Malik Shelp

Malik Shelp

Malik specializes in esports photography, videography, video editing, and graphic design. He has also written Overwatch and DOTA articles for over 2 years for DBLTAP and other esports outlets. You can learn more about Malik on our About page.
Cypher Valorant Agent Guide

VALORANT Agent Guide: Cypher

Cypher is one of the few Valorant agents equipped with tools to scout out the enemy position and feed that information to his team. Sova can acquire information just as easily but telegraphs his

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VALORANT Agent Guide Sage

VALORANT Agent Guide: Sage

Sage is the resident healer of VALORANT, being the only agent that can heal herself and allies. The agent can be found in just about every competitive match but does much more than simply

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Valorant Raze

VALORANT Agent Guide: Raze

Most Valorant Agents are equipped with tools to play mind games, but Raze is one loud and proud duelist. Raze is an unapologetic and explosive agent that focuses on disrupting and destroying the enemy

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Valorant Agent Reyna

VALORANT Agent Guide: Reyna

One of the concerns of Valorant in closed beta was the minimal pool of agents to choose from. Riot answered this issue with Reyna, a pub stomper with a broken toolkit if not shut

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Valorant Agent Guide: Phoenix

VALORANT Agent Guide: Phoenix

Valorant’s agents each have their own toolkit which offers something unique in every match. This article will be running down Phoenix’s abilities, and how to use them to dominate. Phoenix was featured in Valorant’s

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Valorant Agent Guide: Jett

VALORANT Agent Guide: Jett

Valorant has a lot of agents, each will have a toolkit specialized at providing specific utility to their team. Duelists are one of the classes of Valorant that play aggressively and Jett is no

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