VALORANT Agent Guide: Breach

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VALORANT Agent Guide: Breach

Out of the agents in Valorant, Breach is by far one of the most impactful. The initiator class is all about opening up opportunities in an aggressive manner, and Breach satisfies that itch.

Currently, in Valorant, there are only two “must-pick” agents in the competitive scene, Breach and Sage. Sage can heal and resurrect teammates, but Breach provides his own unique utility to the game. This initiator’s toolkit is devastating and excels in clearing out small areas. Currently his ultimate is the only ability in the game that can slow firing rate, and his stun potential allows him to zone out the enemy.

Breach's Crowd Control Abilities

His signature ability Faultline, sends a shockwave in a line through all walls, stunning the enemy and obscuring their vision. The ability is charged up to reach farther, and on the minimap, the path is illustrated. Faultline, on smaller maps, can clear out multiple areas and force out the enemy if charged up enough. Faultline is used to clear a corner before entering, ensuring that the enemy has to relocate or die. If teammates are caught in Faultline, they will be stunned and effected, so spatial awareness is key.

The second ability in his arsenal, Flashpoint, is a flash that can be shot through walls. The enemy must be looking in the general direction of the flash for it to take effect, and shooting this through the upper section of a wall is ideal. When the flash comes through a wall at eye level, turning around is a viable option. If the flash is shot through the upper section of a wall, enemies are forced to look away and down. Some enemies will hide when hit with a flash, but sending a Faultline in after is a good way to double CC the enemy.

Dealing Some Damage

Aftershock is a heavy-hitting ability, forcing the enemy to move or die. Faultline and Flashpoint are primarily stun and flash abilities that will disorient the enemy. Aftershock is an aggressive, damage-dealing ability that is guaranteed to push out the opposition. Aftershock shoots through a wall, detonating on the other side, and dealing damage. This ability kills an enemy standing on the other side has just as much stall potential. Aftershock is used for clearing out corners or to stall a spike plant or defuse. Surviving enemies are stunned and have obscured vision. Much like his other abilities, Aftershock will hurt your teammates and can kill them if Breach isn’t careful.

Breach’s ultimate, Rolling Thunder, shoots a seismic charge in a cone shape, knocking enemies into the air, slowing their rate of fire, and obscuring their vision with a stun. Rolling Thunder is the most powerful ultimate in the game currently, more so than Resurrect. This ultimate is the perfect tool to clear out any objective. However, if an enemy is hiding, they will be knocked into the air and, reveal their location, leaving them semi-defenseless. As previously mentioned, the ultimate will slow down the rate of fire for anyone caught in its path. Breach excels at the front of the pack with a duelist like Phoenix or Raze that makes it easy to flush out the enemy and clean them up.

Breach can ruin his own teams’ day just as easily as he can ruin the day of those opposing him. Breach’s abilities give him uncontested control over objectives regardless of which side he is on. In Valorant games with little to no communication, Breach might not work as well, but he is still a viable choice in most scenarios for aggressive players.

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