Dota 2 Silencer Guide – How to Play & What to Expect

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Dota 2 Silencer Guide – How to Play & What to Expect

This Silencer Dota 2 guide is about to reveal the secrets behind one of Dota 2’s most interesting heroes.

There are many annoying Dota 2 heroes out there, but a few come close to Silencer, which has always been one of the options to keep an eye on. Besides the interesting Silencer Dota 2 responses, the hero is compelling and can make a difference.
Silencer is a ranged Intelligent hero that has 600 range, 290 movement speed, between 43 and 57 attack, and 3.7 armor. He’s usually the team’s support, but as we’ll see in this Dota 2 Silencer guide, he can also fit into other roles.


Silencer casts Global Silence to help Lion in battles

Before looking at the Silencer Dota 2 item build you should go for, it’s time to go through all abilities.

  • Arcane Curse – This is an AoE damage ability that deals 4 0 damage per second, as well as 80 initial damage. The Curse lasts for 6s, but it can increase by 2s if the enemy uses an ability while it’s active. Moreover, the ability slows down the enemy’s movement speed.
  • Glaives of Wisdom – This ability allows Silencer to deal 75% of his intelligence as bonus damage. Moreover, the hero steals up to 3 INT with each attack and gains a +2 INT permanently if an enemy dies close to him. Having a shard will also silence all targets hit if the glaives bounce.
  • Last Word – This ability enchants a target, dealing 240 damage and 2.5 of Silencer’s int as damage. Furthermore, the ability silences a target for 6s.
  • Global Silence – This ability silences all enemy heroes on the map for 6s on level 3.

People who read this Silencer Dota 2 guide and get an Aghanim’s Shard will allow their Glaives of Wisdom to silence a target for 1.75s (once every 4 attacks) and and steal 2 more int per attack. 

On the other hand, players who get an Aghanim’s Scepter will be able to use an AoE Last Word, which can be pretty strong.


After checking the Silencer Dota 2 skills, the next thing on the list is the talents.

Level 10 – +20 Attack Speed or +10 Arcane Curse Damage

Level 15 – +0.8x Last Word Int Multiplier or -20s Global Silence Cooldown

Level 20 – Arcane Curse Undispellable or +1'Glaives of Wisdom Bounce

Level 25 – Last Word Muites or +25% Damage to Glaives of Wisdom

Dota 2 Silencer Guide – Tips

Silencer uses Glaives of Wisdom to deal Pure damage in battles

As mentioned earlier in the Silencer Dota 2 guide, the hero is usually the team’s position 5 support. However, he can also be a mid-laner, especially in some matchups, so it all depends on the scenario.

Regardless of his positioning, Silencer’s role is to annoy the enemies as much as possible early. He can easily do that by spamming his abilities, which will require the opponents to use a lot of HP regen.

Once the laning stage is over, Silencer should try to take part in team fights and survive for as long as possible because this will allow him to collect intelligence. The fac that he can steal it from his opponents allows him to snowball efficiently, which makes him good for the late-game.

That said, the most important thing about this hero is learning to use Global Silence Dota 2. This is one of the strongest team-fight abilities in the game because it affects all enemies united, regardless of where they are. Besides not allowing them to use their abilities, Global Silence can also stop any channeling skills, such as Black Hole. That’s one of the reasons why Silencer is among the best heroes against those that require on AoE ultimates.

Speaking of Global Silence, enemies will always try to bait you into using it, so you must be careful and only use it when needed. Once you waste it, you won’t have the same impact on the game, meaning your opponents will try to take advantage of you.

Dota 2  Silencer – Pros and Cons

Aside from everything mentioned so far in this Dota 2 Silencer guide, we also need to know a few pros and cons about the hero.


  • Extremely annoying to play against
  • Highly effective versus heroes that rely on spamming abilities
  • Can snowball
  • His ultimate is game-changing


  • Slow and easy to kill
  • Not that good of a core unless he snowballs really hard 

Starting Items

When it comes down to the Silencer Dota 2 build you should focus on, the hero’s starting items include HP and mana regen, as well as stats. Of course, people who’re using Silencer in the support role will need to get observer wards.

Early game

The early game items for Slencer depend on his position, but the hero should have at least Boots of Speed/Power Treads. Some people also go for at least 2 Null Talismans because the latter gives them a lot of stats and damage.

Mid game

Silencer’s mid-game items can include things like Witch Blade, Dragon Lance, Orchid Malevolance, and more. Similar to Silencer Dota 1, if the hero is in the support role, he can have things like a Force Staff or Glimmer’s Cape.

Late game

Silencer’s late game items depend a lot on his role. Supports usually do not have that many things to choose from. However, core players can often be seen with Rod of Atos, Refresher Orb, Scythe of Vyse, Bloodthorn, Shiva’s Guard, Eye of Skadi, and more.

Dota 2 Silencer Guide – Counters

When it comes down to Silencer Dota 2 counters, there are a few big names to be aware of.

  • Broodmother – This is the worst hero that Silencer can go against. He can’t really do much, and Broodmother can easily chase him behind the tower.
  • Dragon Knight – Regardless of the Silencer Dota 2 skins you’re using, Dragon Knight will be a tough matchup. His passive ability allows him to sustain himself, and he does not have that many abilities, so Silencer can’t do that much damage.
  • Lycan – Once Lycan uses his ultimate, he can kill Silencer in a matter of seconds.
  • Lifestealer – Similar to Lycan, Lifestealer can simply show his target and use Rage to kill.
  • Nyx Assassin/Phantom Assassin/Riki/Templar Assassin – All those heroes can kill Silencer pretty fast.


After checking the Silencer Dota 2 wiki information, it’s safe to say this is one of the unique heroes in the game. He can do a lot of damage and be annoying, which is always helpful in PUBs and pro games.

Dota 2 Silencer Guide – How to Play & What to Expect
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