Valorant Patch 7.04 Nerfs & Buffs: Everything We Know

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Valorant Patch 7.04 Nerfs & Buffs: Everything We Know

 Valorant Patch 7.04, aimed to make the game easier and more enjoyable for newer players and balanced broken agents significantly

Valorant Patch 7.04 sharpens gameplay strategy by boosting agent abilities and simplifying the gaming experience. Riot Games prioritizes strategic decision-making and balanced engagement, focusing on more than half the agent roster. Alterations to ultimate abilities, utility duration, and shootable utility introduce a livelier and more immersive tactical shooter experience.

Patch 7.04’s Changes to Gameplay

Here is a rundown of overall gameplay changes coming in with the patch.

Balancing Abilities

In this update, large AoE (Area of Effect) ultimate abilities have been balanced significantly. The goal was to make them more fair and force players to weight their decisions more sincerely before using them. Many basics abilities have recieved buffs and nerfs to ensure overall Agent balance is ensured.

Utility Duration

Most utility and ability durations have been reduced to increase the speed of the matches. This means players will have to be quicker and more accurate when using their utility. This keeps the gameplay engaging and makes players more attentive to their ability usage.

Shootable Utility

In this patch, shootable utility has had their health points lowered so that players have more control in the pace of the game. This also adds to the developers' efforts to keep the gameplay faster and more engaging.

In summary, this update dampens powerful AoE ultimate abilities, increases the game's speed and creates a more engaging gameplay. Together, these changes create a more exciting and satisfying Valorant experience!

Patch 7.04’s Changes to Agents

Valorant Patch 7.04 Nerfs & Buffs: Everything We Know

Here is a rundown of all the Agent-based changes coming in with the patch and how it effects their gameplay. 


  • Aftershock (C): Now hits 2 times instead of 3, but deals 80 damage (Buff)
  • Rolling Thunder (X): Ultimate points increased to 9 (Nerf)

Breach‘s changes make his Aftershock much stronger. It hits fewer times but does more damage, which speeds up its impact. Rolling Thunder takes longer to unlock, so you can't use it as often.


  • Orbital Strike (X): Requires 8 ultimate points to use (Nerf)

Brimstone’s Orbital Strike now takes more time to unlock, forcing mains to use it more thoughtfully. 


  • Prowler (C): Takes a bit longer to get your gun back after using it (Nerf)


Fade‘s Prowler ability takes a bit longer to use again. This makes battles more fair and balanced.


  • Mosh Pit (C): Does 10 damage over time before exploding (Buff)
  • Wingman (Q): Lessened health if 80 (Nerf)
  • Thrash (X): Easier to see its effect (Buff)

Gekko gets a mix of Buffs and Nerfs. Mosh Pit does more damage over time before it explodes, which is great news for Gekko mains. Although Wingman is a bit weaker now, Thrash’s vision is clearer for better scouting and usage. 


  • Lockdown (X): Takes 9 ultimate points to use. (Nerf)

Killjoy’s Lockdown now takes more time to unlock, forcing mains to use it more thoughtfully. 


  • Paranoia (Q): No longer moves you when used. (Nerf)

Omen's Paranoia ability doesn't affect movement now. This makes it more fair for all sides.


  • Guiding Light (E): Lasts shorter at 2 seconds. (Nerf)
  • Trailblazer (Q): Lowered HP of 80 (Nerf)
  • Seekers (X): Requires 8 ultimate points and has less health of 120 (Nerf)

Skye's abilities has been hit quite hard by the Nerf hammer. Her overall abilities now lasts less time, forcing Skye mains to use their ability more thoughtfully and efficiently. 


  • Recon Bolt (E): Now only scans 2 times. (Nerf)

Sova's Recon Bolt scans less now, so now enemies have more time to reposition, forcing Sova mains to play more carefully.


  • Viper’s Pit (X): Now takes 9 ultimate points to use. (Nerf)

Viper’s Pit now takes more time to unlock, forcing Viper mains to use it more thoughtfully. 


  • Gravity Well (C): Now takes 1.25 seconds to start and lasts only 2 seconds. (Nerf)
  • Nova Pulse (Q): Starts quicker at 1 second. (Buff)
  • Cosmic Divide (X): Blocks sound completely. (Buff)

The changes to Astra‘s abilities are more balanced. Now mains have to depend less on their Gravity Well, but focus on making plays with Nova Pulse and Cosmic Divide. 


  • Tailwind (E): Dash window reduced to 7.5 seconds and Activation windup increased to 1 second. (Nerf)
  • Cloudburst (C): Lasts shorter at 2.5 seconds, and gun re-equipping time is longer. (Nerf)
  • Updraft (Q): Only one charge now. (Nerf)
  • Blade Storm (X): Now needs 8 ultimate points to use. (Nerf)

Jett has been squashed by the Nerf hammer, forcing the most prominent duelist to fall ranks. Jett insta-lockers are now going to take a while to consider picking Jett, as the ability Nerfs will force them to play safer, slower and more efficiently. 

Final Thoughts

In Patch 7.04, Valorant strives for faster gameplay and balanced agents. These changes bring a mix of buffs and nerfs to agents, making their abilities more strategic and creating a more even battleground.


Valorant Patch 7.04 Nerfs & Buffs: Everything We Know
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