Dota 2 Abaddon Guide – Guard Allies using Aphotic Shield

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Dota 2 Abaddon Guide – Guard Allies using Aphotic Shield

You can guard your allies using Aphotic Shield with Abaddon in Dota 2 games.

Many people play Dota 2 for the sheer excitement it brings to its online community. The strategy game provides a fun platform to fight players from all over the world in order to destroy the Ancient and claim victory for their team. 

Players can pick heroes that are right for their role to ensure their team has the best chance of winning in Dota 2. These games can vary in their results based on the heroes you have on your team and the strategies you use against your enemies. 

Support heroes, such as Pudge, and Abaddon, can be used to shield allies during battles. People need to have plenty of health, mana, and gold to be an effective support hero for their team. Abaddon is among the most durable support heroes in Dota 2 and can steer your team toward victory in dire situations. 

Abaddon – Guard Allies using Aphotic Shield

Abaddon prevents his teammates from dying by casting Aphotic Shield on them

Esports players enjoy picking Abaddon for his ability to tank high amounts of damage from enemy heroes during team fights in Dota 2. The melee hero has an impressive base movement speed of 325 that lets Abaddon chase enemy heroes throughout the game for easy kills. 

Abaddon has a base health of 640 and a base mana pool of 291. He has a base Strength of 22 and gains 2.6 Strength per level. The melee hero can use his skills to heal allies after they have taken a significant amount of damage after team fights. He can also cast a shield on his teammates to prevent them from taking damage in battles. 

You can level up Aphotic Shield to guard allies from taking damage from multiple sources. An Aphotic Shield can be used on team members of Abaddon to absorb up to 200 damage. Once the Aphotic Shield has absorbed all the damage, it will burst out in a radius of 675 and deal damage to nearby enemy units. 

People can place an Aphotic Shield on allies that will last for up to 15 seconds. Abaddon can also cast Aphotic Shield to dispel allied units which are stunned or disabled. Aphotic Shield has a cooldown of 6 seconds and consumes 130 mana to be used per cast in the game. 

A fun way of using Aphotic Shield with Abaddon is to cast a spell on allied creeps in lanes. Weakened allied creeps that are targeted by enemy heroes can be protected using Aphotic Shield while farming with Abaddon. The support hero can cast Aphotic Shield on allied units to prevent enemy heroes from taking last hits in Dota 2. 

Players can use Mist Coil to restore health to their allies while playing Abaddon in the massively multiplayer game. You can heal allied units for up to 260 health with Mist Coil. Abaddon can also deal 260 damage to enemy heroes from a distance of 575 using Mist Coil in lanes. 

A majority of people use Mist Coil immediately after using Aphotic Shield on allied units to prevent their teammates from dying in battles. Mist Coil has a cooldown of 5.5 seconds and requires 50 mana to be used. You can turn Mist Coil into an ability that affects all units in a radius of 400 at level 25 through the Talent Tree. 

Make sure you have an adequate mana pool for Abaddon to be able to cast multiple spells during team fights in Dota 2. Abaddon can level up the passive ability, Curse of Avernus, to silence enemy units with his physical attacks. 

Abaddon can land 4 hits one after the other, with his blade to inflict Curse of Avernus on enemy units, heroes, and structures. Any enemy unit affected by Curse of Avernus will be silenced for 4.5 seconds and have their movement speed and attack speed slowed. Allies who attack enemy heroes affected by Curse of Avernus gain 100 attack speed against the targeted hero. 

His ulti, Borrowed Time, can be cast on himself to convert any incoming damage into health that can be regained during battles. Any physical attack or magical spell targeted at Abaddon will heal the Strength hero during the duration of Borrowed Time. Abaddon’s ulti can last for up to 6 seconds. Borrowed Time will be enabled automatically after the health of Abaddon falls below 400 in the game. It has a cooldown of 40 seconds. 

You can use Aphotic Shield on allies while Borrowed Time is active to guard your team members in team fights. Abaddon can cast Mist Coil on allied units during Borrowed Time to regain a chunk of his health. In most Dota 2 games, Abaddon can become a reliable support hero by casting Aphotic Shield and Mist Coil on Intelligence heroes and carry heroes to ensure victory. 

Items to Buy for Abaddon

Medallion of Courage

Medallion of Courage can be bought for 1025 gold in the game. The item provides 1.5 mana regeneration and 5 armor to the support hero. Medallion of Courage can be used by Abaddon to cast Valor on allied units to provide an additional 5 armor. It can also be used to remove 5 armor from enemy heroes. 

Valor can last for up to 12 seconds on targeted units. Medallion of Courage has a cooldown of 12 seconds. Abaddon can cast Valor on his teammates before casting Aphotic Shield on them to increase their armor during team fights. 


Vanguard grants 250 health and 7 health regeneration to Abaddon. You can purchase Vanguard for 1825 gold in the game. The melee hero has a 60% chance to block 64 damage from enemy units after buying Vanguard for Abaddon. You can upgrade Vanguard to Crimson Guard for increased durability throughout the game. 

Blade Mail

Blade Mail can be purchased for 2100 gold. Abaddon gains 28 attack damage and 6 armor by purchasing Blade Mail. The support hero can activate Blade Mail to return up to 85% of all incoming damage back to enemy heroes for 5.5 seconds. Blade Mail has a cooldown of 25 seconds and needs 25 mana to be used. You can use Blade Mail before placing an Aphotic Shield on yourself to absorb a portion of the damage dealt to Abaddon. 

Aether Lens

Aether Lens provides 300 mana and 2.5 mana regeneration to Abaddon. The item can be bought for 2275 gold in the game. Aether Lens extends the cast range of Abaddon’s spells and items by 225. You can use the increased cast range to guard allies using Aphotic Shield with Abaddon from a further distance while farming in lanes. You can upgrade Aether Lens to an Octarine Core to reduce the cooldown of Abaddon’s items and abilities by 25%. 

Skull Basher

Abaddon gains 25 attack damage and 10 Strength by purchasing Skull Basher in the game. Skull Basher costs 2875 gold in Dota 2. The Strength hero gains a 25% chance to stun enemies for 1.5 seconds with his physical attacks. Enemy units stunned by Abaddon using Skull Basher take up to 100 damage as a bonus. You can turn a Skull Basher into an Abyssal Blade for increased health and health regeneration rate throughout the match. 

Lotus Orb

Lotus Orb can be bought for 3850 gold. The item provides 250 mana, 10 armor, 6.5 health regeneration, and 4 mana regeneration to the Strength hero. Lotus Orb can be activated by Abaddon to cast Echo Shell on himself during team fights. Echo Shell is an active ability that returns most targeted spells back to enemy heroes for up to 6 seconds. Lotus Orb has a cooldown of 15 seconds and requires 175 mana per cast. 


Gleipnir grants 30 attack damage, 24 Intelligence, 14 Agility, and 14 Strength to Abaddon. You can purchase the item for 6150 gold in the game. The melee hero gains a 30% chance to release a bolt of lightning that deals 160 damage to multiple enemy units with his physical attacks. 

You can use Gleipnir to cast Eternal Chains to root enemy units in a radius of 450 for up to 2 seconds. Enemy units rooted by Eternal Chains take up to 220 damage. Gleipnir has a cooldown of 18 seconds and consumes 200 mana to be used. Abaddon can easily cast Aphotic Shield on allied units after using Gleipnir on his opponents to guard his teammates in battles. 

Best Allies to Buy for Abaddon


Bane assists Abaddon in killing heroes

Bane is an Intelligence hero who can disable multiple enemy heroes in Dota 2. The ranged hero can cast his spells to weaken his opponents and hold them in place to let Abaddon destroy them during team fights. Bane has a base mana pool of 339 and gains 2.5 Intelligence per level. 

The Intelligence hero can cast Enfeeble on enemy heroes to reduce their attack damage, health regeneration rate, and cast range for up to 11 seconds. Enfeeble has a cooldown of 7 seconds and needs 70 mana per cast. Carry heroes in the enemy team can be taken out early after using Enfeeble on them in Dota 2 games. 

Bane can max out Brain Sap to deal 300 Pure damage to enemy units. The ranged hero regains 300 health after using Brain Sap on his opponents. Brain Sap has a cooldown of 11 seconds and requires 160 mana. 

The ranged hero can put enemy units to sleep by casting Nightmare on them. Enemy units affected by Nightmare will be unable to use their abilities or strike your allies with physical attacks for up to 7 seconds. Bane deals 35 DPS to enemies using Nightmare. 

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