Brimstone Essential Post-plant Lineups on Pearl

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Brimstone Essential Post-plant Lineups on Pearl

Using these Brimstone lineups can significantly improve your ranked gameplay on Pearl

If you're a Valorant player, you've probably heard about Brimstone's incredible value to any squad. But what makes this character so popular? Well, for starters, he's straightforward to use. Even if you're not the most skilled player, you can still make a significant impact with Brimstone's unique abilities. Take his smoke bombs, for example. These fantastic things can cover crucial angles while attacking or defending, making it much harder for your opponents to catch you off guard. 

And if you're in the middle of a firefight, Brimstone's steam beacon can come in handy. But the most versatile of all Brimstone's abilities is the incendiary. With just a few well-placed lineups, you can take control of the post-plant stage, making it almost impossible for defenders to defuse the spike. So if you're looking for a way to start winning on Pearl, check out these top Brimstone lineups and prepare to dominate the competition!

Brimstone Essential Post-plant Lineups on Pearl

Credit: Riot Games

A Site Post-plant Lineups

As a Brimstone player, you know the A site on Pearl is a crucial spot for attackers. It can be yours in no time with some intelligent use of utility. But remember the defenders who will try to retake it! To boost your odds, check out these post-plant lineups that will give you an edge against a coordinated counter-attack.

A Default from the Main

Planting at the A Default spot is the way to maximum plant protection! And once you've got that spike in place, this lineup is perfect for Main area positioning. Trust me; you'll be glad you used it!

image002 2

Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: Approach the wall where it is being aimed at.

image003 8

Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Aim at the shown spot below.

image004 7

Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: With a quick left-click, you can easily send the molly straight to the A Default destination.

A House from Main

If you're familiar with the Pearl A site, then you know that House is a popular plant spot. It's a great alternative to the default location, and many players opt for it. But, if you want to make the most of your solo queue journey, you must learn how to keep defenders from defusing the spike here. This lineup surely will come in handy!

image005 3

Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: On A Main, get into this corner.


Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: The middle line of your HUD must be lined up with the shown location.

image007 4

Credit: Snapiex


Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: A simple left-click throw while standing still will send the Incendiary to A House spot.

A Default from Link

As any experienced player knows, sticking to the same post-plant strategy is a recipe for disaster. Defenders will catch on and push you, leaving you no chance of survival. That's why it's essential to switch things up and keep your opponents guessing. By learning to execute the same lineup from different locations, you can save your ratty tactics alive and stay one step ahead of the competition. So, avoid getting caught in a predictable pattern – mix it up and see how far you can go!

image009 2

Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: Walk into this corner on A Link.

image010 1

Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Aim at the shown spot with your Incendiary mouse icon in the following manner.

image011 1

Credit: Snapiex

image012 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Simply shoot the molly while standing still, and it’ll be a successful hit on the target.

B Site Post-plant Lineups

Navigating through B site Pearl can be daunting, especially with its lengthy entry path. However, once you get that spike planted, you must ensure its safety at all costs. Lucky for you, Brimstone's got your back! He can easily keep the defusers at bay from a distance with his Incendiary. So, without further ado, let's look at some of Brimstone's most effective post-plant lineups for the B site.

B Default from Ramp

Taking control of B can be a real game-changer in Valorant. If you're lucky enough to have a Gekko on your team, they'll likely send their wingman to the Default spot for the spike plant. But watch out because the box that acts as the cover is wall-bangable, making it a tough place to plant successfully. However, if you get that all-important plant, a well-executed Brimstone lineup can easily swing the match in your favor. Learn this essential lineup for B site and dominate the battlefield!


Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: Walk into this corner on B Ramp.

image014 1

Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Line your HUD up with the shown spot in the following manner.

image015 1

Credit: Snapiex

image016 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Time your launch correctly, and a simple left-click throw will result in a successful landing.

B Corner from Screens

If you're looking for the perfect plant location, look at the B Corner. It's known to be the best spot for planting, as it offers the slightest opportunity for defenders to stop the plant. However, don't be fooled into thinking it's an easy win for attackers. The game balances things out by giving defenders an advantage in defusing the spike. To ensure victory, master the Brimstone lineup and use it on your ranked games. This will leave the defenders no chance of success and lead you to a well-deserved win.

image017 1

Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: Hug this wall; any part of the wall would do.


Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Aim at the corner of the roof, then aim at the white horizontal line on the top side of the screen directly below the ceiling.

image019 1

Credit: Snapiex


Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: The utility will land fast upon a simple left-click throw, so you shall wait for the defender’s tapping sound before using it.

B Corner from Link

Were you looking for a clever strategy to dominate in post-plant situations? Try planting at the B Corner and holding down the B Link area. Use this proven Brimstone Incendiary lineup to keep the defenders at bay and secure the round. They won't know what hit them!


Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: Approach the wall part where the crosshair is aimed.

image022 1

Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Simply aim at the shown spot with your crosshair.

image023 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Stand still and press your fire button to launch the Incendiary. This utility will bounce off the wall and land on the spike, preventing the defender from defusing it.

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Brimstone Essential Post-plant Lineups on Pearl
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