Dota 2 Legion Commander Guide – Combos, Items, Tips

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Dota 2 Legion Commander Guide – Combos, Items, Tips

This Dota 2 Legion commander guide will provide you with all of the information you need to get started.

Legion Commander has a special role in Dota 2 because he became one of the first heroes in the game to receive an Arcana. The hero has been around for many years, and it established itself as one of the top-tier picks in pub Dota 2 games.

Legion Commander Dota 2 is a Strength hero that starts with 25 STR, 18 AGI, and 20 INT. The hero’s starting armor is 3, she has a 150 attack range and 325 base movement speed. LC’s turn rate is 0.6s, and the hero has 1800 vision range during the day and 800 during the night.

Although we’ve seen Legion Commander in all three core positions, the hero’s most popular in-game role in Dota 2 is the offlane. However, there are also many cases where people prefer to go jungle. That’s why this Dota 2 Legion Commander guide will focus on both roles.


Legion Commander dominates the battlefield in Dota 2

Among the first key things we’d like to share in this Dota 2 legion commander guide is the hero’s abilities. They are as follows:

  • Overwhelming Odds – This ability deals up to 125 base damage and up to +125 damage per hero, and 20 per creep. Furthermore, the ability grants Legion Commander as much as 140 attack speed. 
  • Press the Attack – This ability removes disables/debuffs from a given friendly target and grants up to 22% movement speed and 60 HP/sec regen for 5 seconds.
  • Moment of Courage – This is Legion Commander’s passive ability that has a 25% chance to proc and inflict 85% lifesteal on the hero’s next attack.
  • Duel – LC’s ultimate allows the hero to attack a target and force it to fight back. The Duel lasts for 5.25 seconds, and if one of the heroes dies during it, the other one will get permanent damage (up to 30 on level 3 without the talents).

In terms of how to level your skills, the common Dota 2 Legion Commander build focuses on Moment of Courage and Overwhelming Odds during the laning stage. However, some players like putting at least one level into Press the Attack and get the ult whenever possible.

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If you take a look at the Dota 2 guide Legion Commander Reddit, you will see that people also want to know about the Talents. LC has some pretty interesting options, so here are all of them.

Level 10 Talents – +8 Duel Bonus Damage or -2s Overwhelming Odds Cooldown

Level 15 Talent – +60 Overwhelming Odds Damage per Hero or +30 Press The Attack HP Regen

Level 20 Talent – +12% Moment of Courage Proc Chance or 250 AoE Press The Attack

Level 25 Talent – Press The Attack Gives 1.5s Debuff Immunity or +50% Moment of Courage Lifesteal

Dota 2 Legion Commander Guide – Tips

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Whether you have the Dota 2 Legion Commander Arcana or not, there are a couple of things you should know about the hero. The most important one is that it can be way more aggressive than most offlaners because of its abilities. LC can easily try to contest a 1v2 lane, even against 2 ranged heroes. Overwhelming Odds allows her to farm faster and harass her opponents, whereas Moment of Courage can always help her win a situation when someone attacks her.

Legion Commander is all about timing and knowing when to use her duel. Regardless of whether you have the Legion Commander offlane build or something else, your primary goal is to use Duel on the right target. Doing this increases your team’s chances of winning the fight. 

Interestingly, Legion Commander is very similar to Axe in a lot of ways. She is stronger when multiple people attack her because of her passive, and she usually needs a Blink Dagger or something else to have good positioning. That said, she can easily snowball out of control and become the strongest hero in the game.

Best Legion Commander Items 

Besides being a top-tier offlaner, you can also find popular Legion Commander Dota 2 build jungle alternatives because the hero can be a popular jungler. The good news is that both positions can be played with similar items, so let’s learn more about what to focus on.

Starting Items

The starting items for Legion Commander are pretty standard and include things like Tangoes, Mangoes, and a Healing Salve. Depending on the situation, people also get a Quelling Blade.

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Early Game 

During the early game, LC needs survivability, so most people get one or two Bracers. Regardless of your Dota 2 Legion Commander skins, you should also get Phase Boots.,

Mid Game

The Mid Game with LC can be challenging or a walk in the park because it depends on the hero’s Duel Damage. In terms of items. This Dota 2 Guide Reddit suggests going for a Blink Dagger and/or a Shadow Blade. Blade Mail can also be a solid option (depending on the heroes you face), and the same applies to Black King Bar. 


A quick look at the Dota 2 Legion Commander Reddit late-game posts show that the hero can get tons of items, depending on the situation. For example, most people get Assault Cuirass, Desolator, Monkey King Bar, Aghanim’s Scepter, Mjollnir, and more. It all depends on the heroes’ enemies.

Dota 2 Legion Commander counters


In terms of the best Dota 2 Legion Commander counters, there are a lot of heroes that can be difficult to play against. Yet, a couple of them are more dangerous:

  • Dazzle – Unless LC duels Dazzle himself, the hero can use his Grave on the target and save it from dying during Duel. Furthermore, he can slow LC and prevent the hero from using her Blink Dagger.
  • Outworld Devourer – Every Dota 2 guide for beginners states that OD is a pretty good counter to LC. That’s because he can use Astral Imprisonment during Duels.
  • Monkey King – The hero is exceptionally strong against Legion Commander due to Monkey King‘s passive ability.
  • Pangolier – Pango’s swiftness and disarm can be a nightmare against Legion Commander.
  • Abaddon – Ababddopn has shields, heals, and an ultimate that makes Legion Commander less effective than usual.

Of course, there are many other Legion Commander Dota 2 counters and most heroes can be difficult to play against if they get the correct items. For example, all heroes that go for a Linken’s Sphere can be challenging.


Following this Dota 2 Legion Commander guide, it’s safe to say that she’s a solid option in a lot of situations. Albeit not ideal versus every opponent, a good LC is really strong in PUB games, which explains why the hero is always among the most picked options.

Dota 2 Legion Commander Guide – Combos, Items, Tips
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