Dota 2 Earth Spirit Guide

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Dota 2 Earth Spirit Guide

Become a master at playing Earth Spirit, a flexible roamer and ganker, with our comprehensive Dota 2 guide

When it comes to positional prowess and unparalleled control in Dota 2, Earth Spirit stands as a unique and powerful force. His extraordinary potential in manipulating the battlefield dynamics with his exceptional skills makes Earth Spirit a valuable asset to any team composition. Earth Spirit can be your go to Hero, whether you're trying to dominate the early game or wanting to make high-impact plays in the late game. 

Earth Spirit, also known as Kaolin, is a melee strength Hero best known for his wide range of crowd control abilities and mobility. His unique playstyle, which revolves around his manipulation of stone remnants, sets him apart from other heroes. Mainly played as Soft Support, Earth Spirit can also be played as Hard Support and Mid.

Earth Spirit starts with 604 HP and a mana pool of 303. He deals 47-57 damage per hit and has a movement speed of 290. Earth Spirit has all it takes to be a formidable roamer and an effective ganker. In this guide, we will dive into the abilities, talents, counters, and how to master the Hero.


Dota 2 Earth Spirit Guide

Earth Spirit's abilities offer a versatile blend of crowd control, mobility, and utility, making him an impactful addition to any team.

  • Boulder Smash: Earth Spirit kicks a target unit or a Stone Remnant, dealing damage and knocking enemies back in its path. When targeted on a Stone Remnant, it extends the range, making it an excellent initiation or escape tool. Boulder Smash deals 120 damage at level 1 and 300 at max level. It also slows enemy movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds at max level.

  • Rolling Boulder: Earth Spirit turns into an invulnerable and non-targetable boulder and rolls towards the targeted direction, damaging and slowing units he collides with. If he rolls over a Stone Remnant, his speed, range, and slow effect increase. The distance of Rolling Boulder is 750 units.

  • Geomagnetic Grip: Earth Spirit pulls a target unit or a Stone Remnant towards himself, damaging and silencing enemies hit by the remnant. At max level, the ability deals 200 damage and silences for 2.5 seconds. This ability can be upgraded by Aghanim’s Shard.

    • (Aghanim’s Shard Upgrade): After consuming an Aghanim's Shard, Geomagnetic Grip can now grab allies.

  • Stone Remnant: A zero-cooldown ability that places a Stone Remnant at the targeted location. It is essential for executing Earth Spirit's other abilities. Stone Remnant lasts 60 seconds and gains additional charges every 5.0 Hero levels. This ability can be upgraded by Aghanim’s Scepter.

    • Enchant Remnant (Aghanim’s Scepter Upgrade): Earth Spirit momentarily enchants a Hero with the properties of a Stone Remnant. The remnant eventually breaks, releasing the Hero and damaging nearby enemies. It is castable on Stone Remnants, and when used in that manner, it has a 5-second cooldown. When cast on an ally Hero, has a wider casting range.

  • Magnetize (Ultimate): Earth Spirit magnetizes enemies within a small radius, dealing damage over time. If a Stone Remnant comes into proximity with a magnetized unit, it spreads the debuff to nearby enemies. Magnetize lasts 6 seconds and deals 40 damage at level 1 and 120 damage at max level.


Earth Spirit has a range of talents that augment his abilities and allow for flexible strategies:

  • Level 10: +10% Spell Amplification or +325 Rolling Boulder Distance
  • Level 15: +120 Rolling Boulder Damage or +30% Magnetize Damage & Duration
  • Level 20: -2s Geomagnetic Grip Cooldown or +125 Boulder Smash Damage
  • Level 25: +0.5s Rolling Boulder Stun Duration or Magnetize Undispellable

Dota 2 Earth Spirit Guide – Tips 

Earth Spirit's playstyle is significantly focused on crowd control, positioning, and mobility. Boulder Smash is not just a damage-dealing tool; it's also great for saving allies or displacing enemies during a fight. Similarly, Geomagnetic Grip can silence multiple enemies when used with a Stone Remnant, disrupting their spells in critical moments. A well-placed Stone Remnant can significantly enhance Earth Spirit's effectiveness, so map awareness and understanding of ongoing fights are crucial.

As for items, Earth Spirit should have an Orb of Venom for the early harass and slows, tangoes for health regen, and a clarity or mango for mana. Iron Branches can be picked up for a small stat boost. Consider buying a Magic Wand and Boots of Speed to enhance your sustainability and mobility. Mid game item recommendations include Urn of Shadows for additional healing/damage and Tranquil Boots for movement speed and HP regen. 

In the late game, Spirit Vessel enhances your healing and damage potential, while Aghanim’s Scepter empowers your abilities, adding a new spell, Enchant Remnant, that turns allies or enemies into Stone Remnants. Other situational items include Lotus Orb, Eul's Scepter, and Scythe of Vyse, depending on your team's needs and the enemy line-up.

Dota 2 Earth Spirit – Pros and Cons

Let's take a moment to look at some of his pros and cons:


  • High Mobility
  • Excellent Crowd Control
  • Diverse Utility
  • Strong Laning Phase


  • Requires high skill to play
  • Mana Intensive
  • Dependent on Levels
  • Vulnerable to Silences

How to play Earth Spirit

Starting items:

As Earth Spirit, you will want to start with a mix of consumables and stat-boosting items. Tangoes, Healing Salve, clarity and mango will provide sufficient health and mana regeneration. Purchase an Iron Branch for a slight stat boost, and always get an Observer Ward for vision and control in the lanes. You can also buy a blood grenade to deal extra damage in the lane.

Early Game:

In the early game, your primary objective as Earth Spirit is to secure lanes for your cores and establish map control. Use your Rolling Boulder and Boulder Smash abilities to harass enemies, disrupt their farm, and create opportunities for your team to secure kills. Roam from lane to lane and gank enemy heroes.

Items to focus on during this phase include Boots of Speed for improved mobility, allowing you to roam effectively. A Magic Stick can be essential for a quick burst of health and mana during clashes. Consider building into an Urn of Shadows for additional healing and damage potential during ganks. Keep a Wind Lace for extra movement speed.

Mid Game:

The mid-game phase is where Earth Spirit truly starts to shine. By this time, you should have several levels in your abilities, and your roaming potential is at its peak. Look for opportunities to catch out enemies with a quick Boulder Smash and Rolling Boulder combination. Your ultimate, Magnetize, can also turn the tide of fights, dealing significant damage over time to multiple enemy heroes.

For mid-game items, consider upgrading your boots to Arcane or Tranquil Boots. This is also the time to work towards Eul's Scepter of Divinity, which will offer you an additional control mechanism in fights and a crucial method of dispelling silences or other debuffs.

Late Game:

During the late game, your role transitions to a more supportive one. You should stay with your team and use your abilities to disrupt and control team fights. Use Boulder Smash to initiate fights or save teammates, while Magnetize will deal a substantial amount of damage if you can hit multiple enemies.

Item-wise, consider building an Aghanim's Scepter. This upgrade provides the ‘Enchant Remnant' ability, allowing you to turn allies or enemies into Stone Remnants. Use this new ability defensively to save teammates or offensively to control enemy heroes. A Black King Bar might also be essential if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control. A Spirit Vessel upgrade from your Urn of Shadows is also a good option, offering increased healing and damage potential as well as a useful way to reduce enemy healing. Octarine Core is also a good item for reducing spell cooldowns. Finally, if the game goes too late, buy a Scythe of Vyse for added control and a Refresher Orb.

Dota 2 Earth Spirit Counters

Countering Earth Spirit requires strategic Hero choices that can disrupt his ability to control the battlefield effectively. Here are a few heroes that can counter Earth Spirit:


Silencer’s Global Silence can stop Earth Spirit from using his spells. The Last Word ability further disrupts Earth Spirit's spell combos with its silence effect.


Doom's ultimate ability is a serious threat to Earth Spirit, effectively blocking his access to abilities and items for a substantial duration. 

Skywrath Mage: 

Skywrath Mage's Ancient Seal silences Earth Spirit. Plus, the high magic damage output from Arcane Bolt and Mystic Flare can swiftly eliminate Earth Spirit.


With his Rage ability, Lifestealer gains spell immunity, making Earth Spirit ineffective against him. Additionally, his Feast ability provides excellent sustain in fights against Earth Spirit.


To truly master Earth Spirit, you need a thorough understanding of his abilities, a solid sense of positioning, and quick decision-making skills. Once mastered, Earth Spirit can shift the momentum of games, making him a powerful asset in the right hands.



Dota 2 Earth Spirit Guide
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