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How To Make The Shuriken Style Crosshair In Valorant

Valorant agent Jett holds a knife in the air above her hand with her name in black letter multiple times on a red background and a silver shuriken in the corner.

Show off your ninja skills in Valorant.

The Valorant community never stops surprising us with its innovative crosshairs. After the goofy smiley-faced crosshair and the super creative Among Us crosshair, the shuriken-shaped crosshair is making its way around the community. As the name suggests, the shape of the crosshair is in the form of a shuriken inspired by various ninja & Japanese pop cultures.

So let's take a look at the procedure to create this trending crosshair.

Creating the Shuriken Crosshair in Valorant

A Valorant in-game screenshot showing off a shuriken crosshair.

Here is the list of settings to create the shuriken-shaped crosshair.


  • Colour = Any colors of your choice (We recommend white to match the real-life silver shurikens)
  • Outlines= Off

Inner Lines:

  • Show Inner Lines= On
  • Inner Line Opacity= 1
  • Inner Line Length= 3
  • Inner Line Thickness= 1
  • Inner Line Offset= 2

Outer Lines:

  • Show Outer Lines= On
  • Outer Line Opacity= 1
  • Outer Line Length= 3
  • Outer Line Thickness= 3
  • Outer Line Offset= 0

Movement Error= Off

Firing Error= Off

A screenshot of Valorant settings to customize the player's crosshair.

A screenshot of Valorant settings to customize the player's crosshair.

Is the crosshair any good?

Surprisingly, the shuriken styled-crosshair is very efficient in serving its true purpose apart from looking cool. It is less distracting, small, and helps to track enemies perfectly. So if you are tired of using your regular crosshair and want to try something different, you can go for the shuriken-styled crosshair.

For more awesome crosshair guides, stay tuned to ESTNN!

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