VALORANT’s next Agent is Fade

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VALORANT’s next Agent is Fade

After a lot of teasing from Riot Games, the newest playable character has been leaked.

Riot Games has been playing with the fans for a while now regarding VALORANT’s newest Agent, but after the match between DRX and ZETA VISION at Masters Reykjavík, we got the first official bit of information about Fade, the 20th addition to the tactical FPS.

In a Dev Blog earlier this year, Fade was revealed to be an initiator by Riot; who’s main theme will be fear and hunting down enemy Agents. While there is no official leak of sorts about her abilities, we can assume that blinding and deafening enemies will be a big part of her kit — at least that’s what her prison easter egg in VALORANT’s Shooting Range tells us. After a number of pictures showing her chasing other Agents, we can safely say that she will be the game’s scariest character to date. Plus, maybe she will bring a new mechanic akin to League of Legends’ fear; just like KAY/O bringing silences to VALORANT.

Fade's leaked kit

ValorLeaks, one of the biggest leaking accounts on Twitter also shared her abilities a while back. According to these leaks, Fade will have a controllable pet which she can use to hunt down enemies, two grenades which work a bit differently from other throwables in the game, as they stay in the air then bounce down before activating, and an Ultimate which is similar to Omen’s blind, but does a a bit more than the shadowy Controller’s base ability. Fade also comes with a new mechanic, Trail, which could be a reveal type ability – or something entirely different, but there is no information on that yet.

Fans will get the first official gameplay look of Fade at the Masters Reykjavík Grand Finals on April 24. The new Agent will most likely be added in the Episodes’ Act 3; which starts just 2 days after the last match of the tournament. So get ready to play Fade, VALORANT's newest agent on April 26!

VALORANT’s next Agent is Fade
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