Malik Shelp

Malik Shelp

Malik specializes in esports photography, videography, video editing, and graphic design. He has also written Overwatch and Dota articles for over 2 years for DBLTAP and other esports outlets. You can learn more about Malik on our About page.
The Team Vikings Valorant roster poses together for VCT Masters Reykjavik.

Valorant Masters Reykjavik Day 3 Recap

The first two teams to be eliminated in Masters Reykjavik were Japan’s Crazy Raccoon and Brazil’s YNG Sharks Esports. If you doubted North American supremacy, chances are your social media has been scrubbed clean

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Sentinels' Valorant players Shahzeb "Shahzam" Khan and Michael "DAPR" Gulino embrace after a victory at VCT Masters Reykjavik.

Valorant Masters Reykjavik Day 2 Recap

Valorant Masters Reykjavik Day 2 was the rise of North American supremacy and slated our first elimination matches of the tournament. Things have been anything but calm at Masters Reykjavik. Both Sentinels and Version1

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Bright pink and red floodlights shine down on competitors sit at opposite sides of the arena stage at the Valorant Masters Reykjavik.

Valorant Masters Reykjavik Day 1 Recap

Valorant Masters Reykjavik began with three high-intensity matches, already sending three teams to the lower bracket. Valorant’s first-ever International LAN tournament is officially underway, kicking off on Monday, May 24th. The first day of

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Galorants Valorant

Forging A Bright Future For Females In VALORANT

The world of esports is growing exponentially and with that growth, the competitive industry is evolving constantly. Riot’s latest first-person tactical shooter Valorant is making waves when it comes to inclusivity in esports. In

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Alarm Overwatch League Fusion

ESTNN Overwatch Player of the Year

If there is one player who has backed up all the hype and proven themselves in 2020, it’s Kyung-bo “Alarm” Kim. Alarm is the Rookie of the Year and shining star of the Philadelphia Fusion —

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Exclusive Valorant Interview | Andbox b0i

Valorant’s first competitive year has come to a close, and we got to speak with Andbox’s final addition to their Valorant roster, Aaron “boi” Thao. What was your competitive gaming experience like before Valorant? Before Valorant, I

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Riot Announces First Strike Valorant Tournament

Valorant’s Ignition Series ended a month ago, and amid all of the LoL World Championship excitement, Riot has unveiled yet another tournament series. Riot Games has announced its first official Valorant tournament, a monumental

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Killjoy Valorant Agent

Valorant Agent Guide: Killjoy

Valorant’s latest agent hails from Germany and is a tech wiz that utilizes a handful of gadgets to shut down objectives Killjoy’s Defensive Tools The first item in Killjoy’s toolkit is her most controversial,

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A multicoloured silhouette of Tracer aims her gun over the top of the words "Overwatch League Playoffs 2020"

Overwatch League 2020 Playoffs Preview

The Overwatch League’s final tournament begins next week, and on the horizon is playoffs. Regardless of region, the Overwatch matches have been intense, forcing teams to adapt or fall to the wayside. From the

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Viper Valorant Agent Guide

VALORANT Agent Guide: Viper

Valorant was announced with only a handful of agents, and Viper arguably kept the subreddit alive for many reasons. Valorant’s Most Toxic Agent Beyond the waifu fanart of Viper, she is actually one of

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Omen Valorant Agent

VALORANT Agent Guide: Omen

Omen is a Valorant agent that is equipped with shadowy abilities, inducing paranoia, and taking calculated flanks to eliminate the enemy. For anyone who has played Overwatch, Omen looks a lot like Reaper and

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Brimstone Valorant Agent Guide

VALORANT Agent Guide: Brimstone

Only a few Valorant agents excel at managing sightlines, and Brimstone does it better than most. Controller agents utilize smoke abilities that cut off lines of sight and gain the advantage. On both attacking

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Sova Valorant Agent Guide

VALORANT Agent Guide: Sova

Sova the scout is an underrated Agent that provides versatility in how you obtain information. Sova’s toolkit is for those who want to acquire information for their team while risking their own location. Much

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Valorant Agent Guide Breach

VALORANT Agent Guide: Breach

Out of the agents in Valorant, Breach is by far one of the most impactful. The initiator class is all about opening up opportunities in an aggressive manner, and Breach satisfies that itch. Currently,

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Cypher Valorant Agent Guide

VALORANT Agent Guide: Cypher

Cypher is one of the few Valorant agents equipped with tools to scout out the enemy position and feed that information to his team. Sova can acquire information just as easily but telegraphs his

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VALORANT Agent Guide Sage

VALORANT Agent Guide: Sage

Sage is the resident healer of VALORANT, being the only agent that can heal herself and allies. The agent can be found in just about every competitive match but does much more than simply

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Valorant Raze

VALORANT Agent Guide: Raze

Most Valorant Agents are equipped with tools to play mind games, but Raze is one loud and proud duelist. Raze is an unapologetic and explosive agent that focuses on disrupting and destroying the enemy

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Valorant Agent Reyna

VALORANT Agent Guide: Reyna

One of the concerns of Valorant in closed beta was the minimal pool of agents to choose from. Riot answered this issue with Reyna, a pub stomper with a broken toolkit if not shut

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Valorant Agent Guide: Phoenix

VALORANT Agent Guide: Phoenix

Valorant’s agents each have their own toolkit which offers something unique in every match. This article will be running down Phoenix’s abilities, and how to use them to dominate. Phoenix was featured in Valorant’s

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Valorant Agent Guide: Jett

VALORANT Agent Guide: Jett

Valorant has a lot of agents, each will have a toolkit specialized at providing specific utility to their team. Duelists are one of the classes of Valorant that play aggressively and Jett is no

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Valorant Patch 1.0 Launch Guide

Valorant Game Review: Patch 1.0

After four months of a successful closed beta, Riot pushed patch 1.0 for Valorant signifying the game’s full launch. The patch also brings a new map, a new agent, a new game mode, and

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Gen.G wins T1 Valorant Tournament

Gen.G’s New Valorant Squad Secures Victory

The first week of May opened up with intense competition between new Valorant squads from various organizations. Gen.g is PrepareD For Battle The Valorant roster announcements are pouring out from esports organizations as tournaments

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Cloud 9 Spring LCS

Top Esports Organizations of 2020

Cloud9 This North American esports organization has a history in a majority of the established esports. Beginning with League of Legends, Cloud9 if not anything, was consistently making it to nearly ever LoL Worlds

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Nascar iRacing Esports

Esports is Evolving due to COVID-19

COVID-19 hit the world hard and affected just about every major form of entertainment. Since the cancellation of major traditional sports, esports has adapted to thrive in the hard times. Esports Betting In April,

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Blizzard Announces Changes to Hero Pools

Overwatch’s Hero Pools were a feature that many questioned when first implemented. The carousel of randomly banned heroes gave Overwatch artificial variety. Blizard is now making changes to rollback the dividing feature. The logic

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