Dota 2: The Heroes With the Highest GPM in 7.32b

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Dota 2: The Heroes With the Highest GPM in 7.32b

Looking to increase your GPM in patch 7.32b? Check out our list of heroes to help you out!

Although some Dota 2 players pick supports, others are mostly interested in cores. Besides doing more damage, these heroes also farm a lot more, which allows them to buy more items. Farming is so important that we’ve decided to create a special article in which we want to point out some of the heroes with the highest GPM in patch 7.32b.

Before we begin, we have to point out that Dota 2’s newest patch featured a couple of interesting changes. For example, there is a creep that is spawned every couple of minutes and gives extra gold when killed. Some of the Neutral camps are also slightly different, which means those things have an effect on the GMP. Speaking of the devil, these three letters stand for Gold Per Minute, and they show effectiveness is a given hero at farming.


Regardless of the patch that you play on, Alchemist will always be the best hero when it comes down to farming. Even though there are other heroes that clear waves faster, his passive ability, called Greevil’s Greed, allows him to farm way faster than everyone else. In fact, the bonus gold per kill can reach up to 24, and the stack lasts for 36 seconds. On top of that, Alchemist has a 3x Bounty Rune multiplier, which makes him even more dangerous.

Since Alch is the fastest-farming hero in the game, people often put him in mid-lane. This allows him to get the needed levels and farm and slowly start pushing. However, he is not that strong prior to level six and even after that until he gets at least a few items. Needless to say, enemy players take advantage of this and do everything in their power to prevent him from farming.

Sadly, shutting down Alch is easier said than done, even for those who know what they’re doing. The hero is really strong and can always regenerate with his ult, which makes him a tough opponent.

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Arc Warden

The number two spot on the list may surprise some of you, especially when you see that the hero is really close to Arc Warden. According to DotaBuff’s stats, Arc Warden has an average of 697 GPM, which means he is 22 gold away from reaching the king.

Arc Warden has always been one of the top-tier damage farmers, especially if you decide to get Hands of Midas. This item helps the hero a lot because it allows his Tempest Double to farm as fast as him. In fact, good Arc Warden players can easily outperform almost any other hero in the game and use their advantage to take part in team fights and push.

Aside from the two Midas, Arc is among the top right now because he is a hot mid-laner. Even though he is not the best, the hero has a pretty impressive win rate, which means he will continue to play an important role in the game.


The second spot on the list might be surprising, but this is not true for the third one. Everyone knows that Anti-Mage is one of the fastest farmers in the game, so he definitely deserves to be among the top three. Even though the hero is not on the same level as Alchemist, he farms more than any other safe lane carry.

Inexperienced Dota 2 players might wonder why he’s farming so fast when he doesn’t have any nukes. The answer is simple – he has Blink. This ability, combined with Battle Fury, allows him to move around and clear all neutral camps and the lanes in no time. Furthermore, his Mana Burn works great against creeps with a mana pool because it allows him to deal even more damage.

Despite his farming speed, Anti-Mage is not one of the hot heroes in the meta. In fact, he is one of the least picked because most people prefer to get something that allows them to fight early on. Needless to say, Anti-Mage is a late-game monster that can destroy everyone in seconds.

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This is undoubtedly the most surprising hero on the list because Clinks was notorious for being one of the slowest farmers in the game. In fact, this was the hero that people picked when they wanted to counter some of the names mentioned above, such as Anti-Mage.

However, the changes to his abilities, especially Burning Barrage, made him one of the strongest carries in the game, at least in terms of farm. The Data from DotaBuff shows that Clinkz has 612 GPM, which is slightly less than Anti-Mage. What’s even more impressive is the hero’s high win rate which indicates he is one of the best in the current meta.


Up next, we have one of the strongest late-game monsters in the game and one of the few heroes in Dota 2 that can carry the game on its own. Medusa is a mighty hero in the hands of those who know how to use the hero. Speaking of using it, Medusa is fairly simple to master because you just need to farm as much as possible and buy the items you need.

Medusa is very close to Clinkz in terms of the GPM because the hero has 606. Sadly, she is not as popular as she once was, especially among pro players. Most of them prefer to use other meta carries that allow them to fight and push.

Naga Siren

There are only a couple of Dota 2 heroes that are as good for pushing as Medusa, and Niga Siren is one of them. This was one of the best heroes for farming a couple of patches ago because most people rushed Radiance and used their illusions. Even though some of them do that today, others focus on getting items that allow them to fight early on.

Naga Siren often rushes things like a DIffusal Blade, followed by Manta Style and even Butterfly. These items allow the hero to be more aggressive and start fighting early on.

Dota 2: The Heroes With the Highest GPM in 7.32b
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