%, which is a lot lower than the one of the other heroes. Some of you may be surprised, but keep in mind that Earth Spirit is a very complex hero that requires tons of skill to master, so not all support players are comfortable using him in one of Dota 2’s most important events.

Heroes That are Underperforming at TI 12 So Far – Pangolier

Despite the fact that Pangolier was one of Dota 2’s most important heroes, it seems like the nerfs that he got in 7.34d have an effect on his results. In case you don’t remember, Pangolier’s core abilities now require more mana, which makes the hero a lot less effective than before. A lot of people did not expect this to be such a big deal, but the stats don’t lie – Pangolier only has a 30% win rate of 26 games, making him one of the worst popular heroes in Dota 2 right now.

Considering his low stats and the fact that there are many other popular midders right now, we do not expect Pangolier to keep being the go-to option for players. On the contrary, we predict that Pangolier will become a counter-pick, and pro teams will use him only when needed.


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The International 12 Group Stage Hero Statistics – Which Heroes Stand Out?
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