Dota 2 Monkey King Guide – Slaughter Enemies to Win Matches

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Dota 2 Monkey King Guide – Slaughter Enemies to Win Matches

You can slaughter your enemies to win more matches in Dota 2 with Monkey King. 

Dota 2 has attracted millions of people to play the strategy game with their friends to improve their skills. The online game lets people play together in 5v5 battles that take place on a vast map with plenty of possibilities to excite players from around the world. These matches can be won by destroying enemy towers and the ancient structure that is guarded by enemy heroes. 

Players can also participate in the Dead Reckoning, a fun new mini-game that rewards people for taking more kills and assists in their matches. The Dead Reckoning can be won by earning points for each kill and assist that you get against enemy heroes throughout the game. Carry heroes like Muerta and Monkey King can provide people with dozens of points by slaughtering enemy heroes to collect flowers that can be used to open the Dead Reckoning Chest in Dota 2. 

Take a look at how you can play Monkey King in Dota 2 matches to decimate your enemies in the massively multiplayer game. 

Monkey King – Level Up Faster in The Mid Lane

Monkey King dominates the mid lane

Monkey King is a ruthless carry hero with physical attacks that can deal bonus damage to his enemies in team fights. He can hop across tree tops to descend on his enemies to annihilate them in battles and give his team the confidence to push lanes without hesitating in Dota 2 matches. The Agility hero can perform amazing kills throughout the match to earn plenty of points for the Dead Reckoning. 

People can level up faster with Monkey King in the mid lane. You can earn more gold from taking last hits on enemy creeps and roam freely across the map to initiate team fights with the carry hero. He can use his abilities to hit enemy heroes at a rapid rate to drain their health in battles. You can head mid to unlock Monkey King’s ulti early in the game to gain bonus armor during enemy encounters. 

The mid lane makes it easy to pick up runes from the river. You can purchase a Bottle for 675 gold in Dota 2 matches to replenish health and mana to the Monkey King. He can store various runes in the Bottle and activate them at will to gain an advantage during battles. Runes like Double Damage and Haste can help Monkey King strike enemy heroes with physical attacks that can punish the enemy team. 

Monkey King – Tree Dance can Give You A Better View of Your Enemies

Monkey King uses Tree Dance to initiate team fights

Monkey King has several unique abilities that make him fit for the role of a carry hero in Dota 2. He can use Tree Dance to jump onto trees that are sprouted around the map. Enemy heroes have limited visibility of Monkey King while he is swinging from tree tops using Tree Dance. Sun Wukong can use Tree Dance to hop onto a distance of 1000 from any tree to deal 350 damage to multiple enemy units. Any enemy unit hit by Monkey King using Tree Dance will have their movement speed slowed by 80%, letting Monkey King land a few hits with his staff to slaughter his enemies in battles.

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You can stay on top of trees to avoid getting hit by enemy heroes before entering a team fight with Monkey King. Tree Dance allows Monkey King to signal his allies for kills and provides vision of his enemies to his teammates in lanes. Make sure you level up Jingu Mastery to deal bonus damage with every hit from Sun Wukong during battles. The passive ability, Jingu Mastery, provides up to 130 bonus damage to Monkey King and 70% of his attack damage as Lifesteal after hitting an enemy hero 4 times in a row. You can increase the bonus damage gained by Jingu Mastery by 130 at level 15 through the Talent Tree. 

Players can purchase an Echo Sabre to activate Jingu Mastery within seconds after using Tree Dance on enemy heroes. Echo Sabre lets Monkey King hit enemy units twice in quick succession to reduce the movement speed of his opponents by 100% for 0.8 seconds. The item grants 15 attack damage, 13 Strength, 10 attack speed, 10 Intelligence, and 1.75 mana regeneration to the carry hero. Echo Sabre can be bought for 2500 gold in the game. 

Monkey King – Blade Mail can Improve Your Survivability

Monkey King returns damage using Blade Mail

Gamers have to be attentive of their health with Monkey King while hunting for heroes in their matches. Monkey King has a base health of 560, making it harder to hit enemy heroes without losing a significant amount of health during battles. 

Items like Blade Mail can help Sun Wukong survive longer in team fights. Blade Mail lets Monkey King return up to 85% of all incoming damage for up to 5.5 seconds using the item. The item has a cooldown of 25 seconds and requires 25 mana per cast. You can use Blade Mail to tank more damage from enemy heroes while getting kills throughout the match. The item costs 2100 gold. Monkey King gains 28 attack damage and 6 armor by purchasing a Blade Mail. 

You can buy a Vanguard to strengthen Monkey King’s tanking potential against his enemies. Vanguard provides 250 health and 7 health regeneration to Monkey King. Players can upgrade a Vanguard to an Abyssal Blade to be able to bash enemy heroes with their physical attacks. 

Monkey King can use Boundless Strike against enemy heroes to deal up to 225% critical damage to them during battles. Enemy units hit by Boundless Strike are stunned for up to 1.6 seconds. Boundless Strike has a cast range of 1100, allowing Monkey King to strike enemy heroes from a distance using the ability. You can use Boundless Strike after activating Jingu Mastery to regain a large portion of your health while fighting enemy heroes in Dota 2. 

Monkey King – Wukong's Command can Counter Carry Heroes

Monkey King counters Sniper with his ulti

His ulti, Wukong’s Command, can turn Monkey King into a dangerous carry hero. Monkey King gains up to 24 bonus armor for 13 seconds while fighting inside Wukong’s Command. The increased armor will be useful to counter carry heroes like Troll Warlord and Anti-Mage in Dota 2 games. Wukong’s Command has a cooldown of 80 seconds and consumes 100 mana. Players can gain an additional ring of Wukong’s Command at level 25 through the Talent Tree while playing as Monkey King. 

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Best Allies for Monkey King – Medusa

Medusa helps Monkey King get free kills

Medusa can be an outstanding ally to Monkey King in Dota 2 matches. She can use Split Shots to hit multiple enemy heroes inside Wukong’s Command to obliterate her opponents. Medusa can release Mystic Snakes during battles to deal damage to her enemies and drain their mana, preventing enemy heroes from
using their spells. 

She can activate Mana Shield to take reduced damage from enemy heroes. Monkey King can use Tree Dance to plan an ambush against enemy heroes, letting Medusa deplete the mana pool of her opponents using Mystic Snake. Allies can use Medusa’s ulti, Stone Gaze, to disable enemy heroes for up to 3 seconds and gains a bonus attack damage of 55% for 6 seconds. 

People can buy items like Eye of Skadi to slow the movement speed and attack speed of enemy heroes with Medusa. She can be a petrifying carry hero by equipping a Butterfly and Manta Style in her inventory.  

Best Allies for Monkey King – Omniknight

Omniknight protects Monkey King using Guardian Angel

Omniknight is a support hero who can heal Monkey King during team fights. He can use Purification to restore up to 300 health to Monkey King, helping Sun Wukong fight enemy heroes for longer durations in battles. 

The Strength hero can use Heavenly Grace to increase the health regeneration rate of Monkey King by 20 for 10 seconds. Omniknight can protect his allies around him in a radius of 1200 by using his ulti, Guardian Angel, to reduce the damage taken from physical attacks for 7 seconds. Guardian Angel has a cooldown of 120 seconds and requires 250 mana per cast. Monkey King can use Wukong’s Command to eliminate enemy heroes while Guardian Angel is active to gain quick kills.  

Best Allies for Monkey King – Tusk

Tusk prevents enemies from evading Monkey King's attacks

Tusk is a sturdy tank hero in Dota 2. People can use a number of spells to nuke enemy heroes in lanes with Tusk. Monkey King can use Primal Spring on enemies after their movements have been restricted by Tusk using Ice Shards. 

Teammates can use Snowball to roll with Monkey King and stun enemies for up to 1.4 seconds. Once enemy heroes are stunned, Tusk can use his ulti, Walrus Punch! to deal 400% critical damage to his opponents. Monkey King can use Boundless Strike to extend the duration of the stun and deal instant death to enemy heroes in team fights. 

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