The International 2023 Phase Two Overview

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The International 2023 Phase Two Overview

As the International 2023 transitions into the main event of the campaign, let's revisit how Phase Two of the Group Stages unfolded

The International 2023 Main Event is on the horizon as Phase 2 of the group stages comes to a close. Let's delve into the Phase Two matches and assess how the teams have been performing in case you missed any of the action.

Phase 2, Day 3 The International 2023

Phase 2 Day 3 of The International 2023 was very one-sided as the favorites Team Spirit and Liquid Gaming took 2-0 victories home. Brilliance from Virtus.Pro and Talon Esports also helped secure their spot in the upper bracket of the main event of The International 2023.

Team Spirit vs Shopify Rebellion – 


Team Spirit secured a well-deserved 2-0 victory against Shopify Rebellion, with both sides displaying a closely-matched gameplay in the first game. The second game witnessed Team Spirit's dominance, particularly thanks to Larl's exceptional performance with Puck in the mid-lane, which proved to be the deciding factor.


TSM vs Virtus.Pro – 


Virtus.Pro, previously known as Virtus Plough, plowed their way through TSM as they clinched a dominant 2-0 victory. Game 1 was an even battle that went in favor of Virtus.Pro but game 2 was just pure dominance by Virtus.Pro as their carry VP.Kiritiych~ went on a killing spree.


Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses – 


Team Liquid vs Evil Genuines is an epic TI classic matchup that has produced nerve-breaking results, but this time it was all Team Liquid as they smashed Evil Geniuses with their dominant victory of 2-0. Team Liquid were in complete control as their team coordination gave Evil Geniuses no chance whatsoever.


Gamin Gladiators vs Talon Esports – 

The International 2023, Phase 2

Photo Credit: Talon Esports

Talon Esports stunned Gaming Gladiators in their match-up as they came out victorious and took the game by 2-1. Gaming Gladiators were in control as they took game 1 easily from Talon Esports but the epic comeback by Talon Esports in game 2 broke Gamin Gladiators as in game 3 they got dominated by the sheer brilliance of Talon Esports safe lane carry 23savage’s Morphling.


Phase 2, Day4 The International 2023

Day 4 portrays the beauty of The International 2023 as the underdogs took everyone by surprise. Nouns and Azure Ray stunned everyone with their dominant victories and earned their spot at the upper bracket. LGD Gaming and 9Pandas also secured their spot in the upper brackets of The International 2023.


LGD Gaming vs Keyd Stars – 


LGD Gaming are looking formidable as they shattered Keyd Stars and took home a 2-0 victory. Keyd Stars were overwhelmed by LGD Gaming’s masterclass gameplay that left no room for Keyd Stars to breathe. 


Tundra vs Nouns – 


Nouns came out of nowhere and took Tundra by surprise as they swept a 2-0 victory over Tundra with tactical and smart plays. Nouns' well-synchronized team play paid off as they took the goliath Tundra down. They are surely one of the dark horses in The International 2023.

Entity Gaming vs Azure Ray – 


Azure Ray took Entity by surprise as they showed great endurance in game 1. Entity failed to find their way back into game 2 as Azure Ray took the match 2-0 and secured their upper bracket spot. Azure Ray definitely looks confident with their team combination and we can surely expect a magical TI run from them.

Betboom Team vs 9pandas – 


BetBoom’s Nightfall steered them to victory in game 1 against 9pandas which promised to be another upset in phase 2 but 9panda’s Kiyotaka and Ramzes666 dominated games 2 and 3 to win the match 2-1 to secure their spot at the upper brackets of The International 2023.


The International 2023 Phase Two Overview
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