Valorant Best Jett Updraft Spots You Must Know in 2023

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Valorant Best Jett Updraft Spots You Must Know in 2023

Gear up duelist mains as we present to you every useful Valorant Jett Updraft spots you need to know in 2023

Upon Valorant's launch in 2020, Jett became an instant favorite of the community. Fast forward three years into the game's release, and this Korean speedster still holds her position as the ultimate pick for both professionals and casuals when it comes to the duelist role. Although her pick rate varies depending on the map, like all other agents’ does, she is a viable choice across every map in the game.

Jett's status as a universally favored choice can be attributed to her movement-centric utils. Her remarkable toolkit enables her to achieve remarkable mobility, a trait that proves invaluable both in offensive and defensive scenarios. Arguably unrivaled among duelists, Jett excels in carving out vital space for the team.

Although Jett's signature ability, Tailwind, rightfully claims attention as one of Valorant's best abilities, her other utils, particularly Updraft, often get overlooked. Yet, this underestimation is a missed opportunity, given the manifold advantages this ability brings to the table. From accessing elevated vantage points that would otherwise remain out of reach to catching enemies off-guard, Updraft boasts a range of benefits. 

A common and highly advantageous usage of this ability is combining it with Jett's ultimate, which has zero firing/movement error. In this Valorant guide, we will show you the most optimal ways to harness Jett's Updraft and Blade Storm combination to its fullest potential across every map in the game.

Valorant guide on Jett Updrafts

Jett Updrafts on Ascent

A-site Generator:

a gen

On defense, using the ability twice will let you catch opponents off guard at A-main. Start by getting on top of the A-site Generator, then run to the edge. Perform two quick Updrafts after a jump to gain maximum height. This gives you a clear view of A-lobby from above, surprising opponents and potentially securing multi-kills.

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A Tree:

a tree

Another useful updraft spot for the defending side on Ascent is found at the A-tree location. To execute this one, position yourself on the depicted box in the provided image and updraft twice. The outcome is an enhanced line of sight, covering over fifty percent of the site area.

A Heaven:

a heaven

For those aiming to surprise the opponents during their push towards A-site, consider using your ability from A-heaven. As shown in the image above, you will have clear targets to eliminate. It's worth noting that a single Updraft here proves sufficient to attain the required elevation.

B- First Lane:

b first lane

Regarding Ascent's B-site, this is a straightforward yet consistently rewarding spot for Updrafts. Nonetheless, it's crucial to recognize the predictability of this play at this stage in the game, which unfortunately makes you susceptible to becoming an easy target.


a main

On the Attack side on Ascent, position yourself at A-main like in the image above. Once atop, execute two consecutive Updrafts while maintaining forward momentum. Doing so gives you a comprehensive view of the entire back-site area, encompassing both Heaven and Hell positions.


b lobby

Another good spot for Jett updraft as the attacker would be this spot at B-lobby. Given the frequent peeks from A-short by the defending side, this play can serve as a great response to kill the enemy peeking from there swiftly.

Jett Updrafts on Haven


garden haven 1

The most frequently used spot for updraft on Haven is in the Gardens area. While effective in quelling initial enemy aggression from A-main, its predictability has grown notable. So, try this play accordingly.

Garden (Outside B-Window):

garden haven 2

From the same area, this one is to kill the aggressor from the B site. While it is much harder to execute, it is also less risky.


a link haven

The box near A-stair is another regularly used spot for double-updraft. Updrafting twice from here will get you a clear vision of the A-site

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Jett Updrafts on Pearl

B Tunnel:

b main pearl

This is one of the most unique spots to use the ability where the enemy will least expect you. Position yourself at A-tunnel and execute two consecutive Updrafts while running forward to unveil a view of almost the entire B-main.


art pearl

Straightforward and easy to execute. When positioned in the Art area, you can swiftly eliminate the Mid-shops player right after the round begins.

Jett Updrafts on Fracture


b ropes frac

Stand on the Rafter at A-ropes. As soon as the round starts, use both your updrafts. Make sure to glide towards the door. You can catch the opposing team near B-main.


b canteen frac

This one is a little tricky. Begin by making your way to the tower and gliding up to the top of the radianite boxes located at the center of the site. Once there, float over to the tall box near B-main. Now, use your updrafts to have an unobstructed line of sight of almost the entire B-main.

Jett Updrafts on Split


rafters 1 split

First, take up your position at A-rafters. Move in the direction of A-main and execute a double-Updraft. It will grant you the advantage of spotting any enemy presence at A-main.

A-Rafters #2:

rafters 2 split

From the same position, initiate with a dash toward the screen before employing your updrafts. In this case, you can catch whoever’s at CT trying to rotate toward A.

Jett Updrafts on Bind


b site bind

Position yourself at the top of the Crate on B-site. Updraft twice and hover in a direction akin to the image above. This will afford you a clear view of anyone from the opposing team engaged in rotation.


b spawn bind

Positioned at the spawn, employ double Updraft to take down opponents making their way into the site via B-long.

To read more comprehensive Valorant guides, keep an eye on ESTNN.

Valorant Best Jett Updraft Spots You Must Know in 2023
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