Dota 2 Timbersaw Guide – Tips, Counters, Items & More

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Dota 2 Timbersaw Guide – Tips, Counters, Items & More

This Dota 2 Timbersaw guide will reveal why this is one of the go-to options for pro and high-level PUB players.

Dota 2 has many unique heroes that you can choose from, and Timbersaw is definitely on the list. Besides being one of the hardest offlaners to deal with, Timbersaw is also among the heroes with the most impressive damage output. Albeit hard to play, he can counter a lot of popular picks, which is why it’s time for our complete Timbersaw Dota 2 guide.

Before diving into some of the interesting things, it is worth knowing that Timbesaw is a Universal melee hero that deals between 54 and 58 damage. The hero has 2.7 armor and 290 movement speed, which doesn’t seem that impressive, but he has a lot of other things that make him stand out.


Before reviewing the Dota 2 Timbersaw build, it is time to stand back and take a look at the different abilities.

  • Whirling Death – This ability deals 200 pure damage and up to 32 bonus damage per tree. Furthermore, the enemy heroes hit by it will lose 10% of their primary stats for 15s.
  • Timber Chain – This is another ability that deals 220 pure damage. This one has a 1200 range and gives you 2800 movement speed, but you can only use the chain to embed yourself in the first tree you hit.
  • Reactive Armor – This passive ability allows you to get up to 40 stacks, each of which gives 0.8 armor and 0.7 hp regen per stack.
  • Chakram – Tiumbersaw’s ultimate allows him to fire his main blade in an area and deal 200 damage initially plus 100 damage per second. This ability will also slow down people for every 5% of the HP they are missing. Besides the initial mana cost, the ability also costs 30 mana per second. Keep in mind Timbersaw can’t use his melee attack while Chakram is out.
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If you get a Shard, you will get a new ability called Flamethrower. It will release a fire that deals 80 damage per second for 8s, dealing 40% to buildings and slowing down enemies by 30%. As for the Dota 2 Timbersaw Aghanim, the latter will give you a second Chakram that has the same effect as the first one.\


The Dota 2 Hero TImbersaw rolls into battle in his robotic suit with bladed arms

Before the new Timbersaw Dota 2 update changes some of the talents, here’s what you need to know.

  • Level 10 – The hero gets +1.5 mana regen or +200 HP
  • Level 15 – Reactive armor gets +6 stacks and bonus duration or +3% Whirling Death Stat Loss
  • Level 20 – Chakram will slow for 4% or the hero will get 20% magic resistance
  • Level 25 – Timber Chain will get +1125 range, or you get a Second Chakram

Dota 2 Timbersaw Guide – Tips

Once you are done reading the Timbersaw Dota 2 wiki, it’s time to learn a thing or two about this unique hero. First and foremost, he is almost always the team’s offlaner, but there are situations where we’ve seen Timbersaw mid and safelane. However, this usually happens when there is a specific hero he needs to counter.

The hero’s laning stage is similar to the one of Axe because he benefits a lot when enemy units are attacking him, assuming he has Reactive Armor. So, until this ability is at least on level 2, you should be playing more passively.

In terms of the damage output, you should always try to use your abilities in a way that will damage the other heroes on the lane. Timebersaw’s kit has really low cooldown, so you can bully almost everyone, especially STR heroes. Speaking of the devil, Timber is one of the best counters against those types of heroes because they lose STR from Whirling Death, making them easier to kill.

Another thing to remember about Timbersaw is that he is exceptionally strong in the mid-game. If the hero manages to snowball, he can easily win the game on his own. In addition to his insane damage output, he is almost impossible to kill when he has enough Reactive Armor stacks.

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Timbersaw Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons

Dota 2 - Timbersaw takes reduced damage from enemies using Reactive Armor

Before deciding which Timbersaw Dota 2 item build to go for, here are some of the perks and downsides of using this hero.


  • Really hard to kill when he has his passive ability
  • Fun to play 
  • Highly effective against melee heroes, especially STR ones
  • Can dominate in the laning stage
  • Hard to deal with


  • He needs mana for everything
  • Timber is weak against spellcasters
  • Can be countered with a Silver Edge

Dota 2 Timbersaw Guide – Items

When it comes down to the Timbersaw Dota 2 build, you need to focus on a couple of important items.

Starting items

Most players will start the game with a few branches, a tango, a salve, and at least one or two Enchanted Mango.

Early game

If Timbersaw has a good farm, his early-game items should include Arcane Boots, a Magic Wand, and a Soul Ring.

Mid game

The best items for the mid game for this hero include Bloodstone and Euk’s Scepter of Divinity. However, they may also need to get a Hood of Defiance, especially if the enemy team has a lot of magical damage. There are also cases where he can go for a Kaya and Sange, Aether Lens, and more.

Late game

Depending on the game, Timber can go for Lotus Orb, Shiva’s Guard, Aghanim’s Scepter, Scythe of Vyse, and more.

Dota 2 Timbersaw Counter

There is more than one Dota 2 Timbersaw counter you need to know, so let’s learn more about it.

  • Invoker – The hero’s insane magical damage output makes him a solid option against Timbersaw.
  • Bane – Bane can keep the hero in place long enough for his team to kill him.
  • Skywrath Mage – Naturally, one of the top-tier spellcasters in Dota 2 works really well against Timber because he has a silence and deals tons of damage.
  • Storm Spirit – Storm’s ability to jump out of nowhere can work really well against Timbersaw.

Final Thoughts

Timbersaw is a very powerful hero capable of disrupting the enemy team. Even though there are a few counters, he can easily rip through his enemies. Once you learn how to master him, you will be able to dominate your games.

Dota 2 Timbersaw Guide – Tips, Counters, Items & More
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