Dota 2: Patch 7.33c Overview

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Dota 2: Patch 7.33c Overview

Here’s what’s new in the Dota 2 patch 7.33c.

Around a week or two after the arrival of 7.32c, Valve decided to release another small update that addressed some of the issues from the previous patch. 7.33c arrived just a few hours ago, and it is pretty interesting. Most of us aren’t surprised that we got two quick updates following 7.33 because the patch changed everything about our favorite game.

The Dota 2 patch 7.33c includes some general changes, item changes, and a few heroes nerfs and buffs. Although it is not as big as the original patch, there are a few things that have to be addressed, so let’s take a look at them.

General Changes

  • The Dota 2 patch 7.33c has a few crucial general changes that will impact the game. The first one is related to the wisdom rune because when you pick it, it will also grant experience to the lowest-level hero in the team. If this person picks the same rune, the experience will go to the second-lowest, which is good because supports will be able to keep up with the rest.
  • Another interesting change is related to camp stacking. The person that stacks the camp will get 30% experience when someone else kills the creeps.
  • All universal heroes will now get 0.7 damage per attribute instead of 0.6.
  • Heroes will have the opportunity to level up their attribute bonus at level 6.
  • Observer wards will grant more experience when killed.
  • Tormentor Reflect will always affect the hero who attacks it, regardless of distance.

Item Changes

In addition to the general changes, the Dota 2 patch 7.33c review shows that there are loads of item changes. Not all of them are that interesting, so we will only focus on those that deserve more attention. However, make sure to check the complete change log if you want to know more about them.

  • Crimson Guard

One of the most popular team-fight items in the game became popular after the arrival of the new patch. It seems like Valve thinks it was too strong because the new update adds two Nerfs to it.,

First, 7.33c makes Crimson Guard cost 125 more gold to get, and second, the item requires 75 mana to activate. Although it may not seem that much, some offlaners will have problems because they always have issues with their mana.

  • Eternal Shroud

Unlike Crimson Guard, the 7.33c patch in Dota 2 also buffed some items, such as Eternal Shroud. The latter now gives a 14 str bonus instead of 12, and it also converts physical damage from spells to mana. In other words, the item will become a lot more diverse and can be used on a wider range of heroes.

  • Pipe of Insight

Similar to Crimson, Pipe is another trendy item in Dota 2 that you will find in almost any game. 7.33 changed a lot of things about it, and the item became the go-to option for most offlaners. Therefore, Valve decided to step in and change some things about it.

Following the new update, Pipe of Insight provides 6 HP regen instead of 8.5, 20% magic resistance instead of 25%, and has a 150 Barrier Mana Cost instead of 100.

  • Vanguard

Since it is a part of the Crimson Guard, Vanguard itself also received a few nerfs. This item now blocks less damage from ranged and melee heroes and has a lower HP regen per second. Nevertheless, it is a good option for most offlaners because it makes them way tankier.

Many of the Neutral Items received small nerfs and buffs, but we won’t cover them in this article. Read the full patch 7.33c changelog to learn more about what’s new.

Hero Changes

Of course, the Dota 2 patch 7.33c also includes a variety of interesting hero changes that you need to be aware of. Some of them will affect the current meta because they target some of the most popular heroes. It will be very interesting to see what will happen in the upcoming Tour 3 of the 2023 DPC and see how teams will take advantage of the new stuff.


The first hero that received substantial nerfs in patch 7.33c is Alchemist, and it is probably not a surprise. He was among the most popular heroes at the Berlin Major 2023 and a top-tier pick for PUBs. In other words, most of us expected to see at least a couple of nerfs.

Speaking of the devil, here’s what’s new:

  • Alchemist’s movement speed is down from 300 to 295
  • Unstable Concoction now has a 15s cooldown (up from 13s).
  • Greevil’s Greed gives +2 base bonus gold and extra bonus gold instead of +3.
  • Chemical Rage now gives less bonus movement speed on levels 1 and 2.
  • Alchemist’s level 15 talent gives +2 damage per Greevil’s Greed stack.

All of those changes will make the hero feel weaker than before. However, most people can agree that the changes were needed.

Chaos Knight

The second hero that received a lot of changes in the Dota 2 patch 7.33c is Chaos Knight. However, unlike Alchemist, CK got several buffs that will most likely put him back in the meta.

  • The hero’s base STR is up from 22 to 24.
  • Chaos Bolt’s minimum damage is now up from before.
  • Chaos Strike provides 60% creep lifesteal instead of 50%.
  • The hero’s level 10 talent gives Chaos Strike +30% lifesteal instead of +25, and his level 15 talent provides 100% damage reduction to this Phantasm Illusion.


There is no arguing that Medusa is the strongest hero in the game right now. Prior to 7.33c, she was the only hero in the game with more than a 60% win rate, which is extremely impressive. Furthermore, she became the most successful hero in the Berlin Major 2023, so we expected to see some changes.

With that said, Medusa has fewer changes than we thought. The Dota 2 patch 7.33c nerfed some things, but it seems like the hero will continue to dominate PUBs and professional games.

  • Mystic Snake has a 13/12/11/10s cooldown instead of a flat 10s.
  • Mana Shield’s level 2 can be learned on level 1 instead of level 3.
  • The hero's damage per mana is down from 2/2.5/3/3.5/4 to 3.6 on level 5.
  • The bonus mana that they ero gets is down from 300 to 200 on the maximum level.


The Dota 2 hero, Earthshaker, smashes his fists into the icy ground

ES is a pretty interesting hero that was affected by the changes in the Dota 2 patch 7.33c. There are a couple of important things you need to know about the hero, so let’s check them out.

  • Fissure has a 1600 range instead of 1400.
  • Enchant Totem’s cast point is up from 0.6s to 0.5s.
  • Aftershock’s stun duration is now 1.3s on level 4 instead of 1.2s.
  • Echo Slam deals 125 instead of 110 damage, its radius is up from 600 to 700, and the cooldown is down on levels 1 and 2.

All those changes in the Dota 2 patch 7.33c make Eartshaker much more popular. Therefore, we expect to see him in action during Tour 3 of the 2023 DPC in all regions, especially Western Europe.



If we take a look at the patch notes, we can see that Invoker is one of the heroes that received the most changes. 7.33c brought tons of new stuff, so let’s take a look at everything we should know.

  • Invoker’s base STR is up from 18 to 19, which will make him a bit tankier during the laning stage.
  • Cold Snap’s duration is down by almost 1s on its maximum level, but the freeze duration is up from 0.3s to 0.4s.
  • Tornado’s travel distance is slightly more during the first couple of levels.
  • E.M.P.’s Aghanim’s Shard Pull Speed is up from 100 to 175.
  • Chaos Meteor’s contact damage is slightly more than before, and the same applies to the burn damage.


Despite the fact that the hero hasn’t been that popular lately, Valve decided to buff Lifestealer in the Dota 2 patch 7.33c. The hero will probably appear a lot in the upcoming DPC, so here’s what to expect from it.

  • Rage’s cooldown is down from 21/20/19/18 to 20/19/18/17s.
  • Ghoul Frenzy’s slow movement is up to 30% from 25% on level 4.
  • Infest’s cooldown is down from 100/75/50s to 80/65/50s. 

Honorable mentions

In addition to the heroes we’ve mentioned above, there are a few other options that also got nerfs and buffs. We can include the likes of Primal Beast, Spirit Breaker, Void Spirit, Zeus, and more. One thing is certain, the upcoming Dota 2 2023 DPC Tour 3 will be very interesting to watch.

Dota 2: Patch 7.33c Overview
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