Dota 2 – Top 5 Mid Laners in Pubs We’ll See During The 2023 DPC

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Dota 2 – Top 5 Mid Laners in Pubs We’ll See During The 2023 DPC

A new season of DPC means new changes to the meta, we take a look at the top 5 mid laners you can expect to see in your pubs.

Every Dota 2 fan knows that we are just days away from the beginning of the 2023 DPC. In fact, the league has already begun in China, but other regions will have to wait a few more days. Speaking of the DPC and regions, Valve hasn’t released a new update in around a month, meaning teams will play on patch 7.32d.

The new Dota 2 update should include a lot of changes, as well as a new hero, which means we will definitely see a shift in the meta. However, before this happens, it is time to take a step back and check out some of the hottest mid-laners in the current pub meta. Needless to say, the puband Pro meta are closely related, which means we will see the same heroes in action.


The first name on the list is a bit controversial because Silencer can be a support, as well as a mid-laner. We’ve seen the hero in both positions, but some people always take mid, so we’ve decided to put him on the list.

According to the stats, Silencer is the most successful mid-laner in the current patch because he has a jaw-dropping 55.27% win rate. Although it dropped a little bit in the last 7 days, Silencer is still the best pub hero. Needless to say, we expect to see him in the upcoming DPC.

The main reason why Silencer is so popular among players is because of his ult. Global Silence may not seem that good on paper, but this ability can disrupt every team's fights and counter all sorts of heroes, such as Enigma.

In terms of Silencer’s mid-lane capabilities, he can go up against pretty much anything. Sure, he is not the best farmer in the game and is easy to gank, but he is solid in a 1v1. Even though 7.32d reduced the radius of Arcane Curse, Silencer is still one of the best.


Even though we thought of putting Razor on the list, the hero is more of an offlaner compared to a midder, especially in pubs. People still abuse the broken Bloodstone build, so we expect to see Razor a lot in the upcoming DPC. Fortunately, there are other mid-laners that have to be here, and one of them is Meepo.

Albeit the hardest hero to master, Meepo is one of the strongest midders in the game when played correctly. This is the only Dota 2 hero that can carry his team with little to no effort. This is one of the big reasons why some people (including boosters) use this hero to reach the rank they want.

What’s interesting about the DPC 2023 is that there are a couple of notable Meepo players. Most people think of w33 when it comes down to this hero because he’s proven himself countless times over the years. That said, there are several other players that can make this hero work, so it will be interesting to see what will happen.

The bad news about Meepo is that the hero can be countered pretty easily. Hence, the teams that want to go for him have to make sure that their opponents won’t get something that can ruin his game.


The next name on the list won’t surprise everyone who’s been following the professional and pub Dota 2 scene in 2022. Visage became the go-to option for pretty much every team because he was incredibly strong. His ability to lane and take early fights allowed teams and pub players to play faster and punish their enemies for every mistake they made.

Despite the fact that the hero received a lot of nerfs, Visage continues to be one of the big heroes in the current meta. That said, we expect the upcoming update from Valve to bring in even more nerfs because Visage has been around for too long. 

Lone Druid

Lone Druid is one of the interesting names we found while checking the most successful Dota 2 heroes before the start of the 2023 DPC. This is not the go-to option for many pro teams, but it seems like the hero is quite successful in pubs. He has around a 52.41% win rate, which makes him among the dominating midders in 7.32d.

The bad news about Lone Druid in professional Dota 2 is that only a few players know how to use him properly. Besides AdmiralBullDog, MATUMBAMAN was the carry that used the hero the most in 2022. Sadly, both players are no longer active, so it will be interesting if teams will decide to put LD to the test.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that LD can also be the team's carry, as well as the offlaner. It all depends on the specific lineup.


Similar to Silencer, Mirana is a hero that some people use as support, whereas others prefer to take the mid-lane. We saw her in both roles in 2022 because Tundra Esports used PotM as a midder in several games during TI 11. Since the meta now is relatively the same, we expect teams to keep picking Mirana.

If we put the Arrow aside, Mirana is a pretty good laner against almost everything. She can lane against many opponents, clear waves, and avoid ganks with her Leap. Of course, we also have to address the elephant in the room because her ultimate is one of the best tools to start a team fight.

Arc Warden

Even though Warden’s win rate dropped a lot in the last couple of weeks, the hero continues to be one of the best options for the mid-lane. He hasn’t been that popular in pro games, but Tundra Esports proved that he could be a solid pick. Needless to say, this hugely affected the hero’s popularity in pubs, which is why he dominated in the weeks following TI 11.

Even though he still has around a 52% win rate, it seems like some pub players found a way to counter him. Nevertheless, we believe that he will continue to be a solid pick for the 2023 DPC, especially for teams that like having a midder that can farm fast and split push when needed.

Dota 2 – Top 5 Mid Laners in Pubs We’ll See During The 2023 DPC
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