Dota 2 Best Strength Heroes in 7.33d

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Dota 2 Best Strength Heroes in 7.33d

It’s time for the Dota 2 players to learn more about the best strength heroes in 7.33d.

Even though the Strength heroes in Dota 2 are not everyone’s favorites, no one can deny they have a key role in the game. This is one of the most diverse stats in the game because you can find STR heroes across all positions. Although most of them are offlaners and carries, there are also midders, as well as supports.

Finding the best Dota 2 Strength heroes in 7.33d is not easy because the patch changed many things about the game. This is especially true for 7.33, a patch that added a new hero type, among many other things. 

If you are unsure which Strength Dota 2 heroes to go for, here are a couple of options that are on another level.

Legion Commander

When looking at the success rate of the best Dota 2 strength heroes, we can see that Legion Commander is above the rest. She’s always been one of the most popular picks in the game, which is one of the reasons why we have an in-depth Legion Commander guide that will show you the ins and outs of the hero

At the time of writing this article, Legion Commander has around a 54% win rate, making it the best Strength hero in Dota 2. One of the reasons for its massive success is the fact that the hero is one of the best at snowballing. Her Duel allows her to get a lot of permanent damage, meaning players who know how to utilize her properly can carry their team pretty easily.

With that said, Legion Commander is not that popular in the professional Dota 2 meta. She appears from time to time, but she’s not the hottest option around. In comparison, one of the best Dota 2 Strength heroes has around a 23% pick rate, which is really impressive.

Despite the fact that Legion Commander got three nerfs in 7.33d, the hero continues to be among the best in the current patch. With that said, the -2 base damage and the bonus attack speed decrease from Overwhelming Odds will have an effect on the hero's playstyle. LC's level 15 talent is also slightly nerfed, but if you compare her nerfs to those that affected other heroes, you can see that they're pretty minor.  Therefore, LC is among the best Dota 2 Strength heroes in 7.33d.


The second name on the list will surprise a lot of you because he’s not the typical STR hero. Undying’s massive success in 7.33d in pubs and professional Dota 2 games allows the hero to have more than a 53% win rate. This is pretty impressive for a support/offlaner.

Undying is very different from most STR heroes because he is solid early on. People who pick this hero in 7.33d need to be aggressive right away because this will allow them to win the laning stage.

One of the problems when playing with Undying is that you can easily start to overextend. In other words, you should be aggressive when playing, but you also have to be mindful that you’re not unkillable. Sadly, many players make these mistakes and die too much, which means they’re “feeding” their enemies.


When discussing the best Dota 2 Strength heroes in 7.33d or any match, Axe is undoubtedly one of the first names that come to mind. The hero is one of Dota 2’s most popular names, and for a good reason – he is solid in pretty much all patches and metas.

Even though Axe has almost never been a good option for professional Dota 2 matches, he is one of the best pub stars. This explains why the hero has around a 53% win rate, which is pretty impressive for an offlaner.

Experienced Dota 2 players know that Axe can be a pretty good option at all stages of the game. His tankiness makes him aggressive early on and even allow him to play behind their enemies, T1 tower. It’s also worth knowing that Axe is pretty good at taking down huge stacks of Neutral Creeps.

In the mid-game, Axe should have a Blink Dagger, and his job is to ensure his team secures kills on important heroes. If everything goes as planned, one of the best Dota 2 Strength heroes in 7.33d will be able to snowball, and he can easily secure solo kills with Blademail.



Next on our list of the best Strength heroes in Dota 2 is Underlord. Unlike some previous heroes who can fit in different roles, Underlord is always the team’s offlaner. In fact, he’s one of the best in this position because he has the ability to lane against pretty much anything and farm without a problem.

The reason why Underlord is so successful in 7.33d (almost 52% win rate) is due to the fact that he is his team’s aura carrier. Underlord is a hero that likes to get items, such as Pipe, Crimson Guard, Shiva’s Guard, and so on. All of them are amazing for team fights, and since this meta focuses on them, Underlord fits in really well.

Unlike some of the other Dota 2 best Strength heroes in 7.33d, Underlord is much easier to play.  This hero can use his Q for farming the lane and side camps, and he can also survive against the most aggressive safe lanes because he’s pretty tanky.

Spirit Breaker


The final name on the list of the best Dota 2 strength heroes according to their win rate is Spirit Breaker. He has been a nightmare to play against lately in PUBs, but SB also has a key role for some of the professional Dota 2 teams. Therefore, his win rate is slightly above 52%.

Although Spirit Breaker is usually a roaming support, his impact on the game is huge. The fact that he’s incredibly tanky allows him to harass his opponents even during the laning stage. He is amazing for securing important kills on the map, and he can easily punish anyone who’s not paying attention.

However, before you decide to try out Spirit Breaker in your PUBs in 7.33d, it’s worth knowing that you should be careful not to overextend. This is a massive problem for people who pick this hero because they often think they’re unkillable. However, the reality is different because good Dota 2 players who know how to deal with SB will try to bait him and land a kill after that.

Another thing to remember about Spirit Breaker in 7.33d is that he received three nerfs. The first one is his base armor, which may not seem that important, but it makes him more vulnerable when ganking, especially early on. While talking about ganking, the hero's Charge of Darkness now has more cooldown early on, and once he gets an Agh's Scepter, the cooldown increases from 7s to 8s.  Finally, SB's level 15 talent also allows his Bulldoze Cooldown to be reduced from 4s to 3s. The nerfs will have an effect on the hero's power, but overall, he remains one of the best in the game, at least for now.

Dota 2 Best Strength Heroes in 7.33d
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