Dota 2 Lifestealer Guide – Dominate Opponents using Rage

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Dota 2 Lifestealer Guide – Dominate Opponents using Rage

You can regain your health and dominate opponents in Dota 2 using Rage while playing Lifestealer. 

Heroes with Intelligence as their primary attribute are known to be hard to deal with in the lanes during Dota 2 matches. Spell casters, such as, Lina, and Zeus, are ranged heroes who strike down their foes from a distance using magical abilities that deal damage to multiple heroes. 

These support heroes can be difficult to fight against while farming for gold in the strategy game. You can pick heroes like Lifestealer to counter Intelligence heroes by using Rage to avoid taking damage from incoming spells in Dota 2. Lifestealer can kill enemy heroes with a few attacks from his sharp claws to increase his kill streak during team fights. 

Take a look at how you can dominate opponents using Rage with Lifestealer in Dota 2. 

Lifestealer – Dominate Opponents using Rage

Lifestealer attacks enemies using Rage for quick kills

Lifestealer is a carry hero renowned for his attack speed in battles. He can use his bare hands to slit his opponents and restore a portion of his enemy’s max health with each hit. The melee hero has a whopping 700 health at the start of the game. 

People choose Lifestealer in Dota 2 matches to dominate opponents later in the game. Lifestealer has a base movement speed of 320, making him fast on his feet. The Strength hero has a couple of passive abilities that can turn Lifestealer into an unstoppable hero in most games played online.  He has a base Strength of 25 and gains 2.4 Strength per level. 

Rage is among the most resourceful abilities Lifestealer can use to strike fear into his foes during Dota 2 tournaments. International events, such as, the Lima Major 2023 might have several professional esports teams pick Lifestealer to increase their chances of winning the grand prize at these competitions. 

Many people pick Lifestealer for his active ability, Rage, in the game. A level one Rage will increase the movement speed of the Strength hero by 15% and lasts for up to 3 seconds. Lifestealer can activate Rage to block a number of spells and items from depleting his health in the game. 

Players can max out Rage before farming for their core items in Dota 2. Rage can boost the movement speed of Lifestealer by 18% and makes him immune to spells for a total of 6 seconds at level 4. The active ability, Rage, has a cooldown of 18 seconds and consumes 150 mana per cast. You can increase the movement speed bonus granted by Rage at level 10 through the Talent Tree. 

You can head to the off lane with Lifestealer to gain bonus gold early in the matches. The off lane makes it easier to collect items to complete items like Perseverance and Vanguard for the Strength hero in the game. Lifestealer can access the Secret Shop near the tower in the off lane to buy a Ring of Health, Vitality Booster, and other items without having to wait for a courier to drop the items in your inventory. 

You can level up Feast to stay alive while hitting enemy heroes and enemy creeps in lanes. The passive ability, Feast, restores up to 3.4% of any enemy unit’s maximum health to N’aix with every attack. You can increase the Lifesteal granted by Lifestealer at level 25. Feast also lets N’aix deal up to 1.7% of the max health of enemy units with his hits. 

N’aix is a ferocious carry hero, capable of building his momentum with each hit delivered to enemy units. The passive ability, Ghoul Frenzy, can be leveled up to decrease the movement speed of any enemy unit that is attacked by Lifestealer. Enemy units affected by Ghoul Frenzy have their movement speed slowed by up to 25% for 1.5 seconds. Ghoul Frenzy provides an additional 70 attack speed as a bonus throughout the game. 

His ulti, Infest, can be used by Lifestealer to escape from team fights after losing a significant amount of health. Lifestealer can cast Infest on allies, enemy creeps, and neutral creeps. The Strength hero gains up to 25% movement speed as a bonus by Infesting target units. N’aix can take control of neutrals and enemy creeps to enter or exit battles in Dota 2. 

Lifestealer can step out of a target unit that he Infests to deal up to 400 damage to nearby enemies in a radius of 700. The Strength hero can turn on Rage immediately after bursting out of the Infested unit to become immune to spells used by enemy heroes. His ulti, Infest, has a cooldown of 50 seconds and requires 150 mana to be used per cast. You can increase the damage dealt by Infest and the movement speed bonus provided by Lifestealer’s ulti through the Talent Tree by leveling up in the game with N’aix. 

Items to Buy for Lifestealer

Orb of Corrosion 

Orb of Corrosion provides 150 health to Lifestealer. You can purchase an Orb of Corrosion for 925 gold in the game. Physical hits from the Strength hero can slow down the movement speed of any enemy unit he attacks by 13% for 3 seconds. Enemy units affected by Orb of Corrosion have their armor reduced by 3 and are dealt up to 3 damage per second (DPS). You can use Orb of Corrosion to chase enemy heroes after using Rage to dominate opponents in battles. 

Phase Boots

Phase Boots grants 45 movement speed, 18 attack damage, and 4 armor to the melee hero. Lifestealer can activate Phase Boots to gain a movement speed bonus of 20% and can move through units on the map for up to 3 seconds. The item costs 1500 gold. 

Hand of Midas

Hand of Midas can be bought for 2200 gold. You can use Hand of Midas while playing Lifestealer to cast Transmute on enemy units and neutral creeps. Any targeted unit that is killed using Transmute will provide 160 bonus gold instantly and up to 2x the experience to N’aix. Lifestealer gains 40 attack speed by purchasing Hand of Midas in Dota 2. 

Armlet of Mordiggian 

Armlet of Mordiggian provides 25 attack speed, 15 attack damage, 6 armor, and 5 health regeneration to the melee hero. Lifestealer can buy an Armlet of Mordiggian for 2500 gold in the game. The Strength hero can activate Armlet of Mordiggian to use Unholy Strength in team fights. 

Unholy Strength grants 35 attack damage, 25 Strength, and 4 armor as a bonus to Lifestealer while Armlet of Mordiggian is active. The item can be used before players attack enemy heroes with Rage to mitigate their opponents with Lifestealer. 

Orchid Malevolence

Orchid Malevolence is an item that can be used to silence enemy heroes in Dota 2 matches. Lifestealer can equip an Orchid Malevolence in his inventory for 3475 gold. The melee hero gains 40 attack speed, 30 attack damage, and 3 mana regeneration by purchasing Orchid Malevolence in the game. 

Lifestealer can cast Soul Burn on enemy units by using Orchid Malevolence. Enemy units affected by Soul Burn are silenced for up to 5 seconds and take 30% more damage from physical attacks and magical spells. Orchid Malevolence has a cooldown of 18 seconds and requires 100 mana to be used. 


Desolator provides 50 attack damage to Lifestealer. You can purchase Desolator for 3500 gold in the game. Lifestealer can reduce the armor of his opponents by 6 for up to 7 seconds after purchasing Desolator. The carry hero gains 2 attack damage as a bonus after killing an enemy hero with Desolator. The permanent attack damage bonus gained through Desolator can be stacked for up to 20 attack damage. 

Crimson Guard

Crimson Guard grants 250 health, 12 health regeneration, and 8 armor to N’aix. The Strength hero has a 60% chance to block up to 75 damage per hit from enemy heroes using Crimson Guard. You can purchase a Crimson Guard for 3600 gold. 

Lifestealer can cast a barrier using Crimson Guard to shield all allied units in a radius of 1200 that has a 100% chance to block 75 damage. Crimson Guard has a cooldown of 35 seconds. The Strength hero can activate Crimson Guard to last longer in battles while attacking enemy heroes with Rage. 

Silver Edge

N’aix gains 52 attack damage and 35 attack speed by purchasing Silver Edge. The item costs 5450 gold in the game. Physical attacks from Lifestealer have a 30% chance to deal 160% bonus damage through critical hits. 

The Strength hero can use Silver Edge to cast Shadow Walk during team fights in Dota 2. Lifestealer can use Shadow Walk to turn invisible for 14 seconds. Shadow Walk will increase the movement speed of Lifestealer by 25% for the duration of the spell. The first hit from Lifestealer after using Silver Edge deals 175 damage as a bonus and disables all passive abilities in enemy heroes. Lifestealer can use Rage after breaking invisibility to destroy his opponents. 

Best Allies for Lifestealer

Legion Commander

Legion Commander helps Lifestealer get kills in Dota 2

Legion Commander is an excellent ally to help Lifestealer defeat his opponents in the massively multiplayer game. Her prowess in battles makes her incredibly effective against carry heroes in Dota 2. The Strength hero has a base Strength of 25 and gains 3.3 Strength per level. 

She can use her ulti, Duel, to force her enemies into fighting her for up to 5.5 seconds. N’aix can Infest Legion Commander and enter combat after she casts Duel on her opponents. Lifestealer can easily annihilate enemy heroes using Rage to increase his kills while playing with Legion Commander in his team. 

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