Dota 2: Best Heroes to Farm with in 7.33c

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Dota 2: Best Heroes to Farm with in 7.33c

Here are some of the best heroes to farm with in patch 7.33c.

Since the Dota 2 patch 7.33 changed a lot of things about the game, many people are still getting used to the changes. That’s why we have a special guide showing you which heroes to main in every role in 7.33c.

All positions in Dota 2 are pretty fun to play right now, but since the map is bigger and there are more camps at your disposal, farming has become even more popular. Every team needs a carry, so people who have the chance to play this role want to find a hero that will allow them to farm as fast as possible. Consequently, this guide will share more information about them.

Naga Siren

Naga Siren

If we take a look at some of the core hero changes in the 7.33c overview, we can see that some of the main carries in the meta got minor changes. Although some of them have become slightly better, others aren’t as good as before. Hence, many people started playing something else.

With that said, when talking about the best heroes to farm with in 7.33c, we have to mention Naga Siren. The data from respective sources reveal that Naga Sirenm has an average o 92 last hits per 10 minutes, which is impressive. In fact, she is way ahead of the competition, meaning Naga is the best hero to farm win in 7.33c.

The main reason why this hero is so good at what she's doing is the illusions. Since there are more neutral camps to farm, Naga Siren can be on the lane and get at least 3 additional camps at the same time. As expected, this increases her farming speed drastically and allows her to be more efficient than many of her opponents.


Medusa hits multiple enemies at a time in a team fight

The second spot when it comes down to the best heroes to farm with in 7.33c is for Medusa. Arguably the strongest hero in Dota 2 right now, Medusa is a living nightmare to play against and a hero that can easily rip through her enemies. In fact, she is among the heroes with the highest win rate in 7.33c, which is not a surprise.

Despite not being as Naga Siren, Medusa’s 82 last hits/10 minutes make the hero really good. She is one of the best when it comes down to clearing stacks, which is good news in the current meta. Following the changes, support heroes that stack will get 30% of the experience, which means that Medusa has even more stacks to work with.



Some carries are more popular than others in the current meta, especially when it comes down to professional matches. Unsurprisingly, Terrorblade is on the list because this has always been one of the heroes that deserve more attention. His ability to farm fast, push towers and have one of the best late-game ultimates make him an incredibly popular pick.

Currently, Terrorblade has around 81 last hits per 10 minutes, making him slightly less effective than Medusa. However, this is only true because TB can’t clear stacks as fast as Dusa. His single-target damage is on another level, and his illusions can easily kill several Neutral Camps in one go.

Terrorblade is one of the heroes that we expect to see a lot more from in the next couple of weeks. Currently, he is one of the most popular picks in the DPC, so we can’t wait to see what will happen. 


It is almost impossible to talk about the best heroes to farm with in 7.33c and not mention Anti-Mage. The latter has become a synonym when it comes down to a carry that can farm faster than almost everyone else. Anti-Mage is a unique hero that can always work in a meta that focuses on farming. Even though this is not the case yet, we’ve noticed he has become a more popular option because the hero also received a lot of buffs.

There are two main reasons why Anti-Mage is so good at farming (around 81 creeps per 10 minutes). One of them is his Blink, whereas the second one is Battlefury. This is the most iconic item for this hero, and people get it all the time, regardless of the meta. 

AM is one of those heroes that can easily become a top-tier pick in any meta, as long as people give it a chance. He’s not the go-to option now, but that’s only because people prefer getting heroes like TB.


The fastest-farming STR hero in Dota 2 is Sven. Most of you are probably not surprised because his Cleave allows him to clear camps as fast as some of the other popular carries. Speaking of clearing camps, Sven is always a popular option in a meta where stacking camps has become one of the most important things.

If we check the stats for some of the best heroes to farm with in 7.33c, we can see that Sven has around 76 last hits per 10 minutes. Albeit significantly lower than Naga, this is one of the best 

Interestingly, we haven’t seen Sven that much in action, especially on the professional scene. Although he is an occasional pick in PUB games, the hero is yet to make its mark on the big stage. Of course, 7.33c has been around for just a few weeks, so we expect to see a lot of changes in the current meta.


Finally, we have one of the most successful heroes in 7.33c – Alchemist. Despite the nerfs in 7.33c, Alchemist is one of the heroes that you should focus on if you want to farm fast. With around 73 creeps per 10 minutes, Alch is among the best in the game and one of the reasons why he’s really hot in the meta right now.

Of course, the thing that makes Alchemist better than the rest is his farming speed in terms of gold. Thanks to his ability, he farms a lot faster than the rest, so we don’t think he will go anywhere soon. Of course, this will depend a lot on the meta because some of the upcoming patches might nerf him even more.

Dota 2: Best Heroes to Farm with in 7.33c
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