Red Bull Campus Clutch Finals To Showcase Top Collegiate Talent

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Red Bull Campus Clutch Finals To Showcase Top Collegiate Talent

Red Bull’s Campus Clutch is the largest collegiate Valorant tournament to find out which University is the best in the world.

Red Bull’s Campus Clutch is a global tournament, but to make it internationally, teams will have to prove themselves in their region. Friday, May 28, the US finals will kick off with four of the best University teams in the States. The top four teams competing will be San Jose State University, Cal Poly Pomona B, The University of Texas at Dallas, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Not only are these teams fighting for the chance at worldwide recognition, but they are also fighting to be recognized as the best in their country while earning some scholarship money.

More than 500 teams competed over the last three months in North America and it boiled down to these four teams. It is undeniable that most professional Valorant players are either fresh out of high school or around college age. This is an opportunity for students to pursue a passion while obtaining an education. As collegiate esports grow year over year, competitions like this will be the scouting grounds of organizations. The winner of the finals will earn a spot at the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Finals in Madrid, Spain, on July 17. The Finals begin on May 28 at 12 PDT / 3 PM EDT on Redbull’s Twitch channel.

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