Dota 2: Which Heroes To Main in Every Role in 7.33c

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Dota 2: Which Heroes To Main in Every Role in 7.33c

Here are the heroes you to main in every role in 7.33c.

Like most “C” patches, 7.33c didn’t give us access to drastic changes. Instead, it focused on delivering the much-needed balance changes to some of the popular heroes and items. The patch has been around for a couple of weeks now, and we’ve already seen a lot of matches on it, including Tour 3 of the 2023 DPC. Speaking of this Dota 2 event, you can follow ESTNN for daily predictions about all regions.

Besides watching the best Dota 2 players in action, many people are trying to play on the new patch and reach the Immortal bracket. Some of them have already done that because they know which heroes to get. Sadly, others don’t know what to do, which is why this article will go over the heroes you should consider main in every role in 7.33c. Some of them may surprise you, so let’s begin.

Offlaner – Earthshaker

The Dota 2 hero, Earthshaker, smashes his fists into the icy ground

As mentioned, the Dota 2 patch 7.33c changed some things about certain heroes. Although most got nerfed, some received substantial buffs, and Earthshaker is one of them. The latter became one of the strongest position 4/offlaners in the game, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise he’s among the heroes you should main in 7.33c.

Earthshaker can be used as a support, but most people choose the offlane because he can level faster. During the game, ES can stun his enemies, block them in weird positions and use his game-changing ultimate. The latter is one of the biggest counters to illusion heroes like PL and Naga, which is good news because both carries are good in the current meta.

Even though ES is pretty strong in a variety of scenarios, the hero has some weaknesses, especially when laning against ranged supports. That’s why you need to be careful when picking him because there might be cases where he’s not that good.

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If ES is not worth it, you can consider going for Magnus. Albeit not that strong, he is always a solid option for the offlane. Moreover, the fact that he is a universal hero allows him to do much more damage than before.

Support – Ancient Apparition

Dota 2 - Ancient Apparition casts Cold Feet on enemies

There are many good supports in the current meta, and all of them may work in a specific scenario. Most people in 7.33c choose heroes like Crystal Maiden and Witch Doctor, however, there are other supports that are also worth playing. One of them is Ancient Apparition, a hero that’s known for being one of the best counters in the game.

AA is one of the few supports in Dota 2 capable of doing tons of damage. In fact, he’s often topping the chart, which is one of the reasons why AA has one of the highest win rates across all skill brackets in the current patch.

Albeit not being the best laner, the hero can work well with some of the popular carries throughout the game. Besides helping to secure kills early on, his ultimate is powerful enough to help his team win almost all team fights. Considering that the Dota 2 patch 7.33c nerfed things like Pipe of Insight, AA’s ult becomes even stronger.

Aside from AA, some people in 7.33c prefer using the infamous IO and WD combo. These two heroes are incredibly strong together because the healing output allows all cores from their team to play way more aggressively.

Support #2 – Oracle

The hero Oracle. A blue-skinned alien with a powerful, glowing arcane sphere, garbedin green and golden robes, as they first appeared in the Forseer's Contract update.

In addition to everything mentioned earlier, we also need to add Oracle to the list. We’ve reported several times that he’s among the best heroes in 7.33c, so don’t be surprised when you see him often in your games. The hero is powerful and can decide the course of a team fight. 

The hero’s magic resistance and the fact that he no longer disarms allies make him a lot stronger in every stage of the game. To be fair, we expected some serious nerfs in 7.33c, but this wasn’t the case. Valve decided to keep the hero relatively the same, which explains why he remains one of the best options.

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Carry – Medusa

No surprise here, Medusa was and still is the most broken hero in Dota 2. Some people may disagree because we’ve seen that the best Dota 2 teams in the world have ways of countering her. However, when it comes down to pubs, the hero has the highest win rate in the game for a reason.

Unsurprisingly, the Dota 2 patch 7.33c changed some things about the hero. We expected to see even more drastic nerfs, so the things she received didn’t seem that scary. Sure, they affected her overall win rate, but she is still among the best in the game.

If you don’t like Medusa, you can also try picking heroes like Naga Siren, Clinkz, and even Legion Commander. The latter is usually an offlaner, but we’ve seen many games where LC can be an interesting position 1.

In terms of Clinkz, there have been videos of the hero shining in the support role. However, this new item build and role is not common for such a hero, so we wouldn’t advise testing it unless you know what you’re doing.

Midlane –  Arc Warden

Besides the fact that Medusa can also be the team’s mid-laner, if the hero takes the carry position, you can go for Arc Warden as a midder. Like some of the other popular names in Dota 2, he received a lot of changes in 7.33. Even though most people thought that they wouldn’t be that good, they made the hero feel even strong.

Currently, Arc Warden has one of the highest win rates in Dota 2 because he can go up against anything. Albeit not the easiest hero to play with, those who know how to take advantage of what he offers can easily dominate in their games. 

Dota 2: Which Heroes To Main in Every Role in 7.33c
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