Dota 2: The Heroes That Deal The Most Damage Per Minute

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Dota 2: The Heroes That Deal The Most Damage Per Minute

The International 11 is roughly a month away, so there is still time for teams to develop new tactics and ideas. One of the things they need to achieve is to know which are some of the hottest heroes in the current meta.

We already have a couple of articles regarding some of the best heroes in the game in their current position. Moreover, we even highlighted which heroes have the highest GPM, which means people can use them to farm faster. This article will be slightly different because we will look at something significant – doing damage.

Some heroes do a lot more damage than others in every patch, but 7.32b proves that there are some exceptions. We know many of you are interested in those things, so let’s check which heroes do the most damage in the current patch. The information here is based on hero damage, meaning you will find many nukers.

Arc Warden

According to the currently-available Data, Arc Warden takes the crown when it comes down to doing damage to enemy heroes. The deadly midder has 1085 hero damage per minute, which means he is one of the biggest challenges you can face while playing.

This result may surprise some of you, but Warden is one of the hottest heroes in the patch so far, at least in terms of pubs. Although the hero hasn’t exploded in the pro scene yet, we won’t be surprised if many teams are saving him for The International.

Arc Warden does insane amounts of damage because of his Tempest Double. The fact that you have to face two heroes makes Warden incredibly strong and annoying. Several counters can make his life a living hell, but this stable pick works against pretty much anything.


After the shocking first position on the list, the second one won’t come as a surprise, at least to most people. Tinker is one of the best heroes for doing damage and one of the most annoying midders to play against. Although he is hard to master, Tinker can be deadly in the hands of those who know how to use him.

The current data shows that Tinker has a 1076 hero damage per minute, so he is just inches away from Arc Warden. We expect the hero to surpass him sooner or later because his abilities allow him to be more offensive.

Even though Tinker is an occasional pick for some pro teams, others don’t go for him. Sure, he does a lot of damage, but he is also very fragile and easy to kill. Needless to say, he is a risky pick, so most teams prefer to play safe and get something that’s more roburst.


The third spot on the list is usually number one for obvious reasons. Zeus is one of the few heroes with a global ultimate that damages heroes. On top of that, his other abilities also allow him to nuke his targets, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he is among the top.

Having said that, the current Dota 2 meta prevents the hero from taking the number one spot because some people use him in the offlaner or even as a position 4. Even though Zeus can be useful in those cases, he is definitely more vital in the mid-lane. This is one of the reasons why pub players continue to go there.

In terms of the hero’s damage, Zeus has around 1028, which is pretty good compared to the rest. As mentioned earlier, this number can be much higher, assuming that the hero is only played as a core. After all, you won’t find things like an Arc Warden or Tinker in the support role.


The fourth spot on the list is also strange, especially for people who haven’t played Dota 2 in a while. Clinkz was an unknown hero that people picked when they wanted to counter someone. Aside from that, the hero was an excellent option for solo warriors who wanted to roam and secure kills.

However, adding an AoE nuke changed how he worked and made him a lot more popular. Besides being one of the faster farmers in the game, the hero is also one of the top damage dealers. With 964 damage per second, Clinkz is more valuable when it comes down to damage than a lot of the popular heroes in the current meta.

Clinkz will be one of the starts at TI, especially for players like Arteezy. The latter is one of the few pro carries that uses Clinkz regularly, even before the addition of his new ability. 


One of the best late-game heroes was also on the list because of his ultimate. Spectre is a hero that can kill almost anyone in a 1v1 matchup because of her passive ability called Desolate. Combined with Haunt, the hero is easily one of the top-tier damage dealers in Dota 2, which explains it has 961 damage per minute. 

Spectre was one of the top-tier meta carries several patches ago, but this is not the case anymore. 7.32b favors other heroes, such as Juggernaut and Bristleback, but Spectre remains an occasional pick when teams want to use specific tactics. For example, they often combine her with heroes like Zeus.

Ember Spirit

The last hero on the list with the most hero damage is Ember Spirit, with 918 damage per minute. Ember is a hero who has undergone many transformations over the years. However, he was always one of the top damage dealers, which is why he is on the list.

Ember Spirit used to be all about physical damage. However, teams slowly started using him in the mid-lane and focused more on utility and mid-game performance. This affected the hero because he became more dangerous.

Nowadays, almost everyone uses Ember in the mid-lane because of his snowball capabilities.

Dota 2: The Heroes That Deal The Most Damage Per Minute
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