Dota 2 Lion Guide – Bursting, Tips & More

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Dota 2 Lion Guide – Bursting, Tips & More

This Dota 2 Lion Guide will reveal why he’s one of the supports that dominates almost every meta.

When talking about supports in Dota 2, some heroes are a lot more popular than others. Whether you like the Dota 2 Lion voice lines or the hero’s overall look, there is no arguing that he’s among the go-to options.

Lion is a ranged Intelligence hero that’s almost always the team’s support. Before diving into this Dota 2 Lion guide and everything you need to know about him, we have to go over the main stats. Lion starts with 290 movement speed and 2.5 armor. Interestingly, the hero has a 600 attack range and deals between 49 and 55 damage.


15 Dota2 Lion

Before checking the best Dota 2 Lion build, we have to go over the hero’s abilities.

  • Earth Spike – This AoE stun deals 300 damage and can stun multiple units for 2.2s seconds.
  • Hex – This ability turns an enemy into a beast for 3.2s, during which the latter can’t use any abilities.
  • Mana Drain – This is a channeling ability that drains 120 mana per second and slows the enemy’s movement speed by 35%.  The ability does not cost mana, it can target allies and grants bonus MS when used on them. Furthermore, the ability no longer drains mana from Lion when the allied target has full mana. The MS and mana restored are decreased bt 60A% of the slow and mana stolen values.
  • Finger of Death – Using the Dota 2 Lion green finger deals 850 damage and gives the 

ability 40 extra damage per kill. It has a low cooldown and 325 range.

When the hero gets an Aghanim’s Shard, it allows mana drain to affect up to 2 extra enemies and Lion gets 80% magic resistance. Moreover, the ability gets an additional 400 break range.

As for the Aghanim’s Scepter, this item increases the damage and decreases the cooldown.


After the abilities, the Lion Dota 2 guide will also share some details about the talents.

  • Level 10 – +65 Earth Spike Damage or +10% Mana Drain Slow
  • Level 15 – +70 Max Health Per Finger of Death Kill or Hex cooldown -2s
  • Level 20 – -Earth Spike Affects a 30 cone or +20 Finger of Death Damage Per Kill
  • Level 25 – +250 AoE Hexo r Mana Drain Deals Damage

Dota 2 Lion Guide – Tips

Lion about to use Finger of Death on enemies

After taking a look at the Dota 2 Lion skills and talents, it’s time to share a few tips about the hero. As mentioned, he is a support and is usually in position 5. Consequently, the hero’s job is to safeguard his carry and try to get as many kill during the laning stage as possible.

Speaking of the devil, Lion is not that strong during the laning stage. In fact, he’s one of the weakest lane supports because he’s fragile. However, Lion’s offensive abilities and 2 CCs make him an excellent option to land kills, especially with heroes like Juggernaut.

Besides the usual support stuff, Lion players need to learn how to use their CCs properly. Many people overlap them, meaning they stun a target and hex it before the stun duration is over. This is a big mistake and can cost a kill, so you have to be prepared.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should try to kill your target with the Finger of Death because this will allow you to do more damage. Some people use it early on, but this doesn’t allow them to scale it.

Lion is powerful in the late game because he has 2 abilities that can disable a target. Consequently, all Dota 2 Lion Immortal players can make a big difference in the game. ]

Dota 2 Lion – Pros and Cons

Apart from providing you with tips and tricks, this Dota 2 Lion Guide will also give you the pros and cons you need to know.


  • Lion has 2 disables
  • He can kill squishy targets fast
  • The hero is incredibly annoying because of his Mana Drain
  • He is an excellent companion to an aggressive carry


  • Weak laner
  • Doesn’t do much against targets with a Black King Bar

Starting Items

When it comes down to the Dota 2 Lion items, the hero has to start with HP regen. Some players also like getting Wind of Lance because it allows him to be faster and chase/escape more efficiently. Of course, you also need to get Observer Ward and a Sentry when needed.

Early Game

Lion’s early game items usually include a Boost of Speed and a Magic Stick/Wand. 

Mid Game

The mid game for Lion can be pretty fun, but only if his team is winning. He could go for Tranquil Boots, Blink Dagger, Force Staff, Glimmer Cape, and more.

Late Game

Lion’s late game items are usually an Aghanim’s Scepter, Aether Lens, Dagon, Eul’s, and so on. Of course, he can have even more things, but it all depends on his KDA and whether his team is winning.

Dota 2 Lion Counter

Now that you know which Lion item Dota 2 support you have to get, it’s time to share more details about the hero’s counters. 

  • Lifestealer-  This is undoubtedly one of the worst heroes to go up against while playing Lion Dota 2. His rage doesn’t allow you to stun/hex or do anything and he can easily kill you in seconds.
  • Puck – Although he’s fragile, Puck can deal a lot of damage, and he has silence. Consequently, he can easily kill Lion with one combo.
  • Abaddon – Abaddon’s shield can remove Lion’s stables. Furthermore, the hero’s ultimate means that he can’t die to Finger of Death.
  • Rubick – Rubick is one of the counters that you may even hear about in the Dota 2 Lion quotes. He can lift him, do damage, steal his abilities and has magic resistance.
  • Slark – Last but not least, Slark is one of the best heroes against Lion because he can dispel the CC effect and kill him even faster than Lifestealer. After all, he is one of the best agility heroes in the game.

Final Thoughts

The idea of this Dota 2 Lion Guide was to help learn a thing or two about the hero. Keep in mind that there might be changes to some of his kit in the future, but we will make sure to make the necessary changes.

Dota 2 Lion Guide – Bursting, Tips & More
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