Dota 2: 5 Broken Items That Need Nerfs

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Dota 2: 5 Broken Items That Need Nerfs

Valve has to do something about these items.

Heroes make up a major part of Dota 2 and the community often discusses them. Whether it is the most overpowered hero or the worst of the lot, they are always in some limelight. However, items are a lot less emphasized.

Dota 2’s patch 7.30e has been out for a long time now and the meta has matured quite a lot. While there were small balancing changes to many items, we believe a few remain too good in the current scenario. Let’s have a look at five overpowered items in the game.

Silver Edge

Nerfed in the last patch, Silver Edge is still a significant item. It was just too good to be true before, but Valve has only slightly nerfed it. It offers decent attack damage and speed. Silver Edge also does compulsory 160% critical damage on the first hit and later procs critical hits thanks to the Crystalys. Silver Edge has great build up with Shadow Blade coming always handy and the Crystalys adding damage and attack speed.

Kaya And Sange

Kaya and Sange is also an excellent item which provides too many benefits for its worth. Besides the Strength and Intelligence attributes, the item offers 22% Status Resistance, spell amplification, health regeneration amplification, mana regeneration amp and amplifications to both lifesteal and spell lifesteal. For 4100 gold, the item provides way too much. The most annoying part is that it benefits some of the most obnoxious heroes in the meta. Queen Of Pain, Lina, Timbersaw, Void Spirit, Storm Spirit and a few more.

Meteor Hammer

Meteor Hammer has become like a compulsory item for Outworld Destroyer. The item offers exceptional utility for what it costs. Formed with Perseverance, Crown and a cheap recipe, Meteor Hammer offers eight attributes of strength, agility and intelligence. It also gives the holder 6.5 HP regeneration and 2.5 mana regeneration. However, what makes the item broken is its ability to damage buildings and stun heroes after a channeling period. It does 435 damage to buildings and around 690 damage to units. The item is exceptionally good with heroes like OD, Nyx Assassin, Phoenix and a few more heroes.

Eye of Skadi

A series of buffs to Eye of Skadi has made it one of the best late game items in the game. It gives the user 25 attributes of strength, agility and intelligence. It also adds 200 health pool and 200 mana pool. However, what makes Skadi so overpowered is its ability to slow movement speed of melee heroes by 25% and movement speed of ranged heroes by 50%. It also reduces the attack speed of melee and ranged heroes by 25 and 50, respectively. Skadi also reduces health restoration by 40%, heal reduction, health regen reduction, lifesteal reduction, and spell lifesteal reduction. If you are getting hit by Skadi, it is really tough to get out or strike back.

Pipe of Insight

Despite the nerfs, Pipe is one of the most important items. Thanks to the magic resistance it provides to the holder and the entire team, Pipe is still a fight changing item. It comes at a hefty price, but has a great build up. Hood Of Defiance grants enough benefits to the user and later they can upgrade to Pipe when the team really needs it. Increasing the price does not decrease the item’s effectiveness. The item probably needs adjustments to its magic reduction values or cooldown.

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