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How To Get The Smiley Face Crosshair In Valorant

Valorant agents Killjoy and Cypher appear together with a smiley face emoji on a red and black background.

A crosshair strictly for trolling.

After the recent patch 3.03, the crosshair customizer in the game got much better with newly added functionalities like multiple crosshair profiles, sniper crosshairs, and ADS crosshairs. Using these features, the Valorant community has created some unique crosshair styles and patterns for the past few weeks. Previously, the Among Us crosshair made a huge buzz in the community and served as troll material. Now, another innovative crosshair in the shape of a smiley face is making its way around with players. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating the new smiley face crosshair in Valorant.

Creating a smiley face crosshair

A smiley face Valorant crosshair is shown in Valorant through an in-game screenshot.

Here is a list of settings to create the goofy-looking “smiley face” crosshair.


  • Colour = Any colors of your choice (We recommend yellow-green to match the original smiley emojis colors)
  • Outlines= ON
  • Outline Opacity= 1
  • Outline Thickness= 2
  • Center Dot = On
  • Center Dot Opacity = 0
  • Center Dot Thickness= 3

Inner Lines:

  • Show Inner Lines= On
  • Inner Line Opacity= 1
  • Inner Line Length= 2
  • Inner Line Thickness= 10
  • Inner Line Offset= 2

Movement Error = Off

Firing Error = Off

Outer Lines = Off

A screenshot of the Valorant crosshair settings screen with options selected for a smiley face crosshair.

A screenshot of the Valorant crosshair settings screen with options selected for a smiley face crosshair.

Unlike the Among Us Crosshair that surprisingly served as an effective alternate crosshair apart from being a meme material, the smiley face crosshair is a complete joke. However, players may find the crosshair uncomfortable and distracting if you are going for serious gameplay. Because of this, we recommend it to be used only against friends in custom/unrated matches. Therefore, if you are looking for a more professional and clean Valorant crosshair, you should check our “Best Valorant Crosshair Settings” guide.

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