Dota 2 – Best Agility Heroes in 7.33d

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Dota 2 – Best Agility Heroes in 7.33d

Dota 2 Best Agility Heroes in patch 7.33d  you should focus on.

Despite the fact that the 7.33 patch changed a lot of things about Dota 2 by adding Universal heroes to the game, there is no arguing that Agility heroes have a special role in it. Most of the heroes with this stat are their team’s carries/midders, so they have a key role in every game. Naturally, people are interested in the best Dota 2 Agility heroes list so that they know what to use in their games.

Even though we might see a lot of changes in the future (especially before The International 12), a couple of names stand out when it comes down to patch 7.33d. What you’re about to see is the Dota 2 best agility hero list in the current patch, so let’s go through everything.

Medusa or Specrte

The Dota 2 Hero Medusa appears in her Eye of the Beholder set, weilding a mighty bow with a draconic green eye set into it

A quick look at the stats from Tour 3 of the 2023 DPC and the PUB Dota 2 games reveals that one Agility hero is clearly on another level, and her name is Medusa. At the beginning of 7.33, Medusa was the best hero in the game. She was the only one with more than a 60% win rate and among the best heroes to farm with.

Even though 7.33 changed some things about the hero, and her win rate dropped, she continues to dominate the meta. Her insane farming speed and the ability to be a “1v5” monster makes he the preferred option in many situations.

When talking about Medusa in Dota 2, you can get a lot of items, depending on the situation. The common item build focuses on getting as many stats as possible because it allows her to be tankier and do more damage. Hence, you can often see things like the Eye of Skadi, Manta Style, and Aghanim’s Scepter. With that said, one of the best agility heroes in 7.33d also works with things like Butterfly, Daedalus, Monkey King Bar, Hurricane Pike, and more.

Sadly, Medusa received several big nerfs in the most recent patch that will have an effect on her results. Mystic Snake now gives less mana, whereas the Mana Shield on illusions gives less damage and absorbs less mana than before. Furthermore, Stone Gaze has a shorter duration than before and the hero's level 20 talent increases its duration by 1.5s instead of 2s. The changes may not look that big on paper, but they will have an effect.

A good alternative to Medusa is none other than Spectre. The hero is also a late-game monster, and she can easily carry her team to victory. She was among the most successful Dota 2 heroes prior to 7.33d, and since the new patch did not affect her in any way, she will continue to gain new fans.

Spectre's item build can change a lot, depending on what's needed. Some people will try to rush Radiance, but we've also seen options that allow the hero to be much more effective early on. For example, some players get Diffusal Blade, Manta, Refresher Orb, and so on. Spectre's incredibly strong in the mid and late game, but she's not powerful early on. Consequently, this s a hero that needs to play with a powerful lane support that will allow her to shine.


Meepo binds his enemies to the ground

The second hero on the list of the best agility heroes in 7.33d is Meepo. What’s interesting about this hero is that he was not popular in the professional Meta at all. However, the stats reveal he’s among the most successful heroes in PUBs, which is why he deserves to be on the list.

Speaking of the Dota 2 agility heroes list, Meepo is a name that people often forget about. He is a lot more complicated to master than the rest because he requires tons of unit control. However, the recent changes made him more “noob-friendly”, meaning that more and more people can use him properly.

Meepo is among the few heroes in PUB Dota 2 games that can carry his team with little to no effort. Once he gets a good start, there is no stopping him unless the enemy team has a heavy counter. 

In terms of the best items for Meepo in 7.33d, it is all about stats and mobility. Therefore, things like Aghanim’s Scepter, Blink Dagger, Eye of Skadi, and Scythe of Vyce are pretty popular. Interestingly, some people go for the popular Dragon Lance item build because it’s cheap, but choosing this route means you focus on the mid-game.

Clinkz or Naga Siren

When talking about the best agility heroes in 7.33d, we need to mention Clinkz. Although the latter was not that successful during Tour 3, he is among the Dota 2 best agility hero because his PUB win rate is pretty impressive.

Clinkz s among the heroes that have experienced a lot of changes in the last year. Before, he was a roaming carry that relied on his amazing solo-kill potential to snowball out of control. Even though this is also the case now, the hero is much stronger in team fights, which reflects in his win rate.

Clinkz is very different than most other Dota 2 Agility heroes because he can have different sorts of item builds. Some people focus on doing as much damage as possible, so they opt for a “glass cannon” build. The latter includes Desolator, Daedalus, Monkey King Bar, and Butterfly. However, we’ve also seen different alternatives because players often get a Scythe of Vyse, Black King Bar, Bloodthorn, and even Phylactery. It really depends on the enemies the hero has to go up against.

Similar to Medusa, Clinkz also received pretty interesting nerfs in 7.33d. The hero's Tar Bomb now costs more mana, his Skeleton Walk gives less movement speed and Death Pact works differently. The latter now has a priority target similar to Shadow Shaman's Wards, and heroes can kill them after 2 attacks instead of 3. Moreover, Roshan's attacks now count as hero attacks on them, so he will also need 2 hits to kill them.

Finding a suitable alternative for Clinkz is not easy because the hero is unique in many ways. However, things like Naga Siren might work pretty well. Similar to Spectre, this was not one of the Dota 2 heroes in 7.33d that received any changes. Considering that she had a pretty high win rate before that, we expect her to be among the most dominant names in 7.33d.

Faceless Void

The next option on the list was among the best Agility heroes in 7.33d in Tour 3, especially in Western Europe. Albeit not as powerful in PUBs (his win rate is pretty low compared to the rest), Faceless Void is one of those heroes that doesn’t need to be the go-to option in the meta to be successful. On the contrary, he can work in all situations because of his game-changing ultimate.
An interesting fact when talking about the Dota 2 best agility heroes patch 7.33d, and Faceless Void is that the hero can be the team’s carry and offlaner. In fact, there was a meta a couple of years ago where people only used him in the offlane, so it all depends on the pick.

Faceless Void is unique in many aspects, so most people pick the hero when he’s in a team with other AoE damage dealers. Invoker is a pretty popular pick, but we can also include Shadow Fiend, Void Spirit, Medusa, and more. He can also work really well with the likes of Magnus because the latter gives him even more damage.

As for items, Faceless Void is an Agility hero that can work with pretty much anything. If he’s a carry, people go for Mjrollnir, Mask of Madness, Monkey King Bar, Butterfly, BKB, and more. If the hero is in the offlane, the item build focuses on his ult, so we can expect an Aghanim’s Scepter, Blink Dagger, BKB, and other options.

Honorable mentions

The last heroes we want to include in this Dota 2 agility heroes list include Phantom Lancer and Terrorblade. The latter is pretty big in professional games but not as strong in PUBs. Nevertheless, people use him from time to time because of his ability to push towers.

Dota 2 – Best Agility Heroes in 7.33d
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